Blood Sugar Shield Review – Does Zenith Labs Supplement Help?

So, The Answer To Your Blood Sugar And Diabetic Problems Is Simple…!  And Apparently, It’s Been Known About For Centuries – If Only The Western World Would Take Notice… And, Here’s The Rub, ‘All’ You Need Do Is Purchase This Miracle Supplement, Blood Sugar Shield, To Control Your Blood Sugar – For Ever…!

blood sugar shield review

Diabetes and high blood sugar are absolutely life changing diseases.  And the amount of American’s who diabetic, or pre-diabetic is growing at a scarily fast rate.  If you suffer, then you know all the awful side effects of an uncontrolled blood sugar – lethargy, cutting out all your favorite foods, eating a completely restrictive diet…  Not to mention the terrible affect it has on your health.

So when we came across the Blood Sugar Shield supplement from Zenith Labs, we knew this would be a product that many people would be hoping would, as it promises, have a life changing effect.

Hmmm…  Not let’s just hold our horses a moment.  Because, as we’re sure you know all too well…  If something looks too good to be true, then it probably is.  So of course, this left us with only one choice.  And that was to carry out some serious digging to discover exactly what Blood Sugar Shield really was.

So if you’re considering a purchase, then be sure to read this short review before you part with a single red cent.  We think you’ll be mighty glad you did…

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What do you get for your money with Blood Sugar Shield?

OK, so as already mentioned, Blood Sugar Shield is a supplement designed to stabilize your blood sugar levels.  This all-natural, unique supplement in capsule format contains ingredients that support healthy blood sugar levels.  It also has other health benefits that we’ll cover in a moment.

The supplement consists of a carefully studied combination of three ingredients, each of which targets the very reason that your blood sugar levels are not stable.  The advertising calls them ‘blood sugar parasites’.  But they’re not parasites at all – it’s just a confusing term.  So we’ve described them in plain English.  The first is:

  • Inflamed cells: Certain lipids and proteins become way too active within the body, and these cause inflammation at a cellular level.  These cells are one of the main reasons for unbalanced blood sugar.

And the second is:

  • Fat deposits around the pancreas: Now, the pancreas has a lot of jobs, but its number one task is to keep your blood sugar levels healthy. Deposits of fat around the pancreas (that you can’t see, obviously), literally squeeze and strangle the poor organ.  And when this happens, it can’t do its job, and your blood sugar levels suffer.

So, Blood Sugar Shield contains the very ingredients that are needed to target these two issues that are causing your blood sugar problems.  These ingredients are:

  • Berberine: This is a wonderful molecule that helps support the cells and their levels of inflammation. Get that sorted, and the cells are able to properly carry out their job of keeping your blood sugar well-balanced.  Medical research has shown that this happens because it appears Berberine can inhibit the absorption of glucose, and therefore eliminate inflammation within the cells of the intestines.  AND, Berberine also breaks down fat deposits – such as the ones that form around the pancreas.  It also prevents new fat deposits from forming.
  • Curcumin: This comes from turmeric root, and supports that body’s natural balance of insulin sensitivity and insulin resistance.  It also supports a natural, healthy inflammatory state within the cells of the body – just like Berberine.
  • Piperine: This is an essential ingredient because without it, Curcumin doesn’t work (thanks to an enzyme within your liver). Piperine counteracts this, allowing the Curcumin to do its job.  But in addition, Piperine also increases insulin sensitivity, and therefore helps regulate blood sugar.  And if that wasn’t enough, Piperine is also a natural fat-loss booster!

Who the heck is Dr. Ryan Shelton?

ryan shelton blood sugar shieldShelton is the Medical Director of Zenith Labs, and a leading medical figure when it comes to treating conditions with a natural approach.  He’s got a special interest in blood sugar and diabetes, and has been applauded by many medical figures for his groundbreaking work in this field.  His history is solidly rooted in the principles of comprehensive medicine, but for the past 10 years or so has really targeted the latest on clinical research and investigative medicine to help those suffering with disease the best possible chance they have to make life-changing alterations for the better.

Who is Blood Sugar Shield for?

Well, if you’ve been told by your doctor that you have issues with your blood sugar, or that you’re pre-diabetic, then Blood Sugar Shield is the perfect solution for you.  And for those who’re diabetic already, then this is absolutely a product that will help (just check with your medical provider first before you commence taking it).

But in addition, we can ALL benefit from having a healthy level of blood sugar.  In particular, our western diet doesn’t help with levels of inflammation and fat around our organs – especially the pancreas – so for pretty much all of this, combating such issues can only lead to better levels of health.

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The Pros and Cons of Blood Sugar Shield

The Pros

  • By helping the body to naturally target fluctuating blood sugar levels, it won’t be necessary to eat a massively restricted diet – meaning you can enjoy your favorite foods once again.
  • Stabilizing your blood sugar has a multitude of effects. These include higher energy levels, less fatigue, and weight loss.  It can reduce any dizziness and the unease that comes with fluctuating blood sugar.
  • The ingredients within Blood Sugar Shield are carefully sourced, and are of the very highest quality.
  • In addition to targeting healthy blood sugar, the powerful combination of ingredients in Blood Sugar Shield protect the muscles and bones, therefore helping prevent aches and pains, AND support healthy cardiac function. And let’s not forget that the supplement also assists any weight loss issues as well.

The Consblood sugar shield guarantee

  • Ok, so let’s be sensible a moment. Blood Sugar Shield doesn’t mean you can scoff candy and cookies all day long with no side effects – far from it.  But what it does do is assist your efforts to eat a sensible diet and help your body naturally stabilize its own blood sugar levels.  The combination of the ingredients within the supplement AND your sensible diet is what makes it such a great addition to the lives of anyone with blood sugar issues.

The Bottom Line

Well, well, well….!  We’re amazed.  Because we honestly thought that Blood Sugar Shield was going to be like so many other seemingly-similar products out there (fairly useless, that’s what we were expecting).  But actually, this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Listen – it’s not a miracle cure that lets you eat anything and everything and magically sort out your blood sugar levels.  But what it is, is a powerful supplement that works naturally within the body to assist your sensible efforts to eat in a healthy manner for your blood sugar.  By helping from within, using Blood Sugar Shield on a daily basis could see an end to truly restrictive diets, combat fatigue, increase your energy levels and help you ditch any excess fat.

It’s also USA made, GMO free, and contains all natural ingredients.  Oh, and it comes with a 180 day, no quibble, 100% money back guarantee.  In a nutshell, Blood Sugar Shield really could be a game-changer for anyone with blood sugar issues.  A great product – period!

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