Solomon’s Secret Review – Will This Really Help Your Brain?

A ‘Godly’ Supplement That Can Stave Off Or Even Improve Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Brain Fog, And All Kinds Of Mental Decline…  How On Earth Can An All-Natural Product Do That Then…?

solomons secret review

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Or, to ask a more pertinent question – Is this just simply a sales spiel…?  After all, a cleverly written advert doesn’t give any guarantee that such a supplement actually works!  The thing is, Solomon’s Secret, an all-natural supplement that contains some well researched ingredients is using religion as it’s USP.  Now, we don’t know about you, but all we really care about is does it actually work?

So we decided to find out more, and have competed an in-depth analysis as to exactly what it contains, and the proof behind the promises. Because Olympus Wellness, the company that produce Solomon’s Secret, are making some pretty serious claims about how great the supplement is for all things related to brain health.  From simple ‘senior moments’ or brain fog, right through to the serious stuff such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

If you’re considering a purchase, then we highly recommend you read what we found out.  Because it just might change your mind as to whether or not you buy…

What do you get for your money with Solomon’s Secret?

As we’ve already mentioned, Solomon’s Secret is a supplement for brain health.  The reason it’s so-named is a tenuous link to a discovery in Israel of a stockpile of plants and herbs that were treasured by the ancient King of the Israelites.  And the supplement is based on this discovery.

What’s exciting about these ingredients is that there’s a whole load of scientific studies that show proof that they have a massive positive effect on the brain.  So positive that they might just hold the key to preventing memory loss, getting rid of ‘brain fog’, improving focus and, most excitingly, be effective in the fight against Alzheimer’s and dementia!

There’s a whole lot of other stuff, with quotes from The Bible, and Solomon in particular.  But hey – that’s somewhat irrelevant.  What we’re interested in is the ingredients and the supplement’s ability to do as it claims.

So let’s take a look at the ingredients:

  • Hyssop: This is a herb, and also goes by the name of Bacopa monnieri.  Now, this is a very interesting ingredient, because it’s shown in dozens of studies that it can not only drastically improve brain performance and improve memory, but that it actively stops mental decline!  In addition, it’s been shown to have a calming effect and also reduce symptoms of depression.
  • Phosphatidyserine: Or PS for short…  This is an amino acid found in certain parts of the bodies of chickens, cows, and mullet fish.  It’s truly powerful, and essential for the brain’s ability to function properly.  It also been proven to improve memory recall in the elderly.  In fact, it shows such incredible results that the FDA have given it a ‘qualified health claim’.  When it comes to increasing cognitive function, PS supplementation has a significant effect.
  • Rhodiola rosea: Proven to have an incredible effect against fatigue, as well as improving short-term memory, concentration, and the speed of audio-visual perception.
  • DMAE: This is a form of the brain superfood, choline.  It’s an essential food that all humans need for all mental functions, and stimulates production of the key neurotransmitter, Acetylcholine, which is responsible for memory and mental clarity.
  • Pure Ginkgo Biloba Leaf: Promotes good blood circulation to the brain, and protects the neurons from damage. Is also believed to be clinically effective to treat Alzhemier’s.
  • Ultra Pure B12: Essential for a healthy brain, and is believed to help protect against brain volume loss as you age.  Not only that, but it’s a crucial component for the health of the whole nervous system, and protects against mental decline.

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Who the heck is Olympus Wellness?

Olympus Wellness is a US company with a true Christian ethic.  They are well known for the supplements they produce that have helped hundreds of thousands of people to naturally improve their well-being and health.  They ethically source their ingredients, plus ensure they are of the highest quality for the best results possible.

Who is Solomon’s Secret for?

Well, in a nutshell – everyone!  But in all truthfulness, you’re probably not going to come across Solomon’s Secret unless you’re specifically looking for a product that can help with dementia, or if you’re actively looking to prevent any kind of cognitive decline.

It’s especially suitable for anyone who’s suffering from ‘brain fog’, or is worried that their memory might just be heading in a downward spiral.  You know – one too many ‘senior moments’, or putting your car keys in the freezer and the frozen peas on the side – that kind of thing…

The Pros and Cons of Solomon’s Secret

The Pros

  • All of the ingredients contained within Solomon’s Secret are of the best quality possible, as well as being of a high enough concentration for maximum effect.
  • The combination of ingredients all have solid scientific proof to back up their effectiveness for a healthy brain.
  • Is highly likely to have a positive effect on depression, anxiety, and other types of mental health issues. In addition, it could help improve the conditions of Alzheimer’s and dementia.
  • Guards against future cognitive decline.

The Conssolomons secret guarantee

  • OK, so if you take any prescription meds or suffer from pre-existing health conditions, you’re advised to seek advice from your health care provider before commencing use of Solomon’s Secret.

The Bottom Line

Well…  We have to say, we were highly cynical about Solomon’s Secret.  And d’you know why…?  Because we honestly believe that if a supplement really does do as it promises, then it doesn’t need a crazy backstory such as the religious one used in their advertising.

But who are we to comment on what sells and what doesn’t…?  The main thing is, religion aside, the combination of ingredients contained within Solomon’s Secret really does appear to have a positive effect on the heath of the brain.  And we’re particularly impressed at the quality of the ingredients, and the dose.  Because many cheaper supplements might look the same, but they compromise on quality and strength, making them false economy.

So if you’re looing for an all-natural, top quality brain health supplement, then you could do far worse than to choose Solomon’s Secret.  Because it really does live up to all of it’s high claims.  To sum up – this one’s a keeper…

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