Eating for Energy Review – Is Yuri Elkaim’s Program Good?

Is It Really Possible To Eat Your Way To Having More Energy And Weight Loss?  If Yuri Elkaim’s To Be Believed, Then Not Only Is It Possible, But You Can Overcome Any Health Challenge As Well… 

Okay, so there’s a bunch of us looking to discover the latest technological breakthroughs involved in how to ditch those pounds of stubborn fat, raise our energy levels andeating for energy review become one of those “glowing with health” types you see adorning the pages of glossy magazines. So when we saw that Yuri Elkaim  was touting his “raw food diet for REAL people” that he said will do just that, then it would’ve been churlish of us not to take a look.

Read on to find out if it really is worth the paper it’s written on, or if Eating for Energy is simply a way to swell the coffers of Mr. Elkaim himself…

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What do you get for your money with Eating for Energy?

Well, most of us probably have a slight inkling that raw, whole foods are better for us than most of the processed stuff that 99% of us live on nowadays. And though we might not admit it, pretty much all of us suffer from food cravings of some kind or other – and it’s these very cravings that are proof that our 21st century, fast-food and convenience meal diet is not doing us any favors.

Eating for Energy turns nutrition and diet information on its head; forget what the so called famous “diet doctors” are telling you – because this is where you’re gonna learn the vault guarded secrets that these guys don’t want you to know…

Eating for Energy gives you:

  • Eating for Energy E-book. The crux of the program. An instantly downloadable book that’s going to blow you away with the wealth of easy to digest (like the pun!!) information about real raw and whole foods – ones that you don’t need to be a Michelin starred chef to create or tie yourself to the kitchen for hours every day. Because, let’s face it, who honestly has time for that?
  • Nutrition for Athletes. Because the food you consume before, during and after your exercise has a direct impact on results, hydration and stamina. Here you learn about whole food recipes that will laser focus your body into gaining the very best possible from your efforts, as well as speeding you towards the fastest recovery after each and every session.
  • 12 Week Meal Plan. A resource to provide you with the necessary structure and guidance to help you get on track and stay on track – for the whole 12 weeks. And by the time you’ve completed the complete three months you’ll feel so great, have so much energy and see your health levels improve and your fat levels diminish that you’ll wonder how you ever functioned before taking up the Eating for Energy nutrition plan.
  • Healthy Recipe Guide. Does exactly as it says on the tin…
  • Smoothie and Juice Guide. For those days when you just don’t have the time for full blown meals.

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Who is Eating for Energy for?

Perhaps you need to drop a few excess pounds. Maybe you need to ditch a whole load more… You might be in the process of getting ripped for your latest competition or you simply want to become more healthy. In a nutshell, Eating for Energy is a nutrition plan that is suitable for every single person on the planet. Fat or thin, young or old, fit or unfit – this is the baby that’s going to take your body back to what is virtually a “caveman diet” (although far more tasty, it goes without saying), and provide it with what the inner you is honestly craving for.

Who is Yuri Elkaim?

yuri elkaimYuri is (and has been for a long time), a sport specific fitness trainer and nutrition expert. He studied physical health and kinesiology at university. He then went onto become a personal trainer, as well as attaining some of his own personal sporting goals such as playing pro soccer in France and getting valuable game experience at a high level.

He continued to provide high level personal training, and became passionate about nutrition. Having suffered from an auto-immune deficiency himself, he became focused on discovering the direct links between health and the food we eat. Over the years, Yuri has not only helped thousands of people reach their personal fitness goals, but also to overcome a wide variety of health related issues, simply by correcting their nutritional deficits through the correct diet.

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The Pros and Cons of Eating for Energy

The Pros

  • Eating for Energy is not just about eating the correct types of foods. It’s about combining them in the best way, eating at the right times, and ultimately returning your body to the powerhouse temple that it’s meant to be – but without sticking to any crazy regimes that you just know can’t be doing you any good in the long run…
  • Being that this is an E-book, it means that there’s no waiting days for the mailman to make that long trek to your door. You simply click – and the book is in your inbox waiting for you to download.
  • Unlike many other so-called “healthy and easy eating programs”, Eating for Energy is honestly something that’s designed to fit into your lifestyle – and not the other way around. And you don’t need to be a whizz in the kitchen to follow the tasty recipes and eating guide within.
  • If you want to lose weight, you’re going to be astounded at how the truly correct diet can banish your cravings and the need to overeat – forever.
  • Not only is the food healthy, delicious and easy to prepare, but by cutting out the modern day toxins and processed items you can honestly kick start your immune system into helping your body heal itself. Diabetics, cardio-vascular disease, high cholesterol, stress levels, cardiac illness… the list of health issues that can be helped by the correct diet is virtually endless.

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The Cons

  • Well, you do need to actually follow the information in the book for it to work. It’s no good just reading it and expecting a miracle to happen! There does need to be a modicum of effort and self-control on your behalf.
  • The results can be dramatic! So you can expect friends and family to want to know exactly how you’ve done it. And don’t be surprised if you hear whispers that you might be using certain “diet related products” to make you look so great. But rest assured, you can happily have the moral high ground knowing that you’ve made a massive difference to your weight and health levels, simply by going back to the way your body really should gain its necessary fuel…

The Bottom Line

Well, there’s a whole bundle of so called “healthy eating” nutrition books out there, but we have to say that Eating for Energy is perhaps one of the best we’ve seen in a long time. Sure, there’s a lot of information in here, but no-one says that you need to read the whole lot in just one sitting (although you may well become so transfixed that you do just that…!)

But for anyone who possesses even the slightest interest in what food they’re actually putting inside their body and the effects it has, then Eating for Energy is going to be one of the most fascinating things you’ve ever read. And once you start reaping the benefits that this eating plan offers, then you’re going to wonder how you ever did without it!

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