PhytAge Plus Review – How’s The Anti Aging Supplement?

A Face Lift In A Capsule…?  And All Kinds Of Other Anti Aging Attributes To Boot…  Ha, Ha, Ha… What A Load Of (Insert Applicable Expletive), Don’t You Think…?

phytage plus review

Getting older comes with a whole bunch of good stuff (wisdom, experience, confidence…), but it sure brings with it a massive load of horse doo-doo as well…  Because, let’s face it…  Who on earth really likes their wrinkles, lines, sun damage, and all the other outward signs that gives it away that we’ve been on this planet a few years longer than we probably care to admit…?

Of course, there are plenty of methods you can use to stave off the ravages of time.  Expensive creams, injections, surgery… But apparently, PhytAge Plus, a phytoceramide daily supplement, can fight all these aging signs from within so successfully that those closest to you will are likely to ask if you’ve had a face lift…!

The buzz around PhytAge Plus is such that we had to find out for ourselves what all the fuss is about.  And if you’re reading this, then no doubt you’re curious too.

So read on to discover what our deep dive into PhytAge Plus revealed.   And we have to say, we think you’re going to be mighty interested in what we found out…or one can go to their official website by clicking here.

What do you get for your money with PhytAge Plus?

OK, so as already mentioned, PhytAge Plus is a supplement in capsule form.  It’s taken on a daily basis and is made up from substances called phytoceramides.  These are derived from sweet potatoes, rice, and dairy products.

Now, phytoceramides are nothing new.  They’re used in a million other lotions and potions.  But the difference with PhytAge Plus is that they’re taken orally, so the phytoceramides are delivered to the body from within, instead of being simply spread onto the skin.

Taking PhytAge Plus on a regular basis has the following effects.

  • Repairing skin damage: This is done by renewing the skin cells from within.  Thanks to the delivery of the phytoceramides right inside the body, the body can then spread the ingredients upwards to where the skin cells are bring constantly renewed, so feeding them these essential nutrients right at the source.
  • Reduce lines and wrinkles: By repairing the skin’s natural barrier, as well as healing the skin from within and helping repair the natural elasticity of the skin, fine lines and wrinkles appear reduced.  The skin also becomes more ‘plumped’, which again assists in the battle against those pesky age lines and wrinkles.
  • Rejuvenates and hydrates. The water retention within the cells of the skin plays a huge role in how young our skin looks.  By providing hydration to the cells on an internal basis, the skin appears rejuvenated – and it can truly take years off you.

PhytAge Plus contains a potent mix of high quality ingredients to deliver these outstanding results:

  • Phytoceramides: These are plant derived (rice) fatty lipid molecules.  It’s fast becoming understood that providing the body with this essential product can mimic the ceramides that are found naturally within the body itself.  They can help repair the skin’s natural barrier and ward off further aging, as well as helping the skin retain moisture that plumps up and hides fine lines and wrinkles.  In addition, they can also help produce collagen within the body, so making the skin more elastic.
  • Vitamin A: A FDA approved wrinkle treatment, this works right in the heart of the cells, hitting receptors that then literally force them to act as if they were younger.
  • Vitamin C: Essential for collagen production, protects against sun damage, and repairs existing skin damage that causes lines and wrinkles.
  • Vitamin E: Helps fight free radicals at a cellular level, and is a potent antioxidant.  It also provides sun protection for the skin.
  • Ceramide-PCD: These powerful little babies are derived from Japanese rice plants.

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Who the heck are PhytAge Labs?

PhytAge Labs are a relatively new outfit, producing potent natural supplements to fight many of today’s problems.  In reality, they provide answers to problems that orthodox medicine really can’t seem to help (or, more realistically, have to jump through hoops and therefore take years to come up with any decent esults)

But this doesn’t mean that PhytAge Labs are taking shortcuts – far from it.  But what they do is take the latest, cutting edge research from around the globe and create the very latest in natural products – and with great success, it seems.

Who is PhytAge Plus for?

Are you getting older…?  (doh!).  More importantly, are you starting to notice the outward signs of the march of time…?  If so, and if you want to do something safe and simple about it, then PhytAge Plus is perfect for you.

It’s especially good if you want to hold back the years, but don’t want to go to the expense (not to mention health dangers) of injections or surgery.  Instead, by providing your body with the nutrition it needs, laser targeted to the source, you can experience great anti-aging results with no risk whatsoever (and at a price that’s way, way kinder on your wallet…)

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The Pros and Cons of PhytAge Plus

The Pros

  • PhytAge Plus provides gentle yet powerful ingredients right to the source of where you skin cells need them – and that’s internally.
  • Works to both heal the appearance of the skin and then to prevent further damage taking place.
  • The capsules are vegetarian friendly
  • PhytAge Plus comes with a no quibble, 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase – even if you return an empty bottle!

The Consphytage plus guarantee

  • The biggest downer is probably the price, because PhytAge Plus does come in at the higher end of the scale for such anti-aging supplements.
  • This is only sold online.

The Bottom Line

Well, we were so very sure when we first came across PhytAge Plus that we were going to be able to expose it as a scam product.  But hand on heart, we can’t…  Because there is some pretty good evidence that providing the body with a supplement containing phytoceramides is far more beneficial than simply slathering it on your skin.  New, emerging evidence, yes – but all discoveries are that at one point in time.

In addition, the other ingredients are all well-accepted, hard hitting anti-oxidants and anti-aging, making PhytAge Plus a double whammy in the fight against the ever-turning years.  If you’re in the market for such a product, then PhytAge Plus is new, innovative, and based on the most cutting edge research into anti-aging there is right now.  And it’s this very reason that means it gets a big thumbs up from us…

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