Paleo Cookbook Review – The Real Truth Behind the Program

A Cookbook With Delicious Recipes That Give You All The Benefits Of The Paleo Diet!  And A Way To Eat To Get Strong Muscles, Younger Looking Skin And A Flat Stomach!  Surely This Age Old Diet Can’t Have Had Yet Another ‘Miraculous’ Makeover…

Paleo CookbookSo, it doesn’t take a genius to know that the cavemen of old certainly didn’t have to worry about processed food, e numbers and all sorts of additives – and naturally this made their bodies far less prone to the stresses that we’re all under in the 21st century.  But is The Paleo Cookbook really something new that’s worth spending your money on?  Or is it simply a re-hash of stuff you’ve probably already got in your kitchen?

We don’t know about you, but we’re sick of folks jumping on the ‘paleo’ bandwagon and marketing products which really aren’t worth the paper they’re written on, and decided to get down and dirty with exactly what The Paleo Cookbook is really all about.

Read on if you want to discover whether it’s honestly worth spending out your hard earned dollars, or it it’s simply a way to transfer your dollars into it’s creator’s bank account…!

What do you get for your money with Paleo Cookbook?

So, the Paleo Cookbook is marketing itself as not a diet, but a method in which to prepare mouthwatering food in the style of our ancestors for a stronger, healthier body.  And when you purchase it, what you get is the following:

  • The Paleo Cookbook:  The crux of your purchase – containing over 125 mouth-watering recipes that are easy to make, family and individual friendly meals that follow the Paleo way of eating to a T.  Everything you need is included in here, with each recipe described in a crystal clear fashion so even the most novice person in the kitchen can’t fail to create some sumptuous (and fast to prepare) meals, each and every day.
  • The Paleo 30-Day Jumpstart: a guide that helps you to jump right into the Paleo Diet, and pick the right foods that will have your health levels zooming back up to where they should be.  And this includes your energy levels, sex drive and all round happiness, simply by eating in the way the human body craves.
  • The Pales Foods and Paleo Fails: Here you get a complete list of delicious paleo foods, as well as what season they’re available to ensure that you eat fresh.  It also provides you with a paleo shopping list, to aid your grocery shopping experience and ensure that you only pick the right foods for your ‘caveman’ diet.
  • Eating Paleo at Restaurants: because we all like to eat out, right.  But the last thing you want to do is wreck your dietary efforts by choosing the wrong foods (such as those that secretly contain gluten or dairy).  This book shows you how to ensure that your eating habits remain healthy and paleo, no matter where you choose to dine…
  • The Paleo 4x Cookbook: for those who want quick, simple recipes that only contain 4 ingredients.  There are 65 easy to create recipes in this book, meaning you’ll be able to make quick, simple and delicious meals even when you don’t seem to have 5 minutes to be able to spare to eat healthily.
  • One Month Paleo Meal Plan: that maps out exactly what and how much you should eat, all based on the wonderful 125 recipes you get in the Paleo Cookbook.

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Who is Paleo Cookbook for?

You might think that it’s too late in the day to change your dietary habits for the better, but nothing could be further from the truth.  With The Paleo Cookbook, anyone of any age, sex, fitness or health can gain full advantage from resetting their metabolism by eating correctly.

So whether your fat or fit, old or young, male or female, or even think you have absolutely no talent for creating tasty, healthy meals, The Paleo Cookbook will show you exactly what you need to do to eat well, and gain better health as you do so…

What is the Paleo Diet?

The Paleo Diet is all about returning to the type of eating that your body naturally craves and is designed for.  Based on the evolution of humans over millions of year, it allows you to take full advantage of the health benefits it brings, without worrying about gimmicky diets, food fads or, most importantly, having to count calories.

There’s no other diet on this earth that’s more healthy, and is designed to give your body the actual fuel it needs without any modern day preservatives, additives or any of the other products that give so many people health problems, excess weight or looking older than their years.

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The Pros and Cons of Paleo Cookbook

The Pros

  • The Paleo Cookbook is not only easy to follow, but interesting as well.  It gives you loads of information on the foods you need to use to create delicious meals, but also gives you tons of facts about why eating in this manner is so good for your body.
  • Eating in this method provides many health benefits.  These include great weight loss results, increased stamina and energy, enhanced libido, does away with hunger and food cravings, a smoother and younger looking skin, shiny hair, clear eyes and much, more…
  • Once you start to give your body the correct nutrition – in other words, food that’s untouched by modern food production – then the body begins to de-toxify and is able to function in the way it’s meant to.  And the health benefits from this are nothing short of miraculous.
  • By preparing and eating the delicious recipes in The Paleo Cookbook, you do away with the toxins that are hidden in packaged and processed food.  In fact, many of these toxins are also hidden in commercially packaged and prepared fruit, veg and meat as well.  Once you learn how to avoid them, then you’re body can concentrate on functioning in the way it does best – and your looks and health improve as a result.

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The Cons

  • 60 Day Money Back GuaranteeYou might have doubts that anyone with a frantic 21st century life would actually have time to follow the recipes contained in The Paleo Cookbook.  But you couldn’t be more wrong.  All you need do is adjust your way of thinking, and within a very short time you’ll wonder how you ever took advantage of the processed food that contains the toxins that slow us down, and ultimately shorten our lifespan.  All it takes is a slight readjustment, and we promise you that you’ll never look back…

The Bottom Line

Okay, so we knew that we liked the Paleo way of nutrition.  But what we were worried about was that The Paleo Cookbook didn’t have anything new to offer, other than what was already available.

Well, we couldn’t have been more wrong, because this little baby is probably the most simple method we’ve ever seen that will help you successfully change your way of preparing, cooking and eating food that will give you the very best chance of good health.  But you don’t have to simply take our word for it, because The Paleo Cookbook comes with a no-quibble, iron cast 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase.  This means you can try it out for a full 60 days, and if you don’t like it, get every red cent of your money back.

That makes giving The Paleo Cookbook a try is a bit of no-brainer, in our humble opinion.  So why not take a chance – you’ve only got your health to gain if it works for you…

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