Favorite Food Diet Review – Will It Help You Lose Weight?

Well, Apparently There’s A Breakthrough Diet That Will Allow You To Have The Slim, Beautiful Body You Crave, AND The Foods That You Want To Eat…  And Not Only Does It Work, But It’s Easy To Stick To – For Life…!  Hmmm, We Have To Say That We’re Gonna Take Some Convincing…

the favorite food diet review

If you’re reading this then it’s highly likely that you, along with 34% of the whole American population, are overweight…  And no doubt you’ve tried every diet going – even perhaps having some results, for a little while – before falling off the diet wagon and putting all the weight back on – and then some.

Well, it seems that The Favorite Food Diet by Chrissie Mitchell is promising a radical breakthrough in weight loss.  And not only weight loss – but how to turn nutrition on its head, meaning that you literally can have your cake and eat it…

Well, we’re highly cynical, to say the least.  But The Favorite Food Diet (also known simply as The Fave Food Diet), is causing somewhat of a stir in the diet and nutrition industry.  So of course, our interest was piqued.  And the only way to find out more was to jump in headfirst – and that we certainly did.

Below is what we discovered. So if you’re considering a purchase, we highly recommend a read BEFORE you spend out your hard earned cash – because what we found out what very interesting indeed…

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What do you get for your money with The Favorite Food Diet?

So, the Favorite Food Diet is, as the title suggests, a way to continue eating your favorite foods whilst managing to lose weight.  And it’s intended to be a diet for life – in other words, this shows you how you can change your relationship with food to lose weight for good.

The program is presented in immediate download format.  Some of the major features include the following:

  • The Miracle Shakes: This might sound a little weird, but the first thing you learn about is certain additions you need to make to your everyday diet in order to boost your metabolism.  This is easily done by creating delicious shakes with everyday ingredients that are easy to find.  For many of us, one of the root causes of our obesity is simply that our metabolism has become sluggish.  By including some powerful natural ingredients in your diet (and in these shakes), you can turn your internal switch back up to full speed, allowing you to continue burning fat all day long.
  • The Real Root Cause of Obesity: As with anything, knowledge is king.  And discovering the real reason you’re overweight is the very first step to combating it.  Once you understand why you make the food and lifestyle choices you do, it makes it far easier to avoid food stuffs that cause weight gain.
  • The Fave Food Diet Community: Within the manual you get real insight into the lives, challenges, and goals of many on the Favorite Food Diet.
  • More Than Just A Fitness Program: You discover that the key to losing weight isn’t just down to diet OR exercise.  It’s a combination of them both.  And this is what makes The Fave Food Diet so powerful.  In addition, you can say goodbye to calorie counting, endless cardio, low fat, low carb, no carb or any of those hard to stick to diet plans that have no doubt failed you so many times in the past.

In addition, you get 24/7 customer support from the knowledgeable team at The Favorite Food Diet.  You also receive three bonus books:  The Favorite Detox Cleanse, The Favorite Wardrobe, and The Favorite Recipes…

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Who the heck is Chrissie Mitchell?

The refreshing thing about Mitchell is that she’s just a regular person – albeit one with a body to die for…  But she wasn’t always that way.  Following the birth of her children, Chrissie piled on the pounds to such an extent that it caused problems between her and her husband.  Their intimacy suffered, only getting worse as she tried and tried to lose weight, but failing at every attempt.

But eventually, with the help of her husband (and some pretty cutting edge nutrition and fitness research), they eventually hit on what is now known as The Favorite Food Diet.  And it hasn’t only worked for Chrissie…  It’s worked (and is working) for thousands of women desperate to ditch those excess pounds once and for all.

She’s a best-selling author, a holistic nutritionist, exercise coach, supplement expert, and an independent weight loss researcher.  Safe to say, she knows her stuff when it comes to losing weight…

Who is The Favorite Food Diet for?

Well, The Favorite Food Diet is specifically targeting women who need to lose some excess weight.  This might be a little… Or it might be a lot.  But the important thing to know is that The Fave Food Diet is designed to be easy to follow – so easy, in fact, that you can literally follow it for the rest of your life.

Rather than a diet, it’s more of a lifestyle change – one that continues to let you eat the foods you love, but to get back to your ideal weight as well.

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The Pros and Cons of The Favorite Food Diet

The Pros

  • The Fave Food Diet is about a complete dietary change – for life – but without the effort. In fact, it’s all about continuing to eat the foods you love, but with some tweaks to ensure that even when you eat them you continue to lose or remain at a healthy weight.
  • Vegan friendly (although you don’t have to go vegan to take advantage of The Favorite Food Diet, as you can eat meat as well if you choose).
  • In addition to ditching excess weight, you’ll find that your energy levels will increase, as will your mood and sleep quality. The effects of losing weight with The Favorite Food Diet will permeate into all corners of your life.
  • The product comes with a 60 day, 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely happy with your purchase. And you get to keep the product as well…

The Consthe favorite food diet guarantee

  • OK, so much as the clever advertising makes it sound completely effortless to lose weight with The Favorite Food Diet, as we all know, real life isn’t quite that easy. You will need to have some willpower, and it will work even better if you combine the eating plans with a little exercise.  But it does work, there’s no doubt about it – and it’s definitely one of the better diet plans that we’ve come across, and one that with only a little effort should be something that pretty much anyone can follow for success.

The Bottom Line

D’you know…?  We’d all but given up on ever finding a diet plan that really offered a simple way to change our relationship with food for the better.  But The Favorite Food Diet has certainly given us food for thought – because it’s probably the best we’ve ever come across in that respect.

Forgoing the boredom of calorie counting and bland meals, The Fave Food Diet allows you your ‘cheats’, so you never have to feel deprived.  If you’ve got a sweet tooth then this will be satisfied, and if you feel the need for carbs, then that’s allowed too (in moderation, of course).  But the best thing is that following The Favorite Food Diet will truly assist you in heading in a much healthier direction when it comes to food.

We have to say, it’s probably the best we’ve ever come across – and that certainly is saying something!  And the best thing is that you don’t even need to take our word for it, thanks to the money back guarantee.  So you’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a try – except, that is, the fat…  It certainly gets our vote.  An awesome product, in our humble opinion…

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