Ultra Omega Burn Review (2019) – Is This For Real?

OMG!  A New Supplement That’ll See The Weight Dropping Off.  Even Without Dieting And Exercise.  Hmmmm…  Haven’t We All Been Taken In By Such Promises Before…?

ultra omega burn reviewWe don’t know about you, but when it comes to losing weight, we used to get taken in by the ‘flashy advertising that kids us with the ‘sciencey bit’ that apparently proves how it works.  Used to, being the operative words…

So when we came across Ultra Omega Burn – a supplement that contains the so-called  ‘miraculous’ molecule called Omega 7.  It’s this molecule (also called palmitoleic acid) that can make you ditch those unwanted pounds in staggering amounts.

Well, we have to say, our cynical siren is wailing at full volume…  So there was nothing else for us to do but to get down and dirty with exactly what Ultra Omega Burn is all about.  Is the schmancy advertising just that?  Or is there a basis of truth in it?

So before you part with a single red cent, read on to discover what we found out about Ultra Omega Burn.  It certainly makes for interesting reading…

What do you get for your money with Ultra Omega Burn?

OK, so what Ultra Omega Burn is, is a pure, potent, form of palmitoleic acid.  And what this acid does – when delivered to the body in the correct amounts – is pass the signal to your fat cells that they need to open up and release the fat within to be used as energy.

The thing is, not all palmitoleic acid supplements (Omega 7) are equal.  The difference between Ultra Omega Burn and pretty much every single other seemingly similar products on the market is the following:

  • Most contain a dangerous saturated fat: This is called palmitic acid (don’t confuse is with the similar sounding palmitoleic acid).  Now, palmitic acid is on the World Health Organizations list of most damaging fats for heart health.  And many sources of Omega 7 that are readily available naturally contain high amounts of this unhealthy acid.  Ultra Omega Burn has been purified of this dangerous acid – and it’s only one of very few such supplements out there that can promise this.
  • It’s made using a cold press extraction method: Because Omega 7 is an oil.  And any oil extracted using heat causes a lower grade of oil.  Once you add heat to any oil, it immediately begins to degrade.  This is why cold press extraction is so vital for a top quality product.
  • The storage life is short: Because for any oil to remain pure and potent, it needs to be shipped directly to you as close as possible to the time it was pressed.  The longer it remains on the shelf, the more it degrades.

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So what health benefits will Ultra Omega Burn give me?

OK, so the most obvious benefit is the weight loss.  But there are a whole load of other related benefits that you can expect.  Improved digestion, strong hair and nails, lowered cholesterol, reduced arterial plaque, reduced inflammation, reduced risk of heart attack and stroke, dramatically reduced appetite, increased mental clarity…  The list goes on and on…

Who is Ultra Omega Burn for?

Well, the most likely reason that you’re looking at purchasing Ultra Omega Burn is because you want to lose weight.  And, we have to say, it will certainly help you do that.  But the advantages are far more than just that.  For instance, it can help to stabilize blood sugar levels, so helping prevent diabetes.  By lowering cholesterol it can help with heart health.  By reducing inflammation it can assist the body to simply be more healthy and fight off disease…  Because of this, taking Ultra Omega Burn could be considered advantageous to literally everyone – no matter what age, health conditions you may or may not suffer from, male, female – simply everyone.

The Pros and Cons of Ultra Omega Burn

The Pros

  • Because the cells in the body ‘talk’ to each other, the power of Ultra Omega Burn reaches further than just that of the fat cells, they also signal to the other organs (liver, muscle cells etc.) for them to open up and release fat for energy as well.
  • In addition to telling the fat cells to release their contents, it assists the signals sent to the muscles to actually use this as their prime energy source.
  • Scientists have seen cholesterol levels lower by around 11%, without any change in diet or increase in exercise – simply by taking the right amount of potent Omega 7.
  • It can also help with the condition of the skin, hair, and nails – literally making you look younger

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The Cons

  • Money Back GuaranteeWell, the ‘con’ will be that you don’t believe such a product can actually work. But we have to say, the scientific evidence about Omega 7 stacks up pretty convincingly.  Both users and scientists are extolling the virtues of palmitoleic acid, saying it not only aids weight loss, but rebuilds the skin, improves digestion, helps diabetics, and amazingly performs better than the drugs with risky side effects for high cholesterol and/or high blood sugar.

The Bottom Line

So, we have to admit that we were really (REALLY!) sure that we were going to hate Ultra Omega Burn.  But hey – when we’re wrong, we’re wrong!  And this time, we were…  This supplement is having incredible effects for those who’re using it.  In fact, the manufacturers are so convinced you’ll love it too that they’re giving a massive 365 day, 100% money back, no questions asked guarantee.

And that, we have to say, is putting your money where your mouth is.  Ultra Omega Burn certainly gets a big thumbs up from us…!

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