Tapping Solution Weight Loss & Body Confidence Program Review

Hold The Page (Not….!).  Because Here Comes Yet Another ‘Life Changing’ Diet And Weight Loss Solution That Is Guaranteed – Yes, Guaranteed – To Get You The Body You Want Once And For All.  Hmmmm…  You’ll Excuse Us If We’re Highly Cynical…

The Tapping Solution Weight Loss & Body Confidence Program ReviewListen ladies (and guys – no sexism here).  If you’re unhappy with your weight and body image – and let’s face it, most of us are – it can seem that everywhere you look there are ‘beautiful people’, proving to us over and over again that we are, to put it bluntly, fat and ugly.

And guess what?  This makes for a multi-billion dollar ‘diet industry’ that relies on folks like us who’ll spend our hard earned bucks on so-called solutions that promise us the body we want, but sadly almost always fail to deliver.  So when we came across The Tapping Solution – a 7 week weight loss and body confidence program – that bases its advertising on the light bulb moment that it’s actually ‘not your fault’, then we have to admit that our first thought was ‘not another one…’

But we have to say, there is some scientific evidence behind this one.  So this left us with no option but to get down and dirty with exactly what the Tapping Solution is.  And, more importantly, does it actually work?

Below is what we discovered.  So don’t spend a red cent of your money before you spend a couple of minutes reading it through.  Because what we found out may well surprise you…

What do you get with The Tapping Solution Weight Loss & Body Confidence Program?

OK, so Tapping Solution Weight Loss & Body Confidence Program is based on a technique known as the Emotional Freedom Technique – or EFT for short.  This is NOT a diet program.  Instead it works on the reasons why you can’t lose weight.  Or, in the case of ‘crash diets’, why you simply put it all back on (and more) after a few weeks.

The Tapping Solution works on changing our habits – actually changing those deep ingrained pathways into how we think, how we act, and how we deal with life on and emotional level.

The 7-week program consist of three main components per week, plus some optional components such as work book exercises that you can complete it you choose to.

  • Week 1: Setting yourself up for success – because you’re sure to feel overwhelmed at the task ahead.  After all, how many times have you tried to lose weight before, and failed dismally?  Week 1 is all about clearing these negative emotions and getting ready for the journey ahead.
  • Week 2: Emotional eating and cravings – Did you know that over 75% of overeating is caused by emotions?  Wow!  During this week you’ll use The Tapping Solution to target both the physical craving and emotional aspects as to why you over eat.  The result is to once and for all end the unhealthy relationship you have with food, and replace it with one that’s both nourishing and pleasurable.
  • Week 3: Finding the joy in exercise – Yes, really! Because actually, we’re ALL designed to get pleasure from moving around.  It’s just that you’ve probably built up a so-called ‘exercise resistance’ over the years.  By the end of the week you’ll discover how to actually get some pleasure from exercise.  OK, you still might not love it, but these sessions will, at the very least, help you not to view exercise as a chore
  • Week 4: The pain under the weight – This is a truly transformational week. And that’s because in so many cases there are subconscious reasons why people ‘hold onto’ their excess weight.  Tap into the reasons why and this can literally cause a miracle to occur in the terms of weight loss.
  • Week 5: The Power of self-care and emotional pleasure – Don’t ever underestimate the power of happiness, and how this can literally make you feel better in every single way. This is no coincidence.  Because happiness decreases stress, and stress is one of the singularly biggest reasons that many of us are overweight, thanks to the increase in the hormones, cortisol and adrenaline.
  • Week 6: Rewriting your body story – It’s true that stories influence our behavior. And let’s face it, you’ve probably been holding onto negative ‘body stories’ for longer than you even realize.  But this week is the time to come to rewrite yours, replacing them with new ones that see you forging powerfully towards your goals.
  • Week 7: Moving forward. Reinforcing new habits for ultimate results – Exactly as the title says, this is the week where you learn how to use The Tapping Solution to continue moving forwards on your weight loss journey – and what to do if you ever have a little ‘fall off the wagon’ at any point in the future.

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What the heck is ‘Tapping”?

‘Tapping’ is a combination of Chinese Acupressure and modern psychology – and it actually does involve tapping!  Developed in the 1980s by Roger Callahan and adapted and expanded by Gary Craig, it’s been used by thousands, both personally and for professionals such as doctors, psychiatrists, coaches, and psychologists to help their patients and clients.

It’s a simple technique that involves ‘tapping’ on the meridian points of the body whilst repeating certain statements.  An clinical research studies are proving some pretty impressive results in areas such as chronic pain relieve, emotional issues, PTSD, addictions, phobias and, of course, weight loss.

Who is Tapping Solution Weight Loss & Body Confidence Program for?

Are you unhappy with your weight?  Have you tried countless methods to diet and failed?  Do you want to end this yo-you cycle once and for all?   Then The Tapping Solution could well be the answer you’ve been searching for.  It works because it treats the cause, not the symptoms.  In other words, it tackles the very reasons that you’re overweight.  And once they’re cured, then the weight will naturally fall away.

It’s a bit like having a painful back condition.  You can take pills to mask the pain – but unless you treat that actual reason you have that pain, it’ll never go away.  Carrying excess weight is exactly the same.  You need to change your relationship with food, otherwise all a diet does is provide short term ‘masking of the symptoms’ (in other words, a small amount of weight loss), that will be put straight back on once you stop the diet.

The Pros and Cons of Tapping Solution Weight Loss & Body Confidence Program

The Pros

  • The Tapping Solution is a long-term solution for both weight loss AND body image. In addition, as well as improving your body image and weight, it also has the massively advantageous fact that by losing weight for good is hugely beneficial for your health.
  • You get access to a one of a kind group forum so you can interact with others using Tapping Solution Weight Loss & Body Confidence Program – a great place to get answers and a fantastic support structure.
  • This is also a great program for those who lack body confidence. You don’t need to be overweight to sign up – if you want to become more confident in the body you’ve got – perhaps you’re holding onto issues from past – The Tapping Solution could provide you with all you need to change your life.

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The Cons

  • Listen, folks. If you’re looking for a ‘miracle’ that’ll see you lose weight and get the body beautiful in a couple of weeks, then this is not the program for you.  (And, let us make this painfully clear – if you think such a thing exists then you’re living in cloud cuckoo land…).  The Tapping Solution is a slow, steady way to treat the cause of your weight loss and see you moving into a happier, healthier lifestyle whilst gradually losing your excess weight.

The Bottom Line

Well, we have to say that we’re impressed!  Really impressed…  The Tapping Solution is pretty unique – and it works!  If you’re ready to lose weight once and for all, and become happier with your body image and embrace healthy eating, exercise, and a healthier lifestyle, then this is the solution you’ve been looking for.

In a nutshell, we have to say that The Tapping Solution is probably the best weight loss program we’ve come across.  And that’s certainly saying something…

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