Platinum LED BIOMAX Review

The therapy lights by Platinum LED are FDA Class ll medical-grade devices that are the best in the light therapy device market. With over 10 years in the industry, Platinum LED has revolutionized the way red light therapy is utilized by governmental agencies, universities, athletes and medical professionals, worldwide.

Platinum LED features two main product lines, their original series called the BIO series and the newest products, which are featured in the BIOMAX series.

It is this product line we will be exploring in-depth below:

Platinum LED BIOMAX Review

What Makes The Devices in The BIOMAX Series So Effective?

There are astonishing health benefits of red light therapy.

Many describe red light therapy as providing the body with the nourishment it needs to perform optimally.

Clinical research is just scratching the surface of the many healing properties of both red light therapy and near-infrared light treatments. What is known is that red light and near-infrared therapy provides healing to the body on a cellular level, which results in improved skin and a reduction in pain in the joints.

Nerve pain can also be positively impacted using the type of therapy provided by the devices in the BIOMAX series.

The Difference Between Near-Infrared Wavelengths & Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy and near-infrared wavelengths are absorbed into the cells of the body. Each tissue type responds differently and allows the light to be absorbed into the body at varying levels.

Therefore, ideally, you will employ both near-infrared wavelengths and red light wavelengths together in tandem to get the most noticeable effect. Read below to learn the primary difference between red light and near-infrared light wavelengths:

  • Red Light Wavelengths: Red light wavelengths range between 630 and 700NM. The wavelengths are the ideal length to penetrate the sebaceous glands and skin cells. This means red light wavelengths promote collagen production, smooths fine wrinkles, improves the tone and texture of the skin and rejuvenates the skin’s appearance overall.
  • Near-Infrared Light: Near-infrared (NIR) light wavelengths measure between 700MN and 1,100NM, which of course makes them longer than the red light variety. This increased length means they can penetrate deeper into the body’s tissues, even penetrating the bones. Consequently, NIR can be used to remedy joint pain, nerve injuries, muscle aches and to help in deep wound healing.

More About The BIOMAX Products

Below is more information on the BIOMAX series and what makes it effective at treating a wide range of issues:

The BIOMAX Advantage

The BIOMAX series by Platinum LED is the latest product line offered by the company. The devices in this line are each innovative, featuring the very best in red light and near-infrared therapy. The following is more about the BIOMAX advantage:

  • Advanced Spectral Output: The BIOMAX series is the only product line that offers an exclusive, patent-pending R+| NIR+ spectral configuration. This technology combines the benefits of NIR and multi-wavelength red light therapy.
  • Increased Irradiance: The Platinum LED BIOMAX series provides a higher amount of irradiance, higher than any other LED therapy light device. Consequently, the products in this series are the most powerful you can purchase.
  • Digital Internals: One notable improvement of the BIOMAX series when compared to the original BIO product line is the inclusion of integrated digital controls and an innovative timer system.
  • Modular Construction: The BIOMAX series are all physically and digitally linked, which means you can customize your device set-up to best fit your individual preferences and needs. The BIOMAX series features multiple configurations and solutions for a variety of clinical and in-home applications.

Selecting The Right Device Size And Array of Lights

There are four main BIOMAX models. You can then take these four BIOMAX models and mix and match them with the array of light options.

Platinum LED BioMax Series
  • BIOMAX 300: Combo Red: R+|NIR+: Product dimensions: 19”x 9” x 3”: Best for Targeted Treatment: 92” x 82”: $569.00
  • BIOMAX 450: Combo Red-R+|NIR+: Product dimensions: 19” x 12” x 3”: Best for Targeted Treatment: 92” x 82”: $649.00
  • BIOMAX 600: Combo Red- R+|NIR+: Product dimensions: 36” x 9” x 3”: Best for Full Body Treatment: 108” x 82”: $899.00
  • BIOMAX 900: Combo Red- R+|NIR+: Product dimensions: 36” x 12” x 3”: Best for Full Body Treatment: 108” x 86”: $1,149.00

Each BIOMAX series treatment device comes with a three-year warranty and has a lifespan of 100,000 hours.

What Comes With Each Therapy Device?

When you purchase any BIOMAX device, you will get the following items in your box, along with the device itself:

  • Power link cable
  • Digital link cable
  • Mounting hardware
  • Panel linking hardware
  • Sunglasses
  • Door hanging kit
  • Therapy companion app. Downloadable app that will help you optimize all the features of your device.

Platinum LED BIOMAX Mounting Systems

Platinum LED also offers a variety of mounting systems that help you get the most out of each device option. They are outlined below:

  • Tabletop Stand: $99.00: This fully adjustable tabletop stand mounts either a BIOMAX 300 or 450 unit. With this tabletop stand, you can set these units at the perfect angle and height for precise application, either on a floor or table.
  • Mobile Rack Stand: $299.00: This wheeled rack system by Platinum LED can hold up to three BIOMAX panels plus additional panels that you can connect in a modular system for complete mobility and flexibility. The mobile rack stand is ideal for commercial or home use.
  • Horizontal Rack Stand: $249.00: Use this horizontal rack stand to hold either one or two BIOMAX panels of any size. It is ideal for home or commercial use. Dimensions: Base (26” x 30”), Adjustable Height: (40”-58”).

All stands are compatible with only BIOMAX units.

The Difference Between the BIO and BIOMAX Product Lines

Whether you purchase a product from the BIO or BIOMAX series from Platinum LED, it is worth noting that you will be purchasing a product that is the most powerful in the industry. Therefore, you can’t make a bad choice when selecting either one. Below you will find more information about what makes the two series different to help you decide between them:

  • BIO Series: As mentioned above, the BIO series is the original product line offered by Platinum LED. The light devices in the BIO series have an on/off switch. The purchase price of the products within the BIO series is more budget-friendly, which makes this series a great introduction to red light therapy.
  • BIOMAX Series: This is the most advanced, newest Platinum LED product line you can purchase from. The panels in the BIOMAX series can be connected and used together to create a larger treatment surface. Each device also has fully digital controls and a built-in timer. Finally, the various stands offered by Platinum LED work with any device within the BIOMAX series but are not compatible with the BIO series.
Platinum Therapy Lights

Is Red Light Therapy Safe?

There are no known side-effects when using red light therapy. In addition, the specific devices offered by Platinum LED have all been positively reviewed to be user-friendly and effective.

You won’t have to worry about excessive heat or getting any type of burns using any device by Platinum LED, regardless of which series you choose.

Biomax Therapy Light Benefits

Is The BIOMAX Series by Platinum LED For You?

If you are searching for a way to treat joint or nerve pain, to promote wound healing, or to promote hair production, improve ache, or increase collagen production improving the look of the skin, then the BIOMAX Platinum LED series could be the answer for which you have been searching.

Achieving optimal health using red light therapy can be a great alternative to more invasive treatments that can come along with problematic side-effects.

While no one can make the decision for you in terms of purchasing a BIOMAX device, if you are desiring a safe, effective remedy to treat any of the conditions previously listed, you can’t go wrong with a Platinum LED device.

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