12 Steps To Whole Foods Review – Is Robyn Openshaw’s Program Good?

Wow!  A Simple Educational Course That Will Address The Very Foundations Of Good Health!  In Other Words, We Are What We Eat, And If You Get It Right It’s The Answer To All Sorts Of Problems. (Think Excess Weight, Low Energy, Pretty Much All Illness, Depressions, Food Addictions…  The List Is Endless).  And Guess What?  You Can Change It All In 12 Simple Steps!  Hmm – We’re Gonna Take Some Convincing…

Listen up!  We all want good health, right?  And, let’s face it – many of us want to lose a few excess pounds and those extra inches that hang around our waist and butt – yes?  But (there’s always a but, isn’t there…?), it’s hard – really, really hard…  So when we came across the Green Smoothie Girl’s 12 Steps to Whole Food educational course that promises the answer to great heath and weight loss – easily – we have to admit to being highly cynical.12 steps to whole foods reviews

But Robyn Openshaw (AKA The Green Smoothie Girl) knows her stuff.  And she’s certainly well thought of in the health and diet industry (more about her later).  So we decided there was nothing else for it but to delve deep into ’12 Steps’ to see if it really does offer the average Joe (that’s you and us) the answers we’ve been seeking to ditch the flab and improve our health.

Below is what we discovered.  And although we say so ourselves, we think you’ll find it very interesting…

What do you get for your money with 12 Steps To Whole Foods?

So, the 12 Steps To Whole Foods is literally a course that covers pretty much everything that’s out there involving nutrition, diets, food controversies, research studies, and food books, all boiled down to 12 easy steps.  And by understanding all of this (and following some simple, little known practices), it’s possible to easily lose excess weight and stave off many of the modern day diseases, illnesses, and conditions that so many of us suffer from.

This is provided in the following format:

  • 12 Steps to Whole Foods course manual: This little baby is the heart of the course.  408 pages long, this is where you learn the secrets within the course that help you to improve your health, increase your energy, and drop the pounds, all in one simple little step at a time.  You’ll discover how simple it is to alter your diet to a whole foods lifestyle, and why doing this is so beneficial for your health.
  • 12 Steps to Whole Foods menu planner: Exactly as this suggests, you get 2 months worth of shopping lists, recipes, and menus allowing you to fast track to a whole food lifestyle, without having to spend hours, days, and weeks figuring it out on your own.
  • The Green Smoothies Diet book: This is Robyn’s best-seller, and includes delicious smoothie recipes, tips, tricks, and challenges to get and keep you inspired to committing to your new whole food, plant based lifestyle.
  • Online Membership Access: Here you get additional material, including recipe videos, instructional audio and videos, and a valuable support forum where you can communicate with other ’12 Steppers’ plus great support staff
  • 12 Steps meditation CD: Because giving just a few minutes up per day to meditation can have an amazing effect on your health and wellbeing.
  • GSG Genius Guides: These handy, wallet sized guides, have condensed decades of research into nutrition that’ll make you an instant health genius!  Carry them with you when shopping and be able to instantly know exactly what to purchase for the best health options.

You also get 7 other books, including the Healthy Holiday Favorites, How To Eat Right In The Real World, and How To Raise Healthy Eaters, amongst others…

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Who is The Green Smoothie Girl Robyn Openshaw?

Robyn OpenshawAs we mentioned earlier, Robyn is known as The Green Smoothie Girl.  This is due to her massive success in helping people understand how whole foods (and green foods in particular) can be turned into delicious smoothie drinks.  In other words, there’s absolutely no need whatsoever to force yourself to drink revolting smoothies just because you’ve been told they’re good for you.

But her health and nutritional expertise goes way further than this.  Because Robyn has spent years researching everything there is to know about nutrition.  And at age 50, she’s certainly a great advert for her methods – because she looks fantastic!  If you’re keen to understand (and reap the benefits) of a whole food lifestyle (and be able to embrace it in simple to follow steps), then 12 Steps To Whole Food could honestly be a life changer.

Who is 12 Steps To Whole Foods for?

Well, you might well think that 12 Steps To Whole Foods is aimed at those who’re overweight, or perhaps suffering from various medical conditions (think diabetes, heart conditions, auto immune conditions, anxiety, depression…).  And yes, it certainly could be a game changer for such folk.

But actually, the scientific proof behind eating whole foods in the way our ancestors did, is massive!  And getting more and more accepted all the time.  So actually, 12 Steps To Whole Food is an eating plan and diet changer for literally all of us who want to look and feel the very best they can – forever!

The Pros and Cons of 12 Steps To Whole Foods

The Pros

  • There’s no counting calories in 12 Steps To Whole Food. And oh boy – that’s a huge plus point, in our humble opinion!  And there’s no obsessing over grams or ratios of proteins, fats, and carbs.  Once you understand how to correctly eat whole foods, all of this looks after itself.
  • Eating in the 12 Steps To Whole Food manner can see you never having to go ‘on a diet’ again – ever!
  • In addition to weight loss, the benefits are many. Such as improved gut health, improved neurological health, an improved immune system, increased energy, better skin, luxurious hair…  The list goes on and on.
  • The course is truly simple to follow. And the foods you’ll learn to love are so delicious that you honestly won’t miss the high sugar, high fat, low nutrition foods you’re likely addicted to right now…

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The Cons

  • 12 steps to whole foods reviewWell, we have to say that we struggled to find a ‘con’. The only thing we’ll say is that if you’re a committed meat eater, you might be tempted to steer away from 12 Steps To Whole Food.  But actually, although this is a plant based eating plan, there’s no reason that you can’t tweak it a little to include the odd bit of healthy fish or white meat in your diet.  And hey – you may well find this so delicious that you decide to ditch the meat altogether…

The Bottom Line

We have to say, the 12 Steps To Whole Food educational course is so much more than the title suggests.  In addition to all the above, you’ll discover how to save money on your food shopping, and some gems of advice about how to save time in preparation.  After all, who wants to be a slave to the kitchen?  And none of us want to spend a small fortune on eating healthily.

In a nutshell, 12 Steps To Whole Foods offers a simple to follow method to eating in the best possible way.  So if you’ve got weight to lose, and you want to increase your health and well-being, this is perhaps one of the most comprehensive and easy to follow eating plans we’ve come across in a long time.  In short, it’s awesome, and certainly gets the thumbs up from us…

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