Sleep Salon Review – Will This Really Help You?

So Now The Answer To Your Insomnia Is Simply To Listen To Some Audio…? Well, Been There, Done That, And It’s Never Worked… So Why Is Sleep Salon Any Different…?

sleep salon review

The thing about not sleeping properly isn’t just that you end up so very, very tired. You end up with a whole host of other issues as well… Feeling cranky, snapping at people, losing focus, forgetfulness, not to mention all the scary health issues it also brings with us. Oh, and did we mention increased stress levels, simply because we’re worrying about not being able to get to sleep? And guess what that does…? It further prevents us from reaching that peaceful state of slumber.

But apparently, all you need do to make this go away is listen to the brainwave entrainment that is Sleep Salon. Confused…? Cynical…? Simply think it won’t work…?  Yep, so do we.

However, there’s a whole lot of razzmatazz around right now about this brainwave entrainment. And you know? You can’t knock it until you’ve tried it. So this, of course, only left us a single course of action…

And what we discovered might surprise you. So if you’re thinking of a purchase, then you might want to read what we found out. Because it might just change your mind as whether or not you sign on the dotted line…

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What do you get for your money with Sleep Salon?

OK, so Sleep Salon is a brainwave audio program, known as brain entrainment. What this means in layman’s terms is that by listening to a specific combination of tones and pulses, you can actually move your brain into a different state of mind. And in this case, we’re talking about moving from a waking, ‘alpha’ state to a deep ‘delta’ sleep.

We’ll talk a little more about what this is exactly in a moment. But first of all, let’s concentrate on what your money actually buys. And this is 12 powerful MP3 audio sessions, each designed to assist you to the best night’s sleep possible.

These are set into three core sessions, some to help lull you to sleep, some to release stress and induce a relaxed state, and others to help you feel more energized during your waking hours.

The sessions break down like this:

The Wake Up Sessions

  • Wake Up Session – 20 minutes duration
  • Wake Up with Classical Music – 15 minutes duration

The Relaxation Sessions

  • Stress & Anxiety Reduction – 25 minutes duration
  • Sleep Training – 20 minutes duration

The Sleep Induction Sessions

  • Sleep Induction with Night Sounds – 50 minutes duration
  • Sleep Induction with Classical Music – 50 minutes duration
  • Dissociative Sleep Induction – 50 minutes duration
  • Hypnotic Sleep Induction with Suggestions – 50 minutes duration
  • Hypnotic Sleep with Affirmation – 50 minutes duration
  • All Night Sleep Loop – 90 minutes duration
  • All Night Sleep Loop CD Version – 80 minutes duration
  • Sleep Loop for Pain Management & healing – 20 minutes duration

Each of the sessions is fully explained in the user manual that comes with the program, but actually, it’s not rocket science to understand what they are from their titles. There are a number of different sleep inductions, simply because we’re all different. This gives you a good choice to work out which ones work best for you personally. It also means that there’s plenty of opportunity to mix and match as time goes by.

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So how does this brain entrainment work?

So, in brief – and let’s not get too technical here – your brain works by the transmission of electrical impulses via nerves called neurons. When your brain is in a certain state of mind – let’s say it’s relaxed – then it emits electrical signals in a specific pattern. These patterns are called brainwaves. And your brainwaves when you’re aroused will be different from when you’re relaxed.  If you’re stressed then these will change again, or if you’re in a deep sleep they’re also different.

By using sounds, music, pulses, etc. it’s actually possible to alter our brainwaves into the state we require. So by listening to the various MP3 recordings we can actually train the mind to move to where we want it to, such as towards deep sleep.

Who is Sleep Salon for?

Sleep Salon is literally for anyone who craves a decent night’s sleep. And in today’s crazy 24/7 world, a satisfying slumber seems to be eluding more and more of us – it’s virtually an epidemic.  So if you suffer from insomnia, or restlessness during the night, then this could well be the very antidote to you’ve been looking for.

And the thing is, many of us don’t even know we’re not getting the rest our body requires. Because if it’s simply tossing and turning, then how would you ever know (unless, of course, your sleep tracker tells you so). But in such cases, when you feel tired during the day, or wake up not fully rested, or suffer from brain fog or forgetfulness, it could easily be that you’re not getting a proper night’s sleep. So in such cases, Sleep Salon really could be right up your street…

The Pros and Cons of Sleep Salon

The Pros

  • Get all the benefits of a good night’s sleep, including anxiety reduction, getting rid of your caffeine habit, and coping with stress.
  • Actively assist you in increasing your energy levels, feeling more awake during the day, and far more productive. This is because your body and brain have had the necessary down time they need from a regular decent night’s sleep.
  • Can help for temporary sleeplessness, chronic insomnia, depression, pain, and other sleep related conditions.
  • It really can have a positive effect on other health related areas, such as the risk of developing diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and impaired judgment.

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The Conssleep salon guarantee

  • The worst thing about Sleep Salon? Well, that’s got to be that if you suffer from epilepsy you shouldn’t use it. And actually, if you have a serious sleep disorder then you also shouldn’t use it without explicit advice from your health care provider. But apart from that? Well, we’d be hard pushed to find anything else detrimental to say about the product.

The Bottom Line

We have to say, we certainly didn’t expect to be impressed, but we are – we really are! This is cutting edge brainwave entrainment at its best, and it really does work.

Best of all, it doesn’t cost the earth, AND it comes with a no quibble, 30-day, 100% refund guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied. So if you’re being plagued by sleepless nights – either temporarily or on a more chronic basis, then Sleep Salon really could be the answer you need. Give it a try, we think you’ll be very happy indeed…

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