Patriot Vital4 Review – How Good Is This Supplement?

Oh No…! Not Another ‘Must Have’ Supplement That Will Miraculously Aid You With All of Your Aliments – Even Those That Occur Naturally As You Age…

patriot vital4 reviewThe thing is with getting older (or getting sicker) is that as it happens, we all start to look for ways to stave off the inevitable… Which, of course, is a good thing… But on the flip side, it also gives clever advertisers a real hook to sell us their product. And never has this been so prevalent as in the health food and supplement industry.

So when we came across Patriot Vital4, a supplement that promises to be far more beneficial than anything else on the market (of course it would…!), then as you can imagine, we heaved a heavily cynical sigh…

However, we’ve been impressed by the Patriot Health Alliance products in the past, So we pushed out cynicism firmly to one side (well, moved it slightly left of center), and decided to root out the real truth behind Patriot Vital4. And if you’re considering a purchase, then we have to say that you’d be well advised to take the couple of minutes it takes to read what we found out. Because it pays to be sure that you know what you’re getting…OR if you have your mind made up, click here to get Patriot Vital4 now.

What do you get for your money with Patriot Vital4?

So, as already mentioned, Patriot Vital4 is an all-natural health supplement. It’s designed to provide the body with four key nutrients that virtually every American today is deficient in.

And do you know why you’re deficient in them…? It boils down to over-farming of produce, so even the healthiest of diets fails to provide these crucial nutrients with the food. It’s also due to some medications, that leech them from your body. And for many of us, it’s simply our lifestyle (stress, sitting inside staring at a screen, not enough exercise – you know the drill…) that means we don’t get enough of what we need to be truly healthy.

In addition, most other supplements simply don’t contain enough of these essential ingredients to be anywhere near effective. So although you might think you’re getting what you need, all these supplements do is pay lip service to the fact that the body needs them, rather than actually providing them in the correct amounts.

So let’s take a look at what these four crucial products are, and why the body is so dependent on them:

  • Choline: This little baby is at the forefront of brain and memory health. It is, to put it simply, the building block of what the brain needs to remain razor sharp. It’s also essential for all cognitive matters, such as concentration, level moods, recall, focus… Everything that keeps you sharp, young, and in fine fettle… Scarily, 92% of Americans today are deficient in this vital nutrient. And it not only aids the brain, it helps clear the liver from deadly fat as well – in other words, it gets rid of a fatty liver and the resulting disease. It also aids normal muscle function and lowers inflammation.
  • CoEnzyme Q10: A nutrient needed by every single cell in your body. It provides the body with what it needs for abundant energy, a healthy strong functioning heart, sharp brain, antioxidant protection, combating fatigue, getting rid of joint pain, assisting with healthy sleep… The list goes on and on…
  • Magnesium: Essential for good heart health, healthy levels of energy, lowering stress levels, building strong bones, supporting your blood sugar, easing anxiety, assisting digestion, helps promote healthy sleep patterns…
  • Vitamin D: A crucial vitamin that a scary 95% of US citizens are deficient in. Without it, you can suffer lowered mood, bone density, reduced muscle strength (and therefore a risk of falls), increased blood pressure, joint pain… And that’s just for starters…!

As you can see, these four crucial elements really do provide the foundation of good health for the whole body. And it’s frightening that so many of us are deficient in not one, but all of them! Patriot Vital4 provides the optimum dosages necessary to ensure that you’re body really does have exactly what it needs to work at the level you expect it to – and remain young, healthy, strong, and vibrant.

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Who is Patriot Vital4 for?

Patriot Vital4 is firmly targeted at the older generation – you know, when you’ve passed 40, 50, or beyond, and those little health niggles begin to show themselves. But actually, fuelling your body with much needed nutrition is something all adults should be ensuring. So a supplement such as Patriot Vital4 shouldn’t only be something you take as you age, but a product that can be hugely beneficial to every adult out there.

After all… Who doesn’t want to be as healthy as possible. And the sooner you begin to nourish your body with what it truly needs, the better prepared it will be to remain strong and true as the years roll by…

Who the heck is Arlan Cage?

dr arlan cage patriot vital4Or, to give him his full title, Dr. Arlan Cage N.D – a naturopath doctor based in sunny California. Unlike many who get behind such a holistic product, Cage’s background is in a totally unrelated industry – he’s a former aerospace engineer. But he began to notice loved ones, friends, and relatives being failed by conventional medicine when various conditions blighted their lives.

He realized there had to be a missing link. And his interest in holistic and natural medicine was piqued. He left his well-paid career and went back to school. After receiving his doctorate, he set up practice in what really interested him – helping people through wholly holistic therapies. He’s also helped create products that helped people remain healthy in their regular lives, through ensuring that the body receives what it really needs to function at optimum level.

The Pros and Cons of Patriot Vital4 

The Pros

  • Carefully formulated to provide the absolute optimum levels of these key four nutrients that your body is almost guaranteed to be deficient in.
  • Can restore a vibrancy to your life that’s been caused by what is probably an unknown, undiagnosed, simple nutrient deficiency.
  • Especially good for those who take medications (for example, statins, as these deplete CoEnzyme Q10 levels dramatically).
  • Comes with two ‘must-read’ reports that give you all the Intel you need as to why these four key nutrients are so vital to your body. These are, ‘America’s Health Crisis’, and ‘7 Super Nutrients You’ve Never Heard Of, and That Can Change Your Life’.

The Cons200 moneyback guarantee patriot vital4

  • Well, the biggest ‘con’ will be that you, like we did first of all, think this is just another spiel to make you buy their product. But actually, Patriot Vital4 really is different from most other supplements out there. And you don’t even need to take our word for it. Because it doesn’t simply come with the regular 100% money back guarantee – oh no… These guys promise that if you take it for 30 days and you’re not super happy, they’ll give you back double your purchase price…! Yep, 200% back if you don’t feel like a new man (or woman) after a month of taking the supplement…

The Bottom Line

OK, so we have to admit that we certainly didn’t expect to come to the conclusion that we have done. And that’s that actually, Patriot Vital4 is one of the best supplements for anyone over the age of 40 that we’ve ever come across.

In a nutshell, this supplement shouldn’t just be one you can choose to buy, oh no… It should be something that every US citizen should be given once they hit the big four-oh! But of course, that’s never gonna happen… So you need to take it upon yourself to feed your body what it truly needs for optimum well-being.

Patriot Vital4 is perhaps the easiest step you could ever take for good health, a laser sharp brain, and high energy levels. It’s certainly part of our daily regime from now on. Awesome, that’s all we can say, awesome…!

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