Honey! Honey…? Sorry, We’re Gonna Say It One More Time… HONEY…! That Can Protect Your Teeth… Give Great Oral Health… And, Not Only That, Stop You Getting Sick…?

WTF…! A honey from a specific type of bee that lives in Greece is being purported to have massive health benefits—more powerful than any other type of honey on the planet…

Now, this we have to see…

OK, we know that honey can have a positive effect on your health. But do you really need to purchase some that comes from halfway around the world…? Well… That’s what we wanted to find out.

After all, if you’re gonna spend good money on a natural health product, then you deserve to know the truth about it. (And not one that a clever copywriter has managed to concoct to make it seem unique…). So we made it our mission to find out more.

Below is exactly what we discovered. And if you’re thinking of sending up for some Panabee Red Fir Tree Honey, then you NEED to read what we found out… We promise that the couple of minutes it’ll take will be well worth your time…

What do you get for your money?

OK then… So Panabee Red Fir Tree Honey is from bees that live in and feed on, surprise surprise, Red Fir trees in the Pindos mountain range in northern Greece, Europe.

The important thing to understand about this pristine environment is that it’s one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. Not only that, but it’s truly unpolluted and GOM-free (something that you can’t say about many places on Earth anymore—sad, but true…)

And amazing Red Fir trees grow here. And it’s these rare, protected trees that make Panabee Honey so unique. Because they produce sap that’s incredibly nutrient-rich. This is transformed into honeydew that these specific bees use to create honey. It’s found almost nowhere else in the world, and is one of the rarest and most sought-after health-giving honey on the planet…!

So what can this honey do for you…?

Well, here’s just some of the benefits:

  • Rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and trace minerals: Thanks to the nutrients the bees collect daily from the honeydew from the Red Fir trees.
  • Promotes oral health: Because this raw honey contains a high proportion of enzymes that kill the bacteria that attack and decay your teeth. Have you heard one of the buzzwords of the moment—microbiome? It’s the healthy bacteria that live in and on all areas of our body. And Panabee Red Fir Tree Honey keeps the microbiome in your mouth in a super-healthy state. This means you avoid decay, cavities, and have beautifully sweet breath to boot…
  • A superfood for respiratory health: It actually controls the type of inflammation that can affect your airways, and also has the ability to thin mucus and clear it from the pathways to your lungs. Eat it if you have a sore throat, cough, or cold for enhanced and fast recovery…
  • Process sugar fast and healthily: The vitamins, amino acids, and minerals it contains help your body process sugar super well. Not only that, but it’s a wonderful sugar replacement—one of the healthiest you could choose…!
  • Promote young, beautiful skin: This is because it’s acidic and can promote the release of oxygen from the blood. You can eat it (or add it to water or a hot drink) to have a great effect on your skin. Or you can apply it as a daily mask, or even smear it onto cuts and burns for a faster healing response. This honey is also a truly powerful remedy for all types of skin blemishes.
  • Eat honey, stay well: Because it contains a huge amount of healthy microbes that stimulate your immune system.

But can’t I just buy this in the grocery store…?

No, that’s not possible. And that’s because it’s so rare and hard to get hold of. But thanks to a deal struck by the provider of Panabee Red Fir Tree Honey in the US (Activation Products), you can order it and get it sent right to your door. These guys have set up a network with the actual beekeepers in the Pindos mountains and can supply you with this one-of-a-kind honey. And this is the only method by which you can get it. Unless, of course, you fancy jumping on a plane to Europe each time you need to replenish your supply…

Who is it for?

Want to take advantage of a truly natural, powerful health food product…? One that many experts consider so potent that they refer to it as a medicinal product…? And one that’s suitable for all members of the family, from the youngest to the oldest. Then this honey is unique—and pretty much no other type of honey can compete.

And because it’s wholly organic, even those with intolerances and allergies can enjoy its amazing health benefits.

The pros:

  • One of the rarest honey’s on the planet, delivered directly to your door
  • Completely raw, meaning no heating, filtering, creaming, or irradiation… Strained, and contains all of the powerful healthy bacteria that nature intended.
  • Has massive health benefits—both oral and body-wide
  • Tastes delicious. And we mean really delicious…

The cons:

  • Well, because it’s so rare (and so incredibly sought after) it runs out fast…. So if you want it, buy it when you can. Because next time you try it’s highly likely that there won’t be any available…

The bottom line

Well…. We have to say that we didn’t think we’d be so impressed by a simple honey… But we certainly have been. And that’s because Panabee Red Fir Tree Honey perhaps one of the purest, most powerful health-giving honeys in the world today… It’s truly raw (not like most, that are pasteurized and therefore have all their health-giving benefits stripped away). It’s genuinely organic and free from all the risks of pesticides, GMO, and toxins that honey produced close to civilization has.

The beekeepers of the Panabee Fir Tree bees are rightly protective of their winged friends. No chemicals are ever used in their care, and they’re free to fly around and feed on the rich tree sap as nature intended.

In fact, everything about Panabee Red Fir Tree Honey pure, natural, and wonderful. So grab your jar while it’s available, and start reaping the health benefits this amazing product brings…

A Supplement That Not Only Nourishes Your Brain, But That Actively Reverses The Beginning Of Cognitive Decline…? Not To Mention Staving Off The Chances Of More Serious Memory Related Issues In The Future…!

zenith labs brain c-13 review Wow…! Zenith Labs Brain C-13 must be a seriously strong concoction of drugs to make such claims, wouldn’t you think…? Well, according to their advertising, nothing could be further from the truth. Because this supplement doesn’t contain a single thing that’s anything but natural….

Hmmmm…. We have to say, we’re gonna take some convincing…. And boy, are we going to take pleasure in finding out the dirty truth behind the product. After all, your brain health is certainly not to be taken lightly. And some cleverly put together publicity and a flashy website does NOT mean that we should take their promises as gospel.

If you’re considering a purchase, then you really need to read what we found out. Because the last thing you need is to waste your hard earned cash on a product that simply can’t deliver. Or worse…

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Zenith Labs Brain C-13 Ingredients & Supplement Facts

zenith brain labs c-13 facts


What do you get for your money with Zenith Labs Brain C-13?

Right then… Zenith Brain Labs C-13 is an all-natural supplement that’s been brought to market by one Dr. Ryan Shelton. We’ll talk more about him in a little while, but the first thing to understand is that the product contains ingredients that combat what they refer to as ‘Invisible Mind Assassins’.

So what are these? Well, in short, they’re the very reasons your brain is going into age-related decline in the first place. The first one is that after the age of 40 it’s likely that the blood vessels that provide oxygen to the brain are contracting. And this means that less blood (and therefore lifegiving oxygen) is piped to the brain.

The second reason is that over the years your body produces less of the vital nutrients your brain needs to function at full speed. And the third…? Well, it’s one we all know far too well, namely information overload; you know, stress, worry, trying to keep going 24/7… Something that affects all of us in one form or another…

So, what Zenith Labs Brain C-13 is a collection of herbs and unique compounds that have been proven (in the latest of cutting edge research) to have a dramatic impact on reducing these three causes. Sounds good so far, wouldn’t you agree…?

So let’s take a look at what these miracle ingredients are:

  • Huperzine A: This is a Chinese plant that’s creating quite a buzz amongst those in the know. And this is because it actively increases the body’s level of an essential neurotransmitter that’s necessary to keep your brain cells firing and communicating with each other. Studies have shown that it stimulates short term memory by encouraging faster neural activity. And, if that wasn’t enough, it actively reduces stress and drives away unhealth moods.
  • Citicoline: This natural ingredient has an amazing effect on those all essential neurotransmitters. It literally lights up the part of the brain that’s responsible for memory recall, and it also has a massive positive effect on the way you feel. This simple ingredient as amazed researchers at Harvard Medical School, and convinced many that it really does have the ability to reduce age related cognitive decline.
  • Vinpocetine: An amazing herb that literally causes the blood vessels within the brain to re-open once again, allowing the life-giving oxygen to flow once again in the way it did when you were younger. This not only washes away mental fog, but actively flushes away the toxins that have been building up over the years, thanks to environmental toxins that we simply can’t avoid. Amazingly, Vinpocetine has been proven to improve reaction times and memory fatigue within 3 short days…!
  • Magnesium: Did you know that a massive proportion of Americans have a magnesium deficiency. And this is playing havoc with our mental health. It’s essential for the well-being of your brain, and recent research from MIT has shown that this deficiency plays a big part in the loss of mental cognition. But bring your magnesium levels back to where they should be and boom…! Your brain once again begins to fire in the way it used to years ago.

These are the main ingredients contained in Zenith Labs Brain C-13. But for its creator, they weren’t enough. So in addition to the perfectly formulated dosage of these,  9 other mind focusing ingredients have been added, all of which are scientifically proven to support mental awareness, boost your mood and energy, improve clarity and focus, and aid cognitive health.

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Who the heck is Dr. Ryan Shelton?

ryan shelton zenith brain labs c-13Well… If there was ever a person who was perfectly positioned to bring a product such as Zenith Labs Brain C-13 to market, then Shelton would have to be your guy. His whole medical career has been dedicated to the discovery of the world’s latest breakthroughs in holistic and alternative medicine. And, most crucially, to finding the natural answers to some of the world’s most pressing health problems today.

He’s a true genius when it comes to clinical and investigative research, and he’s also the man behind Whole-Body Health, his Kansas City based family health practice. He’s also held hallowed positions in institutions such as the University Compounding Pharmacy in Sand Diego, an industry leader in the field of nutraceutical research. In short, Dr. Ryan Shelton really does know his stuff…

Who is Zenith Labs Brain C-13 for?

Over the age of 40…? Worried that you’re memory isn’t quite what it used to be…? Maybe it’s that brain fog that’s so hard to shake off, or the fact that you can’t quite bring that word you need to the forefront of your mind…? What about remembering people’s names…? Or how much harder it’s become to learn something new…?

If you’ve answered yes to one or more of the above, then Zenith Labs Brain C-13 really is the product for you, and one that will see those mental blocks fade away, bringing you back the sharpness and clarity of mind that you probably think you’ve lost forever…!

The Pros and Cons of Zenith Labs Brain C-13

The Pros:

  • Contains only the purest of natural ingredients, making this safe for anyone to take.
  • Not only does can the supplement massively increase brain health, it actively promotes positive moods, and reduces negative feelings an anxiety.
  • Works fast. Within days you’ll feel your brain fog reduce, stop having those embarrassing ‘senior moments’, and feel your mental clarity returning to the levels of your youth.
  • Paleo friendly, gluten free, and non-GMO.

The Cons:zenith brain labs c-13 guarantee

  • If we have to be critical about one thing, then it has to be the ‘blind you with science’ advertising. They really do use a lot of long words and scientific terms. And, let’s be honest, most of us don’t have a clue what they really mean. (But don’t worry, we really have dug deep to check that they’re not making false claims about the potency of the supplement).

The Bottom Line

Well, in short… If you’re looking for a supplement that not only can provide genuine support for the health of your brain, but that’s also based on the most cutting edge of holistic natural medicine, then Zenith Labs Brain C-13 is pretty damn awesome…! Not only is the formula carefully calculated, but the ingredients are of the highest quality available, and sustainably sourced.

It’s also made 100% in the USA, and comes with a no quibble, 6-month, 100% money back guarantee (yep, even if the bottle’s empty). Yes, Zenith Labs Brain C-13 really does walk the walk, something we certainly weren’t expecting when we started our investigation. If you’re looking for such a supplement, then this is definitely one of the best we’ve come across in a long, long time.

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So…. Apparently Everything You’ve Been Told About How To Improve Your Blood Sugar Is WRONG…! And, According To The Advertising, All You Need Is Pop This All-Natural Pill On A Daily Basis, And Your Blood Sugar Problems Will Be A Thing Of The Past…

primal force recovery reviewWell, they would say that, wouldn’t they… Because the silkily worded advertising for Primal Force Recovery wants you to buy their product…. But there’s one little stumbling block as far as we’re concerned… And that’s the burning question that is: Does the damn stuff work…? And is there any proof that it does so…?

Because we don’t care whose name’s behind such a product. We need to see in black and white that, without a doubt, such a product can deliver…!

Cue our own in-depth investigation into the claims behind Primal Force. Let’s face it, fluctuating blood sugar, and all the ill health this brings, is a serious matter. So for a medical doctor to say that all you’ve been told is a load of baloney is a big deal…! And we wanted to prove him wrong (or right, whichever is the truth). Don’t sent the makers of this supplement a single dime of your hard earned cash until you’ve read our no holds barred Primal Force Recovery review.

Your health’s way too important not to…

OR if you already have your mind made up, just click here now to get Dr Al Sears Primal Force Recovery.

What do you get for your money with Primal Force Recovery?

So, the USP behind Primal Force Recovery is that it contains ingredients that don’t simply treat fluctuating blood sugar levels. Instead it actually targets the root cause. The thing is, for decades we’ve been told that we need to work on the excess sugar that’s in the blood stream. But actually, that’s not your problem. The real issue is that you have too much insulin…!

Wow, now that’s pretty radical…! But actually, there’s now an incredible amount of evidence that backs this up. But, as with anything within the medical world, it takes an awfully long time for new research to filter through to the main stream.

Enter Dr. Al Sears MD, the guy behind Primal Force Recovery. Because he’s made it his life’s challenge to find these amazing breakthroughs, and create all natural products that target the root cause. Now, we’ll talk more about him in a moment. First of all, let’s take a look at the ingredients within Primal Force Recovery, and how they rectify the problem:

  • Bitter Melon: A fruit used as a medicine for thousands of years in Asia, as well as South America and the Caribbean. What it does is improve the glucose tolerance of your body’s cells. It increases the amount of sugar they absorb, and therefore reduces the amount in your blood. Incredibly, studies have shown that the use of bitter melon can reduce post-meal sugar levels by an amazing 86%…! It’s been reported in such esteemed publications such as the British Medical Journal and The Foundation of Diabetes Research.
  • Nigella Sativa: Also known as Black Cumin. Once again, this has been used over the millennia in natural healthcare around the world. It’s been proven to lower blood sugar levels in a short 8 weeks. Think about it… In 2 months, high levels of this natural component could see your blood sugar levels stabilize, with no side effects whatsoever…!
  • Milk Thistle: Extract of this plant is proven without a doubt to improve HbA1c levels. This is important, because high levels of this indicates poor blood sugar control. So this is crucial to wholly address the problem, and not simply focus on a single area of your health issue.
  • Cinnamon: An amazing spice that supports glucose metabolism, increasing it by a massive 20 times…!
  • Berberine: This plant phytonutrient (used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine) is truly effective at keeping blood sugar within a normal range.
  • Magnesium: Did you know a massive proportion of US citizens are deficient in this vital mineral…? And this is bad news, because magnesium plays a key role in ensuring healthy insulin levels. In addition, it also helps you maintain a healthy weight, something many of us with blood sugar issues struggle with.
  • Chromium picolinate: Another mineral that’s vital for healthy insulin function. And it also speeds up weight loss…!
  • Curcumin: This innocent spice comes from turmeric, and is amazing at keeping blood sugar under control. In a recent study it showed a 100% success rate in all the subjects… Now that, you have to admit, is pretty damn amazing…
  • Gymnema sylvestre: A herb that’s well known in Ayurvedic medicine, where it’s referred to as ‘the destroyer of sugar’.
  • Vanadium: A trace mineral that improves insulin sensitivity, HbA1c levels, and fasting blood sugar levels.

`in addition, you also get a whole load of research products that will show you how to naturally restore healthy blood sugar levels and maintain a healthy weight, without needing to resort to boring, harmful cardio work, or the need to cut out your favorite foods….

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Who the heck is Dr. Al Sears MD?

dr al sears primal force recoverySears is, we have to admit, making real waves in the world of orthodox medicine. And he’s certainly not some fly by night, self-proclaimed ‘expert’ without any meat to back up his claims. The guy has a medical career spanning the decades (he’s a medical doctor). But the difference between him and most of his colleagues is that he’s always looking for a way NOT to prescribe prescription meds.

Instead he continually scours the planet to find the very latest in all-natural breakthroughs. And once these have been proven without a doubt, he and his talented team of researchers begin the painstaking process of providing top end health supplement that target the root cause of many of the most common health conditions we see today.

Who is Primal Force Recovery for?

Do you suffer from fluctuating blood sugar levels…? Are you a type II diabetic, or have you been told you’re pre-diabetic…? Perhaps there’s a genetic link, with your parents or siblings suffering…? Do you struggle to lose weight…? All or any of these are absolutely reasons why Primal Force Recover is the ideal supplement for you.

And the great thing is that, in many cases, it could mean that you’re able to completely reverse your condition. Not only that, but you may well be able to wave goodbye to having to take any prescription medication whatsoever…! Imagine that…? A life free from clock watching to take your pills, as well as never again having to stick to unpleasant and restrictive diets…

The Pros and Cons of Primal Force Recovery

The Pros:

  • Does away with the need to eat a low fat diet and to increase your aerobic exercise.
  • Targets the root cause of your blood sugar issues, rather than just treating the symptoms.
  • Contains only natural ingredients, so has no side effects whatsoever.
  • The carefully put together combination of ingredients within Primal Force Recovery is based on mountains of scientific evidence and clinical studies.

The Cons:primal force recovery guarantee

  • OK… So whilst the effects of taking Primal Force Recovery really are positive on your blood sugar levels, if you meet it half way (by eating a healthy diet and making sensible lifestyle choices) then you can benefit from even more dramatic changes.

The Bottom Line

Well, well, well… We’ve certainly been blown away by all we discovered about Primal Force Recover. This simple capsule honestly does deliver a powerful, yet natural, solution to the blight of blood sugar issues that so many of us suffer from. And we also love the other massively beneficial health effects that go hand in hand with it. These include easier weight loss, circulation and nerve function support, and lowering of cholesterol levels.

In short, Primal Force Recover really does deliver on all of its promises. And it’s a completely natural product…! This could honestly be a life changer for hundreds of thousands of Americans. And it comes with a staunch money back guarantee as well. So you can test it out for three whole months, and if you’re not satisfied, get all your money back…! So it really is risk free. Makes giving Primal Force Recovery a complete no-brainer, wouldn’t you agree…

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Does The Answer To A Smarter, Faster, And More Efficient Brain Really Come From The Middle Of The Jungle…? And If It Does, Can It Really Be Bottled And Used To Not Only Sharpen Your Mind, But To Protect Against Age-Related Decline As Well…?

primal force refocus review … We have to say, we’re gonna take an awful lot of convincing… Because the claims being made by the advertising for Primal Force ReFocus are pretty ‘out there’…. Not only does it promise to guard against damage, but that it will actively create faster recall, reverse age-related decline, improve your mood, enhance brain energy, enable you to have laser sharp focus, and more…

Sounds great, don’t you think…? Well, that’s if it can possibly deliver. And that’s what we needed to find out. After all, there’s a whole bunch of similar sounding products out there. So can Primal Force ReFocus genuinely offer anything new….?

If you’re thinking of a purchase, then you NEED to read our in-depth review. Because as brain supplements go, this one isn’t cheap! So you deserve to know exactly what you’re buying. Not only do you not want to waste money, but the last thing you need is to get your hopes up that such a product can actually do what it promises…  You’ve been warned…!

OR if you already have your mind made up just click here now to get Primal Force ReFocus.

What do you get for your money with Primal Force ReFocus?

OK, so exaggeration and storytelling aside (because that’s pretty much what all the advertising about Primal Force ReFocus is all about), let’s drum right down to the facts about the supplement. Now, we’ll talk more about its creator in a moment. But first, let’s concentrate on the ingredients and why (if!) they have any effect whatsoever on the health of your brain…

The key issue to understand is that the formula that makes up Primal Force ReFocus targets the energy givers within every cell of your brain. These are called mitochondria. Now, we’re not here to give a science lesson. So suffice to say that these tiny little organelles are what keeps your brain sharp, focused, and on point. So it makes sense that if you nurture their health, then the brain itself will work at optimum level.

So, now we understand that, let’s look at some of the ingredients the supplement contains:

  • Acai Berries: This is a tiny, yet powerful berry (found in the Amazon Jungle) that contains incredible compounds that stimulate the growth of new neurons in the brain. They also dramatically produce the production of neurotransmitters, so the connections in your brain work faster and more efficiently. It’s been proven without a doubt to improve the function of both long and short term memory, and the results can be noticed within a mere week…!
  • Acetyl-L-carnitine: An incredible antioxidant that’s been proven to provide a massive 111% more mental energy to your brain, no matter what age you might be! It’s responsible for transporting the fuel your brain needs right to the heart of your brain cells. It ensures you wake in the morning with a surge of positive energy, and have the ability to stay highly focused all day long…
  • Beta-sitosterol: A natural product that helps the brain grow brand new neural stem cells at a dramatic rate. This has a stunning impact on both long and short term memory, mental staminal, logic, verbal skills, your mood…
  • L-Glutamine: The only substance (other than glucose) that the brain can use for energy. Scientifically proven without a doubt to increase IQ and levels of concentration. It also supercharges your brain’s ability to grow new brain cells… By an incredible 78%…!
  • DMAE: This boosts the brain’s natural production of crucial neurotransmitter called Acetylcholine. And this causes the brain to fire it’s messages at super speed. In fact, experiments carried out on patients with mild cognitive impairment who took DMAE showed a massive improvement.
  • CoQ10: Another powerful antioxidant that plays a crucial role in brain health. It improves blood flow, enhances brains energy, and truly targets those vital mitochondria we mentioned earlier. It also supports healthy blood pressure, increase exercise capacity, and can even improve your eyesight…!

These are just some of the key ingredients. Primal Force ReFocus is a unique blend of over 20 vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids that have been specifically researched and selected to target every single aspect of brain health… And that includes your levels of happiness, which is essential for a brain that functions at optimum levels…

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Who the heck is Dr. Al Sears MD?

al sears primal force refocusSears is a modern day miracle worker… And not in a dodgy, bad way. Because he’s one of the brightest stars in the field of anti-aging today—in the USA, and probably the whole world…! When it comes to his field of expertise, he’s the man the experts look to for advice… So no wonder he’s the doctor of choice for the tens of thousands who flock to his Royal Palm Beach, Florida, clinic (The Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine), not to mention the hundreds of thousands, even millions, who purchase his carefully researched and scientifically proven supplements and products.

He’s the author of multiple books and research papers on the subject of anti-aging. He’s dedicated his whole career to challenging orthodox medicine and finding little known, all-natural cures to combat the aging process. Sure, he’s a medical doctor who will, of course, utilize medication and drugs when they need to be used. But he’s laser focused on NOT using them as much as possible, instead bringing his patients and clients the power of nature, and targeting the REAL cause of aging, rather than just the symptoms.

Who is Primal Force ReFocus for?

Want to promote the health of your brain…? Want to banish brain fog, get rid of those ‘senior moments’, have instant recall, be able to focus no matter how complicated the task….? How about preventing age related memory decline, or the chances of ending up with dementia…? What about protection from the toxins and free radicals that are constantly attacking our brains…?

If you’ve answered yes to any one or more of the above, then Primal Force ReFocus is the perfect supplement for you. And it’s suitable for all, no matter how old (or young you might be). Plus, because it only contains natural ingredients, then there’s no worry that it might interact with other medications that you take. (Although it would be a sensible precaution to check with your health care provider, just in case…).

The Pros and Cons of Primal Force ReFocus

The Pros:

  • Supports whole brain health, including memory, brain energy, mental stamina, focus, multi-tasking, and motivation.
  • Protects the brain against dangerous free radicals.
  • Increases cerebral blood flow by up to 200 times…! This means faster recall, especially during challenging cognitive tasks.
  • Increases positivity and motivation.

The Cons:primal force refocus guarantee

  • The thing is, Primal Force ReFocus is a supplement in a very crowded market. So it’s a shame that it gets a little lost in the ‘noise’ of all the other (mainly inferior) supplements out there. But happily, you’re reading this, So it has come to your attention, thankfully…

The Bottom Line

Well, we have to say that we’ve been mightily impressed with the background research we’ve carried out into Primal Force ReFocus. Because it truly is a breakthrough product, and a leader in its field. The combination of ingredients it provides really is unique, and proven without a doubt to be able to deliver exactly what’s needed for the very best in brain health.

We particularly like the fact that it improves brain function in everyone, no matter how old (or young) you might be. You also receive 3 reports about brain health and supplements in general with your first purchase, plus it comes with an ironclad guarantee so you can try it out for a full 90 days. If you’re not satisfied then you simply email or call for a full refund… In short, if you’re looking for the very best in brain enhancing supplements, then Primal Force ReFocus is pretty much the best one on the market today…

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Can A Breakthrough Scientific Discovery Really Be The Answer To Anti-Aging… And If It Is, Can The Solution Be Bottled…? This Is The Stuff Of Sci-Fi Movies, Not Real Life, Surely…?

primal force primal x plus reviewIf there’s one thing we all have to cope with—no matter where you live, what you do for a job, or how much money you have—it’s getting older. As the years pass by we get stiffer, slower, uglier, more stupid, and eventually fall foul of some kind of health issue, no matter how lucky we are. So when we came across Primal Force Primal X Plus, a simple supplement that promises to be able to reverse all of this, then we’re not ashamed to say that we let out a great big belly laugh…

Because hey! Science is great, and all that. But you simply can’t turn back time, can you…? Well the advertisers of this latest anti-aging product beg to differ… They’re telling us that actually, thanks to the most cutting edge discovery of recent times, that it is actually possible to do so…

Now, much as we’d love this to be true. We’re highly cynical. But we’d hate to let such a ‘miracle’ pass us by. So the only way to discover if Primal Force Primal X Plus really can deliver was to get down and dirty, not only with the ingredients, but the science behind them.

Below is what we found out. And if you’re thinking of a purchase, they you’re gonna be mighty interested in the results….

OR if you already have your mind made up, just click here to get Dr Al Sears’ Primal Force Primal X Plus now.

What do you get for your money with Primal Force Primal X Plus?

So, the USP about the supplement that is Primal Force Primal X Plus is that it’s based on a very recent discovery. And that is a new organ called the ‘interstitium’. Now, we’re not going to go into complicated science here. Suffice to say that what this is, is a fluid that fills the dead spaces of your body and acts as a conductor for all the messages that your body sends. The fluid is the translator to and from all your other organs, (your heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, skin etc.) and from these ensures that what they need.

This might be nutrients, or white blood cells to fight infection, or the product needed to stop a cut bleeding. That kind of thing. In short, the job of the interstitium is to keep all of your other organs in perfect working order. And it’s only recently been discovered.

The man and his team behind the supplement that is Primal Force Primal X Plus (Dr. Al Sears MD) have spent the last few years studying this, along with the power of stem cells, to understand the massive implications this has in the field of anti-aging. And the result is the unique combination of ingredients—in the exact amounts necessary—to nourish the interstitium. And when you do that, you literally turn back the clock on the health of your whole body!

The benefits of this one-of-a-kind supplement are massive.

  • A healthy interstitium will razor sharpen your mind: Not only in the day to day (imagine banishing brain fog for good…!), but might also reduce the risk of age related memory loss, or even the risk of dementia such as Alzheimer’s…!
  • A healthy interstitium will supercharge your heart: The muscles of the heart are essentially the pump that keeps you alive. So it needs to be kept in optimum health for you to remain well and firing on all cylinders. In fact, it’s been show that those with a healthy interstitium have a resting blood pressure that’s 3-6 times lower than everyone else’s…!
  • A healthy interstitium will ensure lower cholesterol levels: And we all know that most of us need to lower these.
  • A healthy interstitium will keep your joints pain free and mobile: Imagine being able to move freely once again…? Not having to worry about bending down, straightening, or life-changing back pain…! Thanks to the ability of a healthy interstitium of reducing waste products, you’ll benefit from the joints and muscles of a person way younger than your years…
  • A healthy interstitium will ensure the health of your skin: And you know what that means…? A younger looking complexion, with plumped, rehydrated skin that will strip years (even decades) from you… 

The ingredients in the supplement include collagen (for healthy skin, more muscle, less fat, and healthy joints), bone marrow (to break down fat and maintain a healthy weight, supports cardiovascular health, blood sugar and insulin sensitivity), and vitamin K2 (for blood vessel health and longevity). In total there are 35 ingredients in this secret recipe… All 100% scientifically proven to work on reversing the REAL cause of aging, an unhealthy interstitium…

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Who the heck is Dr. Al Sears MD?

al sears primal force primal x plusIf you were looking for a person who really does have the background to bring such a product to market, then it would have to be Dr. Al Sears. He’s a medical doctor who’s devoted his entire career to the subject of anti-aging, and stem cells specifically… He’s runs the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine in Royal Palm Beach, Florida, and people flock from around the country (and the world!) to get his incredible advice and treatments.

But most importantly, he’s the go-to guy for the very latest, cutting edge breakthroughs on anti-aging and stem cells. His research is legendary, he’s written multiple books and research papers on the subject, and, in short, he’s the expert that the experts look to for advice…

Who is Primal Force Primal X Plus for?

That’s simple… In a nutshell, pretty much all of us…! Sure, it’s going to hit the radar of those who’re specifically looking for an anti-aging supplement (AKA, the over 50s). And yes, it’s the perfect supplement for this age range. But hey…! It’s never too early to start feeding your body with the nutrition it needs to work at optimum level. That’s why we say that Primal Force Primal X Plus is suitable for each and every one of us, at least from the age 30 onwards…

The Pros and Cons of Primal Force Primal X Plus

The Pros:

  • Is scientifically designed to reverse the REAL cause of aging, allowing all your organs and joints to remain young and healthy.
  • Supports good mood, and renews your sense of optimism.
  • Comprises a unique formula of 35 nutrients in the specific amounts necessary to support the healthy function of your interstitium.
  • By providing support to all your organs you’ll be at a far less risk of contracting disease or ill health.

The Cons:al sears primal force primal x plus guarantee

  • Sadly, Primal Force Primal X Plus is not suitable for vegetarians as it contains bone marrow and other animal products. Sorry…

The Bottom Line

We have to say, if we’ve ever come across a product that’s stopped us in our tracks because it’s so stand out incredible, then Primal Force Primal X Plus has to be it…! If you’re looking for the ultimate in supplements that truly has a phenomenal effect on every single aspect of your health, then this is the one…! It targets the root cause of health and aging, and honestly will make you feel like you’ve reversed your age by years—even decades….

You also get three great free gifts (quality reports) with your first purchase that’ll further introduce you to the brilliance that is Dr. Al Sears MD. Plus the supplement comes with an ironclad guarantee (90 days, no quibble, 100% money back), so you really can try it out for yourself at no risk. But we’ll tell you right now that you won’t need it. Because Primal Force Primal X Plus is probably the most amazing supplement we’ve ever come across. And that really is saying something… An awesome product…!

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