Primal Force Super Greens Review – Is This Superfood Legit?

A Supplement That’s More Effective Than Any Vitamin You Care To Think Of…? And Not Only That, It’ll Cleanse Your Body Of All Toxins, Naturally And Effectively…? Oh, And You Actually NEED To Be Taking It, Because The Food You Eat Simply Doesn’t Provide The Nutrients You Need Any More…? This Is Taking Scaremonger Advertising To Another Level, Surely…?primal force super greens review

The supplement market is one that’s majorly overcrowded. So it makes sense that the advertisers are desperate to find a new angle to persuade us to purchase their particular product…. So when we came across Primal Force Super Greens, and it’s headlines that tell us our food sources are providing up to 60% less nutrients than they used to, then we have to admit to raising a cynical eyebrow…

But is there any truth in the claims…? And if so, can this natural supplement honestly provide us with an alternative source of what we need for optimum health…? Well, we made it our mission to find out.

So if you’re thinking of sending up for your own supply of Primal Force Super Greens, then you’re gonna be mighty interested in what we discovered. And it might just change whether or not you want to purchase after all….

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What do you get for your money with Primal Force Super Greens?

OK then… Primal Force Super Greens has been created by a man (Dr. Sears) who is one of the country’s leading lights when it comes to all-natural supplements. He’s extremely well known, and we’ll discuss him more in a while. But first, let’s take a look at exactly why you need a supplement such as this in the first place.

And it’s simply because of these two reasons:

  • The food we eat today lacks the nutrition it did 50 years ago: And this is because of our intensive farming methods. So the fruit, veg, and crops grown are coming from soils that have been stripped of their necessary nutrients, so the produce themselves have a massively reduced nutritional value. Plus growers create hybrid forms of fruits and veg that have a longer shelf life. But the downside of this is that they simply don’t contain the goodness they used to.
  • Your body is constantly under attack from chemicals and toxins: You can’t help it. These are everywhere around us, from the food we eat and the water we drink. They collect in your body causing it to under-perform. And most of us are completely unaware of this, we simply carry on, climbing a constant hill because we’re not firing on all cylinders…

Primal Force Super Greens is an all-natural daily greens drink supplement that provides us with ‘green’ foods. In other words, foods that provide us with all of that crucial nutrition we need, even if our foods no longer deliver it to us…

Each potent capsule provides all you need on a daily basis to give your body the nutrients it needs to overcome this 21st century blight. It also provides us with exactly what your body needs to act as a cleanser and detoxifier for all those frightening toxins that are building up in your body each and every day. These powerful ingredients include the following:

  • Chlorophyll – prevents toxins in the gut from being absorbed into the blood stream
  • Spirulina – a potent detoxifier, and also improves circulation, healthy blood sugar, and maintains energy levels.
  • Barley Grass – literally grabs hold of toxins and heavy metals in your system and pulls them from the body
  • Nutriose – A patented, powerful source of fiber from natural raw sources. It’s also a massively powerful fat buster

When you send up for Primal Force Super Greens you also get the report, The Giant Experiment With your Food, that completely blows the lid on everything you need to know about the food we eat today, and how to ensure that you and your family eat in the most healthy manner possible.

Who the heck is Dr. Al Sears MD?

dr al sears primal force super greensSears is the creator of Primal Force Super Greens, one of his range of all-natural supplements that bring us the latest scientific breakthroughs that tackle some of the toughest medical and health issues in the 21st century. The thing is, Sears has what many might think is an unconventional approach to medicine. Sure, he’s a medical doctor, but he’s dedicated his whole career to challenge conventional beliefs, and to instead bring us the latest breakthrough discoveries in natural remedies and cures.

And boy is he good at what he does… You only need do a quick Google search to see how well-respected his is. He’s a regular on many of the most listened to media outlets in the world, such as ESPN, ABC News, and CNN. And when it comes to anti-aging, well…. He really is the premier name in the whole of the USA. Suffice to say, if someone was every going to bring a superfood supplement to market that actually works, then it would be Dr. Al Sears MD.

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Who is Primal Force Super Greens for?

In short… Each and every one of us. It’s a frightening fact that not only does our foodstuffs not provide us with the nutrition we need for full body health. But we’re also under silent attack from all the toxins, chemicals, pesticides, and other nasties that hide in the water we drink, food we eat, and even in the air that we breathe.

Of course, we need a regular supply of the best quality nutrition to help our bodies cope with this double edged sword. And Primal Force Super Greens brings us exactly that… If you suffer from issues such as fatigue (and who doesn’t in our crazy 24/7 world), brain fog, catching every bug that goes around, digestive issues, or any other health or well-being problem, then Primal Force Super Greens honestly could turn your life around…

The Pros and Cons of Primal Force Super Greens

The Pros: 

  • Works at a cellular level to energize and revitalize your whole body.
  • Assists with healthy weight loss
  • Helps improve cardiovascular health, as well as having a powerful effect at maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and blood pressure.
  • Provides support for free flowing joint movement. A real boon for anyone who suffers from chronic joint pain.
  • Improves energy and supports a healthy sleep pattern. Especially effective for those who suffer from long term poor sleep.
  • Prevents fatigue and brain fog, symptoms that blight so many of us today.
  • Improves skin tone, wrinkles, and sagging skin thanks to providing a rich source of nucleic acids.
  • Supports healthy muscle mass. This makes it essential for us as we age, when our muscles naturally deteriorate. It’s also massively effective for sports people or anyone who wants to increase their muscle mass.
  • Can remove digestive issues and poor gut health. The superfoods contained in Primal Force Super Greens promote healthy flora within the gut. And this, once sorted, has a massively positive effect on virtually every aspect of your life (and moods!).

The Cons:primal force super greens guarantee

  • Well, we have to say that we really don’t like the somewhat OTT advertising. But that aside, there’s not much not to like about Primal Force Super Greens.

The Bottom Line

Well, just in case you haven’t yet got the hint, we’re super (super!) impressed with what we found out…. This supplement honestly could be the answer to so many of the health issues that blight us all today. And it makes sense… Because if we’re not providing our body with the correct fuel, not to mention bunging it up with toxins as well, then of course we’re not going to be the healthy people we should be.

And so confident are the maker that you’re gonna love it too is that Primal Force Super Greens comes with a 90 day, 100% money back guarantee. And that really is putting your money where your mouth is, wouldn’t you agree. In short, Primal Force Super Greens is a great supplement, that delivers on each and every aspect that It promises. An awesome product…

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