G-Plans Review – Are Dr. Goglia’s Diet Plans For Real?

Failed To Lose Weight In The Past…? (And Who Hasn’t?)). Then Why Not Do It The ‘Kardashian’ Way… Hmmm – Sounds Like Yet Another Celeb Bandwagon Product To Us…

g plans review

OK, perhaps we’re being a little unfair. Because Dr Goglia’s G-Plans is certainly not a Kim Kardashian diet plan. On the contrary, what it actually is, is the same advice that Ms. Body Beautiful herself uses… And that’s from uber-celeb nutritionist, Dr. Goglia…

Of course, we’re hardened enough to know that for us lesser mortals, getting that beach body to die for isn’t simply a case of getting the right advice. After all, us ‘normal’ people have certain stresses that the rich and famous don’t have. For example, work, family, kids, money worries… You name it – us regular folk can’t simply put hours aside each day to exercise and eat right, can we…

But G-Plans is certainly getting some airtime right now. And it seems that a whole bunch of people have lost a whole bunch of weight. So naturally, we were curious. This led to a down and dirty investigation into exactly what it was all about.

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What do you get for your money with G-Plans?

So, G-Plans is a complete diet and exercise plan that’s uniquely designed for your personal metabolic type. Now, that sounds somewhat complicated. So let’s explain that more in the product breakdown below:

  • The G-Plans Quiz: This is your first step to forever weight loss and better fitness. You simply answer a few questions that will determine your metabolic type (there’s three, by the way). Or, if you have them, you can enter certain details from a recent blood test (they’ll guide you through the process). Your results from this quiz will then determine what you get in the following parts of the program.
  • Metabolic Meal Plans: Because depending on your metabolism, you’re body will respond in different ways to certain types of foods. Eat the wrong ones, and it’ll store them as fat. Eat the right ones, and it’ll break down stored fat and…. drum roll, please…. You’ll lose weight.
  • Metabolic Fitness Plans: Don’t be scared, because this doesn’t mean you have to sell your soul to the exercise devil… Far from it. What you get is some easy to do, at-home exercise that will again target your metabolic type. For some this will be cardiovascular work, for others some strength training, and for others, a combination of the two.
  • Tracking and Management Tools: All of your G-Plans info will be in a single dashboard, on one (or more, if you like) of your chosen devices (cell, tablet, computer…). Here you can access everything – including your progress, your meal plans, your exercises – it’s all in a single handy access point.

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Who is G-Plans for?

Overweight…? A little, or perhaps a lot…? Fed up with diets that don’t work…? Have a life – not hours to spare on going to the gym (even if you wanted to) or to go searching for weird and wonderful foodstuffs to eat…?  Well, G-Plans is completely designed for you.

This is the diet and exercise plan for ‘normal’ people (if there is such a thing…). And because it’s specifically targeting your personal metabolic type, it really can provide dramatic and sustained results. If you’re fed up with yo-yo dieting, then this could be the one to end the cycle once and for all…

Who the heck is Dr. Philip Goglia?

OK, so the guy is pretty awesome, we have to say. Best selling author of Turn Up The Heat: Unlocking the Fat-Burning Power of Your Metabolism, this is a man who’s been in the nutrition game for like-forever…!

He’s got a string of letters after his name, and he really is the guy the rich and famous turn to for advice. He’s the official superhero nutritionist for Marvel Comics Productions, and Gold’s Gym International. His diet has been featured in virtually every credible media source (Vogue, Men’s Health, CNN… etc.), and some of the countries most successful athletes and sports stars also go to him for advice.

Suffice to say, he knows his stuff…

The Pros and Cons of G-Plans

The Pros

  • Simple to follow, from the very beginning. Once you understand your metabolic ID (and you don’t need a PhD to do so), it’s then very obvious what foodstuffs you need to keep away from. But don’t worry – every single ‘bad’ food for you is easily replaceable with something else just as yummy.
  • You get a new personalized diet plan each week, depending on the results you achieved the week before.
  • All the exercises you get can be carried out at home. No need to buy any equipment or sweat it out down at the gym (thankfully!).
  • You get to eat every 2-3 hours, meaning you’ll never have to go hungry.

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The Cons

  • OK, folks – so you will need a little bit of willpower, especially in week one. But the best thing is that you’re allowed a few cheat days. So if you really do get a craving you just can’t satisfy, then you can gorge your heart out on said day. But actually, there’s so much food included in the diet plan that you probably won’t even feel such cravings anyway…

The Bottom Line

Well, well, well…. Considering that so many of us have followed the yo-yo diet technique for years, it comes as a refreshing surprise to find that G-Plans is actually a weight loss product that could well mean those days are over…! In fact, this is almost revolutionary – because your weight loss, or lack of it, really might not be your fault after all!

OK, a little bit of seriousness here… We’re not saying that it’s going to be a walk in the park to follow. And that’s especially if you’re current eating habits are – ahem, not altogether healthy… You will be required to have a re-think, and that will require effort on your behalf. But you certainly won’t go hungry on the G-Plans diet, that’s for sure.

If you’re determined, if you really want to lose that flab once and for all – or even if you just need to drop a few pounds to get that bikini-babe body – then G-Plans will provide you with everything you need to know to reach your goal.

Hundreds of thousands of others have lost their excess weight with G-Plans, and if you stick with the program, you can too. In a nutshell – it’s the best nutrition and exercise product out there today. We love it…!

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