Patriot Ultra-Biotics Review – Will This Help Your Digestive Issues?

A Simple Supplement That Can Solve Stubborn Constipation And All Your Digestive Problems – Gently, Naturally, And For Good…! Well, If It Were As Simple As That, Surely Everyone Would Be Shouting About It From The Rooftops, Wouldn’t They…?

patriot ultra biotics reviewIf you don’t suffer from digestive issues, then you can’t possibly understand how life-changing the condition is. Constipation, bloating, cramps, gas… Not to mention forever worrying about not eating certain foodstuffs, or wondering if the next meal is going to give you even more discomfort and pain.

So when we came across the supplement, Patriot Ultra-Biotics, that promises to relieve the issue then we have to admit to raising a cynical eyebrow, that’s for sure. But we have to say, the Patriot Health Alliance does have a good reputation for the products they bring to market. So although we were highly skeptical, we realized we had no right to question its authenticity unless we found out more about it.

Cue a deep dive into exactly what the supplement contains, any proof behind the claims, and most importantly, whether or not the damn stuff works…! And we have to say, what we discovered was very interesting indeed…

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What do you get for your money with Patriot Ultra-Biotics?

OK, so Patriot Ultra-Biotics is an all-natural combination of ingredients that you take daily in a capsule format. These provide the gut with exactly what it needs to work at its optimum level. The thing is, the human digestive system is a very delicate organ, and it doesn’t take a lot to push it out of its natural balance. And once that happens, all sorts of bad stuff starts to occur. And one of the most damaging issues is…

  • Constipation: And this, in particular, causes big health problems. Because persistent constipation means waste products spend too much time in the bowel. This provides a constant onslaught to the bowel’s protective lining, causing inflammation and damage that your body simply can’t repair fast enough. This is caused by nasty bugs and bacteria that literally burrow through the gut wall, allowing all those awful toxins to leech into the blood stream and travel around the body. And this is storing up huge potential for other health problems in the future.

So let’s take a look at the full list of what the supplement contains:

  • BB536: So, this is the most proven, specific probiotic strain that has been shown in 6 “gold standard” human studies to relieve even the most stubborn constipation. And it does this by targeting those bad bugs and killing them stone dead. This allows the gut to gently unclog, and you simply go back to those gentle, easy to pass bowel movements that you probably thought had been consigned to history forever.
  • Bifdobacteria: Four different potent strains of this good bacteria that your gut needs for full health. These guys should make up about 80% of the bacteria within your digestive system, but as we age (or for other health reasons), this level drops dramatically. So this is a great source that supports colon and digestive health, as well as the complete immune system.
  • Lactobacillus: Another superstar good guy that promotes regular bowel movements, as well as reducing bloating and gas. In addition, it helps support a healthy blood sugar, reduces food intolerances, and also helps relieve anxiety. And there’s two super strains of this bacteria within each capsule of Patriot Ultra-Biotics.
  • Cobalamin: An amazing nutrient that supports all the good bacteria mentioned above. Not only does it help them survive, but it also makes them stronger, thanks to providing them with various molecules that they need.

In total, each and every dose of Patriot Ultra-Biotics contains nine super-powerful, all-natural ingredients that support every aspect of your digestive health.

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Who is Patriot Ultra-Biotics for?

Over 50…? Constipated? Has it become a constant problem for you? Or do you suffer from any other associated digestive issues, such as cramping, bloating, and excess gas…? Are you fed up of prescription meds and/or laxatives, and all the associated problems they bring with them…? Have you virtually given up hope that your digestive system will ever work properly again…? Then Patriot Ultra-Biotics really could be what you’ve been looking for.

And the best thing is that it’s completely natural, so can be taken by pretty much everyone. And in today’s stress-riddled world, so many of us suffer from digestive issues, and constipation in particular. Not to mention it being a common problem as you get older, or have any kind of enforced immobility due to illness or injury. Patriot Ultra-Biotics really could be the supplement to give your gut the jump start it needs to return to full health…

Who the heck is Dr. Arlan Cage?

dr arlan cage patriot ultra bioticsCage is an ex-aerospace engineer who left behind his well-paid career and turned to his real interest – holistic medicine. This was influenced in no small way by seeing various friends and family contract illnesses and disease that conventional medicine failed to alleviate. Convinced that there must be more answers, he began his own research into more natural solutions.

Inspired by what he discovered, he left the industry he knew so well and returned to school. Some years later he received his pHD in natural medicine, and since then has dedicated his career to helping folks find holistic solutions from his practice in Northern California.

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The Pros and Cons of Patriot Ultra-Biotics

The Pros

  • Provides a three-pronged attack on the bad bacteria within your gut. Seeking them out and killing them, preventing any remaining parasites from eating the feces within the gut, and then cleaning up any acidic waste within the digestive system.
  • Works in a totally different way to laxatives, and won’t cause diarrhea. This supplement is formulated specifically for the over-50s, and the natural decline in good bacteria that occurs as we age.
  • Literally brings your colon, and therefore your digestive system, back to its former health, and restores healthy bowel movements.
  • Provides many other associated health benefits, such as increased energy, younger looking skin, and even boosts brain power…!

The Cons

patriot ultra biotics money back guaranteed

  • Because Patriot Ultra-Biotics is only produced in small batches (5,000 bottles at a time), if you don’t order when you see they’re available, then you may well be in for quite a wait before more become available.

The Bottom Line

We have to say that, without a doubt, Patriot Ultra-Biotics is the stand out best supplement we’ve ever come across for dealing with constipation and its related digestive and health issues. And being formulated specifically for the over-50s means that those in this age bracket get a product that truly works for them, rather than trying to get by on a ‘one size fits all’ remedy.

If constipation is blighting your life, then introducing Patriot Ultra-Biotics into your daily regime really could give you the relief you’ve been longing for. Because this is designed to actually fix the very reasons you’re suffering, not simply mask the symptoms. And Patriot Health Alliance is a truly reputable company (plus there’s a super long full money back guarantee), so you can purchase Patriot Ultra-Biotics safe in the knowledge that you’re spending your money in a safe place. This is a supplement that’s going to change a lot of lives for the better, that’s for sure – and we certainly don’t give that praise out lightly…

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