Diabetes Reversed Reviewed – Pros/Cons and More…

DiabetesDiabetes is a very common, yet very serious illness. It entails a number of uncomfortable symptoms and a lifestyle of avoiding certain food and drinks which you’ve learned to love over the years. Not only is discomfort one of the main reasons diabetes is serious, but it can also lead to a host of other diseases such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, glaucoma and neuropathy. There is also the risk of getting body parts amputated because the body is unable to recover from minor cuts and infections.

 What is Diabetes?

Also known as diabetes mellitus, it is a group of metabolic diseases wherein a person has a higher blood sugar than normal because the glucose taken through eating can’t be absorbed into the body. This may be due to a lack of insulin produced by the pancreas, or because the cells in the body don’t respond to the insulin being produced. People who have diabetes may observe the classic symptoms such as polyuria wherein they have the frequent need to urinate, polydipsia wherein they are always constantly thirsty, and polyphagia wherein they always feel hungry. [wplapdance name=”DiabetesReversed”]

 There are three main types of diabetes mellitus:

  • Type 1 – the body can’t produce insulin, so insulin injections must be taken. This cannot be done orally since the digestive system breaks down insulin, and therefore it cannot be used by the body.
  • Type 2 – the body is resistant to insulin, so people who suffer from this must increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin so that it can metabolize the glucose in the blood stream.
  • Gestational diabetes –it occurs in pregnant women who have had no previous diagnosis of diabetes.

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What Popular Treatments Should You Avoid in Order to Cure Diabetes?

Pharmaceutical companies have had people believing for years that carrying the burden of diabetes is not only painful, but a lifelong burden which can only be relieved through the use of pharmaceutical drugs and injections. This concept, however, can be disproved by turning to the natural remedies for curing diabetes. There are three treatments you need to avoid if you want to take the natural route:

  • Oral medication – only for type 2 diabetes, it must be taken in conjunction with a meal plan and exercise. However, they can stop being effective after a while, thus making people who suffer from diabetes resort to insulin injections.
  • Insulin therapy – When the body simply can’t produce insulin, taking it in the form of injections is the only course of action, at least according to pharmaceutical companies.
  • Other injectibles – Symlin and byetta are two new synthetic hormones for curing diabetes. However, since these are new drugs, their long term effects still need to be studied.


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What Tips Does Diabetes Reversed Have to Offer?

The Diabetes Solution Kit has three big tips for eliminating the effects of diabetes, and even turning it back to those carefree pre-diabetic days:

  • Know the types of food you must avoid such as sugary food, and those which are high in carbohydrates such as white bread and sweet pastries.
  • Start off by writing down healthy food items which you love. Then, envision eating these foods on a daily basis. The trick here is to set the mindset for a healthy diet.
  • The Kitchen Cabinet Remedy for diabetes has the “double c” remedies for diabetes. Not only are they commonly found in the average kitchen, but they are also cheap and accessible. The two C’s are:
  • Cinnamon – it helps metabolize glucose for better absorption and also lowers the blood cholesterol.
  • Chromium picolinate – It helps insulin stick to the cell walls so glucose is absorbed easier.

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Product Description and Pricing

Diabetes Reversed Kit

Barton Publishing’s Diabetes Solution Kit contains the following e-books for curing diabetes:

  • Natural Remedies for Diabetes – How to remedy high blood sugar levels and the other symptoms associated with diabetes using only natural remedies
  • Your Personal Meal and Exercise Planner – How to plan for everyday meals which not only help alleviate the symptoms of diabetes, but also help to remedy it altogether
  • Carb Counting Cheat Sheet – As being overweight can greatly contribute to the exacerbation of diabetes, this carbohydrates counting cheat sheet helps those suffering from diabetes to lose maintain a healthy weight through the regulation of their carbohydrate intake
  • The Low Blood Sugar Cookbook – Recipes which are diabetic-friendly, healthy and still delicious. It contains several recipes which include ingredients known to help alleviate diabetes.
  • Diabetes Reversal Resource Guide – A guide for how diabetes reversal works and how anyone can do it without resorting to pharmaceutical mediaction
  • Diabetic Grocery List – How to fill the pantry with the most effective ingredients for reversing the effects of diabetes

They only cost $19.97 for the digital download, and $39.97 for the physical book. Both have a 365-day money back guarantee.

What We Like About This Product

  • Not only is it complete when it comes to completely revamping your diabetic lifestyle into one which is healthy even for those who don’t have diabetes, but also comes with personalized material for planning meals and grocery trips.
  • Every single item recommended for curing diabetes is accessible and cheap. So instead of spending money on expensive drugs and injections, that money can be spent on healthy food items.
  • The cookbook is great because it gives people who suffer from diabetes a lot of meal options which are not only good for the body, but also very delicious. Even people who don’t have diabetes can enjoy the meals.

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What We Don’t Like About This Product

  • Natural remedies are well and good, but when the person attempting this isn’t sure of the actual state of his or her own body, there could be dire consequences. The aid of a physician would still be required to ensure themoney-back-guarantee diet recommended in this kit actually helps eliminate the symptoms of diabetes, and not exacerbates them.
  • It takes a lot of dedication and a solid mindset to be able to pull off these diets. However, they are definitely preferable to taking costly pills which have side effects and painful insulin injections.

Our Final Say

Diabetes should not be taken lightly, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of dollars to relieve the symptoms while still worrying about possible side effects. Going the natural way with the Diabetes Solution Kit may take a lot of effort. However, it’s ultimately the cheaper and healthier alternative. Not only that, but it’s also a complete guide to changing the diabetes lifestyle regardless of your age, gender and the severity of your illness.

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