Primal Force Native Rest Review (2019) – Will It Help You Sleep?

Really…? A Melatonin Supplement That Actually Works…? That Helps You Fall Asleep Faster, Have A Higher Quality Sleep, And Wake Up Truly Refreshed…? This We’ve Gotta See…

primal force native rest reviewPoor sleep isn’t just a pain in the …  Because for those who suffer, it can be completely debilitating. And if that’s you, then you’ve probably tried every different sleep remedy going… Now, the advertising behind Primal Force Native Rest is promising results that’ll help you ‘sleep like a baby’! But we have to say, we’re highly cynical…

Because we’ve heard these claims time and time again. But we still suffer from disrupted sleep – night in… Night out. But the one saving grace that Primal Force Native Rest has, is the man who’s brought it to market. And that’s Dr. Al Sears. If you haven’t heard of him then we’ll discuss him in a mo. But first of all, let’s take a look at exactly what we found out when we took a deep dive into exactly what the product is. And whether or not it really can live up to its sleep enhancing claims…

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What do you get for your money with Primal Force Native Rest?

Now, Primal Force Native Rest is brought to us in oral spray form. Unlike most other such products, it’s taken in this way because the latest scientific research has shown that it’s the very best delivery technology for melatonin. In fact, the key behind why this spray works is that it’s delivering the optimum amount of melatonin to the body to instigate quality sleep.

And here’s the shocker… You don’t need as much melatonin as you think to induce sleep! In fact, most products bring you far more than is necessary – around 3mg-5mg. And this amount has been proven in a recent study from the Massachusetts institute of Technology to be way, way too much. In fact, around 10 times too much! This dosage can have serious side effects, including dropping the body temperature and leaving you feeling groggy when you awake.

In fact, the exact dose that’s been proven to work the best for good sleep is 0.3mg. But it’s not only that. Most of the melatonin on the market today is sold in a tablet, capsule, lozenge, or liquid format. And these have to go via the liver for the body to break down, meaning most of it never hits the bloodstream so never gets a chance to work.

There are five very important reasons why Primal Force Native Rest is far superior to anything else on the market today:

  • Melatonin Supercharger #1: The oral spray delivers about 4.5 times as much sleep inducing power than other formats. It’s absorbed quickly into the blood stream and gets straight to work. You don’t need to take it with food or water, it’s gentle on the body, and takes just minutes to start working.
  • Melatonin Supercharger #2: The spray also includes an extract from a little known plant that has been used for thousands of years as a natural relaxant and stress reliever. It’s called Jamaican Dogwood, and is the perfect complement to melatonin. Primal Force Native Rest is the only sleep enhancer on the market today that’s included this amazing natural extract in its formula.
  • Melatonin Supercharger #3: Jujube Fruit – an exotic fruit native to Asia and Africa that’s been used for millennia in Chinese Medicine as a reliable remedy for sleeplessness. Combined with the Jamaican Dogwood it helps you relax and allows the effect of the melatonin to work at easing you into slumber.
  • Melatonin Supercharger #4: To support your thyroid, an important gland that helps regulate sleep, a mineral micronutrient called Selenium has been added. It’s a proven fact that low levels of Selenium are linked to less sleep.
  • Melatonin Supercharger #5: The inclusion of zinc in the spray, because around 75% of people in the world are deficient in this crucial micronutrient. Commercial farming processes have stripped soils around the world of zinc, and zinc has a massive effect on the quality of your sleep.

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Who is Primal Force Native Rest for?

Have trouble sleeping? Tried everything, from sleep meditation to sleeping pills? Find other melatonin products either don’t work or leave you with a ‘hangover’ in the morning? Then Primal Force Native Rest could be the product that at last sees you getting a decent night’s sleep on a regular basis. And because it’s an oral spray it gets straight to work – even for those who suffer from digestive disorders that might prevent full absorption of nutrients within the body.

Who the heck is Dr. Al Sears MD?

dr al sears primal force native restSears is a medical doctor who’s spent that past 20+ years dedicating his professional life to bringing very real solutions to life problems to market. Oh – and he’s also the go-to man on anything and everything to do with anti aging. Of course, poor sleep is a massive instigator in becoming old before your time, so it makes sense that the guy has worked on creating a product that works – and works far better than anything else on the market today.

The Pros and Cons of Primal Force Native Rest

The Pros

  • Works fast. Within minutes!
  • Presented in a pleasant tasting oral spray – the fastest and most effective way to send melatonin directly into your system.
  • Doesn’t leave you groggy when you wake up.
  • Ideal for anyone who suffers from digestive disorders that might hinder the absorption of nutrients. And you don’t need to take it with food or water.

The Consprimal force native rest guarantee

  • The biggest ‘con’ about Primal Force Native Rest is that for many of us, we’ve been led to believe that ‘more is better’ when it comes to the amount of melatonin we need to take to help us sleep. The thing is, if you’re one of the many who still believes this, then you might think that the lower dose included in this oral spray means it won’t work. But nothing could be further from the truth. Remember, science and research is constantly evolving, and it’s important that you go with it. And right now it’s been completely proven that more is not better. And that the optimal dose you need for a great night’s sleep is what you get with this spray.

The Bottom Line

Well, we have to say that we’ve been absolutely gobsmacked as to quite how effective Primal Force Native Rest is at reducing insomnia. Not only does it work – and works fast – but you also awake truly refreshed in the morning, with a clear head, and no grogginess. In addition, you also get a great E-report with your first order, called The Melatonin Miracle, that covers all you need to know about how to naturally reset your sleep pattern (Plus loads of other benefits of Melatonin).

And in addition, Primal Force Native Rest also comes with a no questions asked, 90 day, 100% money back guarantee. So you really can try it out at no risk whatsoever. Makes giving it a try a bit of a no brainer, wouldn’t you say…?

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