Nitrofocus Review – Are These Audios Good?

What…! Listen To Some Mumbo Jumbo MP3 Recording And It’ll Help You Increase Your Focus, Productivity, And Results…? We Have To Say, This Sounds Like One Heck Of A Scam To Us…

nitrofocus review

The Internet is great, isn’t it? We can find out all sorts of stuff at the click of a mouse, connect with people on the other side of the world, study, work, and do incredible things that simply weren’t possible 20 years ago. But there’s also a down side to this. It also means that unscrupulous people can cobble together any old rubbish, pair it with a bit of schmancy advertising, and sell it anonymously to people like you and us…

And we have to admit, when we came across Nitrofocus, and MP3 recording that promises to increase your motivation, blast through work, sharpen your focus, and enter ‘the zone’ simply by listening to an audio program….! Well, let’s just say we raised our eyebrows somewhat.

But… Never let it be said that we’re narrow-minded. Just because we don’t understand something doesn’t mean it can’t work. So this left us with no choice but to get down and dirty with Nitrofocus. And we certainly uncovered some very interesting stuff, that’s for sure.

If you’re considering a purchase, please give us just a couple of minutes of your time to read this short review. After all… It’s your hard earned cash – and the last thing you want to do is spend it on a scam product…or if you already have your mind made up, click here to go to the official site.

What do you get for your money with Nitrofocus?

OK, so Nitrofocus is a series of MP3 recordings that work by playing special sounds that literally influence the brainwaves. It’s based on over a century of scientific research that are proven to get you into ‘the zone’ within just a few minutes of listening.

We’ll talk more about how it actually works in a moment (it’s a science known as ‘brainwave entrainment’). But first of all, let’s look at what you actually get for your money.

  • MP3 audio sessions: These are, very simply, various length audios that you listen to and that dramatically improve your focus. The sounds will literally change how your brain is working, zapping out those distracting thoughts, motivation sapping feelings, or mental chatter that so often slows you down.
  • The Nitrofocus user guide: A 50 page PDF that explains exactly what Nitrofocus is, and the science behind the method. It also contains a quick start guide, so no need to read through endless text before you get going.

Nitrofocus is broken down into 5 main focus sessions and 7 extra supporting sessions. These can then be used to perfectly complement the mood you’re in. The sessions include the following:

  • Classic (the most powerful and popular audio)
  • Digital
  • Easy
  • Workout
  • Ocean
  • Reducing anxiety
  • The 5-minute break MP3 – this gives you a brief chance to relax, but still remain in a focused state
  • The 10-minute Break
  • Memory commit – perfect for those who’re studying for exams, or need to commit some short term learning to something longer term.
  • Brain booster – great for when you need some get up and go in the morning.
  • Focus gym – a high intensity 45 minute session
  • Analytical builder

Each of these ‘beats’ is combined with background music, so you can listen to them over headphones or over speakers, whichever you prefer.

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So go on… What is Brainwave Entrainment?

OK, so this is a branch of science that’s been studied for over 100 years. And it works though external stimuli – in this case, sound – can influence the patterns of your brainwaves. And by doing this you can bring yourself into the mind state of your choice, such as relaxation, sleep, or, as in the case of Nitrofocus, focus!

It’s all about frequencies, and what they do to the brainwaves. Expose the brain, through an audio file, to a particular frequency – such as beats per second – and the brainwaves will smoothly change and move towards that frequency. So in the case of becoming more focused and having improved concentration, you simply need listen to the ‘beat’ that will entrain your brain into that state.

Who is Nitrofocus for?

Nitrofocus is perfect for both anyone who wants to be focused and simply get more done. Perhaps you want to blast through that to-do list? Maybe you need to study for exams? Need to get that all-important presentation finished? Or do you just need the motivation to do those boring household chores?

It doesn’t matter how or why you need to focus. The clever patterns will induce sharper concentration levels within minutes, and can be listened to in isolation, or on your headphones or over speakers while you work, if you choose.

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The Pros and Cons of Nitrofocus

The Pros

  • Simply listen and focus – it’s as easy as that.
  • The entrainment beat is covered by background music. Even if you notice it at first, you’ll soon become immune to the beat, and focus solely on the music. It’s just like listening to your favorite tunes as you work.
  • Perfect for studying for exams
  • Comes in an instant download format, so no need to wait for physical products to be shipped.

The Cons

  • Well, sadly, because Nitrofocus works on the brainwaves, it isn’t suitable for those who suffer from epilepsy.

The Bottom Line

Well, well, well… We were certainly mighty surprised when we got into bed with Nitrofocus. In fact, we’re fascinated by the concept of brainwave entrainment. This certainly isn’t some kind of scam – far from it. This is perhaps – and especially in our world of tech and so many of us sitting in front of computers – one of the most valuable aids we’ve ever come across for getting us focused, and perhaps even more importantly, KEEPING us focused…

You can listen via headphones or over speakers – your choice. And the variety of beats meant that there’s always something there to suit your mood. If ever someone has been turned around by a concept new to them, then it was by Nitrofocus. In a nutshell, it works… You don’t simply want to get focused – you need to get Nitrofocused!  Awesome…

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