Zenith Labs Pure Greens Review – Is This A Good Greens Drink?

Wow…!  Now The ‘Cure’ For Old Age Comes In A Revolutionary Supplement.  Simply Enjoy This Daily Drink And Wave Bye-Bye To Excess Fat, Lowered Metabolism, Aching Joints, Fatigue, Wrinkles…  Yep, That’s Right, Folks…  All We Need Do Is Send Money…

Zenith Labs Pure Greens review

….  Sorry – so sorry.  We’ve just had to pick ourselves up from the floor because we couldn’t stop laughing.  Because – come on…  A miraculous drink that’s the answer to pretty much all of those getting older issues we all suffer from…?  If ever there was a scam product, then surely Zenith Labs Pure Greens is it…?

However…  Before we completely dismiss their advertising as pure garbage, we pulled ourselves together somewhat and decided to take a closer look.  Because no-one can ignore the fact that there is more and more developing research into various superfoods that have truly great health giving effects.

Cue a down and dirty look at exactly what’s contained in Zenith Labs Pure Greens.  Not to mention wanting to know the proof behind their claims.  And if you’re thinking of a purchase, then the couple of minutes it’ll take you to read our findings will be time worth spent – we promise you…

So here goes…

Zenith Labs Pure Greens Ingredients & Supplement Facts

Zenith Labs Pure Greens supplement facts

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What do you get for your money with Zenith Labs Pure Greens?

Well, you’d have to have been living under a rock to not have heard the ‘superfood buzz’.  In other words, all-natural ingredients that have incredible health giving effects.  And research is proving over and over that giving our bodies regular doses of such products can have an almost miraculous effect on your health.

Zenith Labs Pure Greens is a powerful combination of 57 such superfoods, all combined into a powder that you mix into a tasty daily drink.  So let’s have a look at how the effect this powerful combination has on the body:

  • 1- Detoxification: The thing is, we can’t help but take toxins into our body.  They’re in the food we eat, the water we drink – heck they’re even in the air we breathe.  And over the weeks, months, and years, these toxins have terrible effects on our health.

Whilst we can cope with them when we’re in our teens, twenties, and even our thirties, as we get older our bodies really can’t cope so well.  And this begins to show in little ways, such as feeling sluggish, stiff, a few aches and pains, fatigued, and – one of the most common issues – we begin to pile on the pounds.  The right selection of herbs – such as what’s included in Zenith Labs Pure Greens, can support liver health (the organ that’s responsible for detoxing), and begin the process of totally detoxifying the body.

  • 2 – Conjugation: So, the detox phase begins by stimulating the liver and neutralizing those damn toxins.  Stage 2 – Conjugation – is all about flushing those toxins from the body.  The ingredients gently yet powerfully assist a chemical reaction within the body that transforms the released fatty cells into water soluble excrement.  In other words, you’re literally flushing them down the pan when you go to the bathroom!
  • 3 – Alkalinity: When the body’s in an alkaline state it’s way, way more effective at repairing cells and protecting them from the harmful effects of free radicals.  Being in an ‘acidic’ state is very damaging to the body – it contributes to weight gain, fatigue, heart problems, blood sugar issues, inflammation and pain – all those awful aging effects that we’re trying so desperately to avoid.  And the best way to get the body into a healthy alkaline state is to ensure that you eat up to 9 portions of veg daily (yes – 9!), and drink alkaline water.  Zenith Labs Pure Greens gives you exactly that – in one simple serving.
  • 4 – Gut Health: Provided by the probiotic elements within this healthy daily drink.  These fight off digestive disorders (bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea… and more), healthy looking skin, weight loss, mood disorders, leaky gut.  The list goes on…
  • 5 – Immune System Support: Thanks to the super powerful addition of Shitake Mushrooms and eight other species.  Together these simple mushrooms help the body build up a powerful defense against bacteria, viruses, fungal disease, and more.
  • 6 – Nutritional Absorption: No matter what you feed your body, if it can’t absorb it then it’s rendered useless.  So a hand selected group of enzymes are included within the Zenith Labs Pure Greens mix to assist in this very action.  The effects of good absorption include weight loss, improved digestive issues, absence of pain, and relief from stiff joints, to name but a few.

Together these ingredients work in a gentle manner to assist not only in lowering your blood pressure, but for a complete cardiovascular makeover of almost miraculous proportions…!

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Who the heck is Dr. Ryan Shelton?

ryan shelton Zenith Labs Pure GreensShelton is the brains behind Zenith Labs Pure Greens.  He’s a medical doctor who’s dedicated his whole career to clinical and investigative research in the fields of herbal and holistic medicine, and he’s the founder of Whole Body Health, his practice in Kansas City.  He’s also the head researcher, consultant, and formulator at the University Compounding Pharmacy in San Diego.

This is a guy who’s laser focused on bringing the latest, most cutting edge medical research to the average American citizen, in the form of all-natural, safe, and effective ways – such as Zenith Labs Pure Greens.

Who is Zenith Labs Pure Greens for?

Well, are you over 40?  Are you starting to feel the effects these long years are having on your body?  Maybe you’re carrying a few too many pounds, or perhaps you’re starting to notice the odd pain, ache, or stiffness that wasn’t there before?  Perhaps fatigue and/or mood swings are rearing their ugly heads?  Of you’re simply ‘just not quite right’ anymore…?

Then the power of Zenith Labs Pure Greens superfood drink could be just what you need to literally turn back the clock.  Because, contrary to popular belief and what mainstream medicine might tell us – getting old before our time is NOT something we just have to ‘put up with’.

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The Pros and Cons of Zenith Labs Pure Greens

The Pros

  • Every ingredient contained within Zenith Pure Greens is backed by solid scientific evidence and medical research from around the world.
  • Zenith Labs Pure Greens contains 57 ingredients! This means it honestly does provide ALL the nutrients necessary to support heart and blood sugar issues, provide immune system response, drive away pain, increase mood and energy, and help you lose weight.
  • It tastes great, and is simply mixed into a glass of water and drunk on a daily basis.
  • Does away with the hassle, expense, and difficulty in trying to eat all those necessary vegetables every day – or trying to create your own healthy smoothies. Because – let’s face it – who’s honestly got the time to do that…?

The ConsZenith Labs Pure Greens guarantee

  • The biggest ‘con’ will be believing that you really do have to live with getting old before your time. Because in all honesty – you don’t!  But you need to take action to prevent those health issues getting worse – and providing your body with the nutrition it truly needs is the most powerful and effective step you can take.

The Bottom Line

We have to say, of all the superfood ‘green’ drinks we’ve ever looked at, never have we come across one that’s as good as Zenith Labs Pure Greens.  And we surely don’t give away that accolade lightly, believe us…

From the incredible ingredients through to the FDA lab in which the drink is produced – from the 6-month no quibble guarantee through to the delicious taste – not to mention the almost miraculous health effects it has on the body, Zenith Labs Pure Greens is a winner, from every angle.

For anyone over the age of 40, it’s probably one of the simplest, most effective, and most importantly safe and easy benefits you can undertake for improved and continued good health.  Suffice to say, Zenith Labs Pure Greens is already part of our daily regime – and if you give it a try, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it…

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