Pace Express Review (2019) – How’s Dr Sears Workout Program?

OMG…! Not Another Course That Promises To Show You How To Exercise Less But Achieve More Results… Because, Come On… It’s Simple, Isn’t It…? Effort In = The End Result. And There’s Simply No Way To Fast Track And Get The Body Of Your Dreams Without A Massive Amount Of Hard Work – Is There…?

pace express reviewOK, so you want your exercise efforts to reap the best results they can… Of course you do. No matter what stage you are along your personal fitness path, we all want or workouts to bring us the body we’re chasing. So when we came across Pace Express, a workout program that promises it’s going to ramp up the speed we see results – but WITHOUT having to work harder, we were, we have to admit, pretty damn cynical.

However… The one saving grace that made us give the program a second glance is that it’s been created by a doctor that we’ve got a great deal of time for. And that’s Dr. Al Sears, MD. Now, we’ll talk more about him in a bit. But first of all let’s delve into exactly what you get, and the results you can expect, when you sign up for the phenomenon that’s taking the world by storm…

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What do you get for your money with Pace Express?

OK, so Pace Express is a complete fitness program that’s designed to cause maximum fat loss. Now, you’ve probably heard of what’s called the ‘Fat Burning Zone’, which is an out-dated belief that you need to work your body at a certain heart rate to burn the maximum fat. And sure – for many years, this was believed to be the way to go.

But not any more… Because, of course, science improves. And it’s important to keep up with this to ensure that your workout efforts are bringing you maximum results.

So before we discuss the science behind the program, let’s take a look at what you receive when you sign up…

  • The Daily P.A.C.E Workouts: These take up only 12 minutes of your time per day. And the reason they work is that they use a method known as ‘Progressive Dynamic Muscle Sequencing’, that ignites what’s known as ‘after burn’. In short, this means that your body continues to burn fat for up to 24 hours after your workout – even when you’re sleeping! You get a total of six weeks worth of workouts, each consisting of three x four-minute sets of exercises.
  • 7 Steps to High Speed Fat Loss: An E-book jam packed with ways that you can hit your ideal weight without dieting or counting calories. Because, hey! Calorie counting simply doesn’t work… And eating fat doesn’t make you fat.. And, traditional exercise simply doesn’t keep you lean and trim
  • On-The-Go Nutrition Pocket Guide: A quick reference pocket guide that’ll help you make the best choices for maximum nutrition and fat loss, no matter where you are…
  • Dr Sears’ Gourmet Cookbook: Discover what real food is, and how you can eat scrumptious meals whilst still whizzing towards your weight loss and fitness goals. Once and for all you’ll never have to feel like your dieting again, or are unable to eat your fav foods…
  • 6-Day Kick Start Guide: A 6-day quick start nutritional guide and workout plan for rapid weight loss. Plus you get to learn the 3 critical keys to success…
  • Bonus Workout DVD: A 4-parter that includes and hips, buns, & thighs workout, express abs, and a fit & flexible workout. Each lasting – you guessed it – 12 minutes…
  • The 6 Week Anti Aging Plan: Dr Sears is a world expert on all things anti aging, and here you’ll discover some amazing ways that really will have you rolling back the years…
  • Doctor’s House Call: Another great resource, Dr Sears’ Daily Advisory, known as Doctor’s House Call, delivered to you by email and packed full of natural health solutions and alternative treatments that’ll help you live a longer, more active, and happier life…

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Who is Pace Express for?

OK, do you want to get fitter and lose weight – once and for all…? Are you fed up with health and diet regimes that simply don’t work…? Hate the gym, and all it stands for…? Don’t have time to dedicate hours of your week to working out…? Fed up with restrictive diets, counting calories, and the depressing yo-yo cycle of weight loss and weight gain…? Then Pace Express is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

And the great thing is that it works for anyone, at any stage of life, no matter how fit (or unfit) you might be right now. It works whether you’ve got 10 pounds to lose, or 100 pounds or more… And it’s just as good for the guys as it is for the girls too…

Who the heck is Dr. Al Sears?

al sears pace expressDr Al Sears is a medical doctor who, over the last two decades, has taken the world by storm. He’s true health and anti-aging expert (we’d go as far as to say, ‘guru’), and he’s spent years perfecting the PACE Express workout and diet program to bring a product to market that works – and works for everyone!

He’s a huge advocate of natural health, and also wants to ensure that every single second you spend on your workout efforts are bringing maximum effect. Sears also ensures that his products like Confidential Cures, Primal Force Native Rest, utilize the very latest in medical and scientific research, which is why his product are so innovative, bang up to date, and truly effective…

The Pros and Cons of Pace Express

The Pros

  • Brings weight loss and muscle tone results – fast!
  • No need to spend hours exercising. By working out in a strategic method, you achieve incredible results in just 12 minutes per day.
  • Not just a workout program. Every aspect of exercise, diet, and nutrition is covered in the PACE Express product.
  • Has massive health benefits – it’s not just about looking fab. You’ll reduce your risks of heart attack and cardiovascular disease, increase your immune system, benefit from massively higher energy levels, plus you’ll never feel hungry or have to count calories again.

The Conspace express satisfaction guaranteed

  • OK, so a little bit of a reality check for a moment. Because whilst Pace Express really does work, you’re still going to have to put in some effort. You can’t simply snack on candy and cookies, and lounge on the couch while expecting to get the body beautiful. You do have to stick with the program to see results…

The Bottom Line

Well, well, well… We have to say, we’re hugely impressed… Because this is genuinely one of the best diet and exercise plans we’ve seen hit the market for a long time. And d’you know why…? It’s because it’s realistic… You’re not expected to become a slave to your local gym, there’s no need to workout for hours on end, and the foods you can eat are plentiful and delicious.

The great thing about a medically designed weight loss and fitness program is that you can rest assured that you’re truly following a structured method to lose weight. This is about changing your body for good – rather than a quick fix with results that fade after a few weeks.

It also comes with a full money back guarantee, meaning that you can try it out at absolutely no risk whatsoever. When it comes to a real way to losing excess fat and getting back the body you want. Pace Express will be the last product you ever need to purchase. Because it works – pure and simple. And that’s amazing…!

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