Visual Impact For Women Review – Is It Any Good?

You are a woman and you want to look like a woman, so why would you want to work out like a man? Are you ready to get fit, but sick of only having workouts that are tailored to men? Visual Impact for Women is a program that is designed just for ladies- get ready to get slim, sexy, fit, and feminine!

Typically, when a woman says that she wants to ‘get into shape’, she is not talking about building bulky muscles like a man- she wants long, lean muscles that compliment her girlish frame. A woman wants to look good in a visual impact for womenbikini or in stilettos and a cocktail dress- not greased up in a speedo pulling a tractor. This program is not designed to make a women look like she can bench a car, it makes her look like a feminine goddess of fitness. Visual Impact for Women is a program that comes at the heels of the extremely popular Visual Impact Muscle Building program- only this one is specifically made just for women.

What do you get for your money with Visual Impact For Women?

Imagine having the knowledge of the best trainers in Hollywood at your disposal. You can have the body of the most desirable starlets without spending the thousands of dollars a month the stars pay for the same routines through personal trainers.


  • 60 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.
  • Downloadable program is instantly available– start right away!
  • Get the 89 page long Main Manual on getting slim and trim sans the bulk.
  • Included is the 19 page long Fat Torching Cardio Manual on dropping fat through a precise cardio workout.
  • Enjoy 229 pages of illustrated exercise demonstrations- this section is easily navigated through a clickable index.
  • There are also 6 printable pages of workout charts you can take with you wherever you work out.
  • Your routine is completely customizable and can be used in the gym or at home.
  • Tone muscles and lose fat that hides definition without actually gaining muscle mass.
  • A specific type of workout that torches fat in a small amount of time.
  • Learn how to use heavy weights on low reps to tone muscles and remove fat without adding bulk.
  • Get the benefit of having lifetime upgrades- when Rusty Moore updates the routine you will get the latest version of the program at no additional charge.

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Who is Visual Impact For Women Good for?

The simple answer here is that it is for women- more specifically, it is for the woman who wants that sexy fit look without bulking up. Typically, this is a great regime to be used by ladies who are ready to get that bikini ready beach body, or who want to stun in a form fitting micro dress.

The Main Manual is really designed for women who have a few problems areas and are already in ‘okay’ shape (meaning within a normal BMI range).

Although people at a good starting point will benefit the most from the Main Manual, women of all shapes and sizes can use the Fat Torching Cardio Manual to shed as much fat as they need. Once you use the cardio program to lose the weight, you can then transition into Main Manual that focuses on toning your whole body.

Who is Rusty Moore?

The creator, Rusty Moore, took the needs of the female body into consideration and designed a regime to tone the unique muscle groups of women and make them look sleek and sexy. While creating this program, he drew inspiration from Hollywood’s leading ladies like Jessica Alba and Jennifer Aniston- these are people most women would rather look like than a muscular professional lady body builder.

Rusty runs one of the most popular websites that promotes the Hollywood figure. He studied the routines of the hottest actors and actresses in the industry and developed unique routines to get big screen ready results. He currently has thousands of happy and fit clients currently using his programs.

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The Pros and Cons of Visual Impact For Women

The Pros

  • This program is customized to promote fitness while remaining feminine.
  • Tones arms, waist, thighs, and butt and thins out your face to show your womanly features.
  • Get toned quickly for a special occasion- vacation, birthday, wedding, and so on…
  • Comprehensive program is exciting and easy to follow.
  • Get the look of the stars without having to pay a plastic surgeon to get the results you haven’t been able to achieve with workouts in the past.
  • Shed excess muscle mass that you may have gained on programs that increase bulk and mass.
  • The guide on burning fat will help lose as much weight as you need to in order to show your toned muscles hiding under layers of fat.
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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The Cons

  • This is not a complete weight loss or total well-being program- a meal plan needs to be designed to accompany this program. No matter how much you work out, you won’t see results if you don’t pair your routine with a solid menu full of nutrition and whole foods.

The Bottom Line

Our Visual Impact for Women workout review shows this is a very comprehensive and complete workout plan made for the womanly physic. You will get all the benefits of having a personal trainer and gain invaluable knowledge about slimming down and toning up. It is a very well rounded exercise plan meant to take you from being out of shape and unhappy with your figure, to looking like a swimsuit model. Following this program is very much like having your very only personal trainer- for less than $50, and unlike trainers, you pay once not monthly. There’s also no scheduling or waiting, the entire PDF downloads at the time of purchase and you can get started right away.

The person who designed this plan, Rusty Moore, is a specialist in the ‘Hollywood Body’. He is one of the hottest names in fitness, and for very good reason. Rusty Moore designed this program as an alternative to his existing plans meant for men, he wanted women to enjoy the level of fitness but without the masculine ‘side effects’.