American Natural Superfood Review – Is It Good?

Is It Honestly Possible To Find A ‘Green Drink’ That Not Only Does You Good, But Tastes Good, Smells Good And Fills You Up Too?  As Well As Being Vegan Friendly…?  If Only Finding Such A Product Was Possible…

We’ve all heard the hype about ‘green’ drinks.  How they can provide you with all the necessary healthy ingredients you need in one easy dose – not to mention provide a whole host of health American Natural Superfood Reviewbenefits.  So when we came across the American Natural Superfood that not only claims all of these benefits, but promises that it tastes good AND provides that extra something that all the other green drinks on the market lack, we have to say that we raised a cynical eyebrow…

But of course, we couldn’t simply leave it at that.  The only possible course of action to take was to get down and dirty with exactly what the American Natural Superfood drink was all about.  And if it could by any chance live up to its claims…

Below is what we discovered.  And we have to say, it may well surprise you…

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What do you get for your money with American Natural Superfood?

So, what the American Natural Superfood is, is a ready-to-mix green drink powder that ensures you get that all important nutrition for good health on a daily basis – no matter where you might be.  Oh – and it’s totally affordable too.  Not only does it contain all that wonderful plant nutrition, but American Natural Superfood also contains one extra vital ingredient…  Protein!  20 grams of it, in fact – and all totally vegan friendly.

Each serving provides you with the following ingredients:

  • Pea Protein: Natural pea protein – non-GMO, of course – to provide you with energy, strength, and muscle mass.
  • Spirulina: A wonderful natural product containing antioxidants that help to burn fat, boost the immune system, and reduce inflammation.
  • Chlorella: Not only does this detoxify, but it helps to burn fat, reduces blood glucose levels, and control cholesterol.
  • Barley and wheat grass: Extracts of, which are gluten free, help to reduce fat cells, burn fat, and boost the immune system.
  • Probiotics: Again, these boost your immunity as well as aiding digestion.
  • CoQ10: Thanks to being one of the most powerful antioxidants on the planet, it really can help to slow the aging process.
  • Organic vegetables: Such as tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, spinach, beets, kale, parsley, and cabbage.
  • Organic fruits: Like blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and apples.  Not only does this provide a sheer powerpack of vitamins and anti-oxidants, but a diet high in berries has been proven to slow cognitive decline…

Plus loads more ingredients with proven health benefits, including turmeric, cinnamon, acerola cherry, flax seeds, chia seeds, cocoa powder, kelp, thistle and dandelion root, digestive enzymes, ginseng, ginger, aloe vera….  The list goes on and on…

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Who is American Natural Superfood for?

Listen…  There’s probably not a person out there who couldn’t do with a little help in improving their diet.  Even the most health conscious among us finds it difficult to truly ensure that they get enough of the vital ingredients we need for optimal health.  No matter what age you are, how healthy (or unhealthy), overweight, tired and run down – ensuring you ingest the right products on a daily basis honestly can provide what might feel like a complete miracle for your health.

So who the heck is Dr. Patrick Conrad?

Well, Dr. Conrad is the brains and creator of the American Natural Superfood drink.  And he’s not some spurious person who doesn’t really have a ‘real’ medical degree.  In fact, he’s an ER doctor working regular shifts in hospitals in Florida and Alabama.  When he started to feel tired, run down, overweight and, just plain old, he knew he had to do something about it.  And he wanted to make sure his diet was the best it could be for optimal health.  So he turned to green drinks – and found that they not only tasted horrid, but were lacking a vital component – protein.

So he went to work to create a drink that really did live up to the hype of its advertising – and, after much trial and error to get it ‘just’ right, the American Natural Superfood was eventually born…

The Pros and Cons of American Natural Superfood

The Pros

  • Vegan friendly, no added sugar, GMO free, gluten free, dairy, milk, and whey free, soy free, peanut free, shellfish free, hormone free… This makes it a suitable drink for virtually everyone on the planet!
  • Created in the US at an FDA mixing facility, using only the very best, top-quality ingredients. No cheap China sourced inclusions that only serve to bring the nutritional value down.
  • It’s like eating the hugely popular and successful Paleo Diet in a simple to use, all in one mix. It cut down on the amount of fat you intake, and not only does it truly help you to drop the pounds, but it also increases your energy levels – no matter what your age.
  • It actually tastes nice – truly and honestly. This is one health drink that doesn’t feel like it’s a health drink – if you get what we mean.

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The Cons

  • Well, the biggest ‘con’ that we can find is that you just might not believe that simply using a ‘drink’ can have such amazing health effects. After all, you’ve probably tried green drinks before –Money Back Guarantee to little avail AND, they taste awful.  But what’s so amazing is that by adding in the protein makes such a remarkable difference.  But hey – you don’t have to take our word for it, because you can get to try it – for free!  Yes – all you need pay is shipping and handling, and the actual product is yours to use and keep.  And that’s not an offer you see very often when a new health drink hits the market…

The Bottom Line

Well, we have to say that our initial thoughts when we came across the American Natual Superfood drink was, “oh no, not another one…”.  But we’ve had to eat our words (not to mention drink the drink), because this really is completely different from any others we’ve tried.  And Dr. Conrad is so sure that you’ll love it too, that in addition to the try it out for nothing initial offer, you get a 1 year money back guarantee on any further orders, and if you try it and don’t see some amazing health benefits, he promises a ‘double your money back’ guarantee.

Plus you get great customer service – either via email or telephone – if you every have any queries about your purchase.  American Natural Superfood really is a way to ensure all those healthy ingredients in your diet – without the hassle (and expense) of going out to purchase them individually, or the time spent preparing them.

Despite our initial cynicism, we have to say that American Natural Superfood really has impressed us – and we think it will you too.  Well done Dr. Conrad – you’ve created a winner…

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