Metabolic Factor Review – Is Jonny Bowden’s Blueprint Good?

A new way of losing weight that is the biggest breakthrough since finding the calorie? How can that even be possible?

As we learn more about the human body and how it interacts with food, more and more diets come on the market that promise huge results fast. The Metabolic Factor is one of them. Metabolic Factor Blueprint reviewBut this one was created by Dr. Jonny Bowden, who, at age 69, obviously has some secrets to staying healthy and fit looking. He also stays up-to-date with the latest research and isn’t afraid to recommend what he learns to be beneficial.

He’s shared some very interesting facts on shows like Dr. Oz, and is a New York Times bestseller, so it seems like he may just know what he is talking about.

We didn’t hesitate to do a Metabolic Factor review to see what exactly Jonny is offering here, and whether or not there is the potential for it to work. What we found was pretty awesome.

What Do You Get For Your Money with Metabolic Factor?

Jonny says that a hormone, called IGF-1, is responsible for giving you a fast metabolism, youthful appearance, more energy, and a healthier heart – just to name a few things, and he says that if you are having a hard time losing weight, then this hormone is the key to start easily losing the weight.

In fact, he says this hormone will help you reduce the size of your fat cells, and that will help you to avoid gaining fat at any time in the future. The Metabolic Factor program is focused on helping you turn up this hormone.

Inside you will find:

  • Major insights into the food you eat: You will get information on foods that can help you satisfy cravings while taking off fat from your body. You will also learn which 50 foods have the most impact on your IGF-1 hormone in a positive way. If you want to change what you eat without the struggle due to cravings, this will be essential.
  • A nutrition planner: You will be taken by the hand and shown what you can eat every day. You will even get insights into when you can cheat on the Metabolic Factor, and what you can cheat with.
  • 10-minute recipes: Think you don’t have time to follow this diet? Think again. You will get access to 10-minute recipes that you can easily cook up for even the pickiest eater.
  • List of 5 exercise mistakes: Here’s the thing – what you are doing in the form of exercise could be hurting your ability to lose weight. Jonny also says it could be hurting your fat-blasting hormone. This is well-known now, and if you don’t know which exercises are impacting you negatively, then you are setting yourself up for failure every time you try to move your body.
  • Motivational emails: Every day you will get emails that help you to stay on track and motivated. This is like a daily calendar of tips and insights that make losing weight much easier.
  • Supplement list: Learn which supplements turn up the IGF-1 hormone. Even if you are not a supplement person, these supplements can boost your weight loss success, so it is worth checking them out.
  • Coaching calls from Jonny: You will get to listen in on the top coaching calls by Jonny. These will be motivators and give you the insight you need to take the weight off and keep it off for good.

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Who Is Metabolic Factor For?

Obviously this program is going to be perfect for anyone who wants to lose weight quickly and keep it off. Jonny says that as levels of this hormone decline, it is the reason behind keeping the weight on and increasing your waist size.

But, this program goes beyond weight loss. Low levels of this hormone have an affect on every age-related issue out there, including heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease. So anyone who wants to prevent age-related disease will want to learn how to keep this hormone high and healthy.

Who Created Metabolic Factor?

Dr. Jonny Bowden is a certified nutrition and weight loss researcher. Originally he was an unhealthy guy jonny-bowdenfeeling the effects of his poor health, and that led him to find a healthier path by heading to school and receiving his Ph.D. in Nutrition Science as well as his Masters in Psychology.

At 69, he has helped a lot of people successfully lose weight and get healthier, but even more importantly he continuously questions what he knows. He stays up-to-date with the latest findings, tests them out for himself, and uses the information that really works to help his clients find success.

The Pros and Cons of Metabolic Factor

The Pros

  • You don’t have to count calories on the diet. It focuses on eating the right foods that increase your hormone and promote fat burn.
  • You get a 22-day blueprint that shows you exactly how to eat. It even tells you when to enjoy things like carbohydrates, relieve stress, sleep better, and stop cravings.
  • This diet program doesn’t involve exercise! It involves movements that Jonny wants you to do, and these can be done by everyone regardless of fitness level, but as far as strenuous exercise goes – he doesn’t want you to do anything.
  • Inside you will learn how to create an experience similar to a spa that helps you detox. It is important to detox because doing so helps to boost your hormone levels and fat loss success.
  • You will look younger, have more energy, and eliminate pain in the body and joints. It is all a part of turning up the IGF-1 hormone.
  • All information is available to you instantly. This is part digital program, so all the information can be viewed on your computer or tablet. However, you will also get a physical product in the mail.
  • The program comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. Considering the blueprint is 22-days, you will have plenty of time to try it out and see if it works before you decide if you want your money back.

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The Cons

  • 60-day-money-back Foods you are used to eating will probably have to be eaten at different times. For example, even though carbs are still a part of the diet, you can only eat them at certain time frames.
  • This is not an eat-whatever-you-want diet. Junk food and processed food are not foods that promote high levels of the hormone, and your diet will be more natural focused.
  • You have to pay shipping and handling if you opt-in for the physical product.

The Bottom Line

So, you can lose weight faster than ever before and turn back the hands of time to look younger, have fewer wrinkles, have more energy, eliminate aches and pains, and feel great again? The Metabolic Factor is like the total package for health and wellness, and because Jonny is a trusted name in the wellness industry, it would be foolish not to try out this program if you need to lose weight and want to feel better.

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