MetaBlast Review (2019) – Will This Help Your Thyroid?

A Simple Supplement That Can Sort Out Your Thyroid, Energy, And Weight Loss Problems Once And For All…? And It Doesn’t Contain A Single Prescription Drug…! Well, If It Were That Simple, Why On Earth Are There So Many Of Us With Thyroid Issues…?

total thyroid reviewThere’s a gazillion of us out there who suffer from thyroid problems. And no doubt you, along with most of us, have been told that it’s to do with genetics… And that the only way to treat it is with medication. But, here’s the rub… They don’t really solve the problem.

So when we came across MetaBlast (formerly Total Thyroid), an all natural supplement that promises to heal all of the damage to your poor thyroid gland, gently, naturally, and within a few months, then we have to say, we were interested. Cynical – of course… But interested…

The thing is, we’ve been conned before by such ‘miracle working’ products. So we were damn sure that we weren’t gonna let this happen again. And if you suffer too – and have to put up with the energy sapping, weight gaining awfulness that go hand in hand with thyroid problems, then you too need to be sure that such a product is going to work.

So be sure to read our down and dirty report below into exactly what MetaBlast is, and – most importantly – whether or not the stuff works. And although we say so ourselves, it certainly makes for vereee interesting reading…

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What do you get for your money with MetaBlast Thyroid Supplement?

OK, so MetaBlast is an all-natural supplement in capsule format that promises to fix your ill-functioning thyroid once and for all. And it works so well that it not only heals the gland, but it raises your metabolism, helps you lose weight once and for all, increases energy levels, improves sleep, and can even play a part in cutting the number of prescription meds you take…!

And it does so because of the carefully created formula of natural ingredients that help the thyroid better produce the necessary hormones for good health.

  • Kelp & Bladderwrack: These ocean plants are both amazing sources of iodine. This is an essential element for the thyroid gland to work correctly. But the body can’t create iodine, so it’s necessary to get it from the food we eat. Both these ingredients have been shown in multiple scientific research studies to help normalize and restore thyroid function. Bladderwrack is also proven to be amazing for weight loss, liver health, and fighting cancer.
  • Selenium, Magnesium, & Zinc: Because these little babies are essential for helping various hormones (known as T3 & T4) to be correctly absorbed by the body. Without these three crucial minerals, only around 5% of them actually get to where they need to. So it’s vital that you have the correct supply of them for optimal thyroid function and metabolism performance.
  • Copper & Manganese: Once again, if you don’t provide your body with enough of these trace elements, it simply can’t receive all the benefits of these thyroid hormones (T3 & T4). The thing is, as we age our body cells deteriorate. And then they can’t make best use of the hormones. Copper and Manganese have been scientifically proven to increase the levels of T3 & T4 that can be metabolized in the blood stream.
  • L-Tyrosine: A crucial amino acid that works with the iodine to create healthy levels of the essential T3 and T4 hormones.
  • Ashwagandha Powder: Proven to enhance the conversion of thyroid hormones into the active form your metabolism needs.
  • Vitamin B12: Gives the body energy, and a massive 40% of people with thyroid issues are deficient in, so supplementation is crucial.
  • Cayenne Pepper Extract: Proven to dramatically improve circulation, allowing the thyroid hormones to efficiently regulate the metabolism.
  • Schizandra Powder: A powerful antioxidant herb that lowers blood pressure, heals damaged cells, and massively improves the health of the liver.
  • Molybdenum: An enzyme that regulates healthy levels of nutrients within the bloodstream, and assists in metabolic healing.

MetaBlast is the only natural supplement on the market today that contains this unique combination of ingredients that assist in the complete healing and rejuvenation of the thyroid gland.

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Who is MetaBlast Total Thyroid for?

The sad thing is, the only people who’re likely to come across MetaBlast are those with severe thyroid and metabolism problems. And of course, it’s the perfect supplement for such cases. But the thing is, even those with only slight metabolism and thyroid issues will also massively improve their state of health and overall enjoyment of life. So if you suffer from any or all of the following, then it could well be worth giving MetaBlast Total Thyroid the chance to improve your personal situation.

Who the heck is John Davis?

Well, Davis – the guy behind MetaBlast – is an endocrine researcher, and has been for over two decades. Not only does he truly known his stuff when it comes to hormones, but he had a massive personal interest in creating MetaBlast. And that’s because his mom suffered from a massively slowed metabolism (and associated weight gain). Fed up with seeing her stuffed full of pills by her doctor, he got together with True Source Nutrition to create MetaBlast.

And today the supplement has helped hundreds of thousands to fix their thyroid issues easily and naturally, increase their metabolism, and to lose those awful extra pounds that are so detrimental to their health.

The Pros and Cons of MetaBlast

The Pros

  • Created from completely natural products (no drugs whatsoever), and presented in easy to swallow capsules.
  • The results begin to be seen and felt within just a few days or weeks.
  • Not only naturally raises metabolism, but helps you burn unwanted body fat, AND increases energy levels and mental clarity.
  • Helps promote a better night’s sleep

The Constotal thyroid guarantee

  • OK, so let’s add a little perspective here… Sure, you probably will start to feel a difference very soon after beginning to use MetaBlast. But let’s understand that your thyroid and metabolism have been damaged over years – or more likely decades…! So it’s going to take a little time to be fully repaired.

So you do need to continue with the product for at least 30 days to start to feel the full results. Or, to be totally honest, 90 days if you really want to see massive change. But you can rest assured because it does come with a no questions asked, 180 day, full 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase. In other words, you can try it out, and if it doesn’t work for your personal situation, get every single red cent of your money back… And that’s one hell of a guarantee, wouldn’t you agree…?

The Bottom Line

Well, we have to say that MetaBlast Total Thyroid has completely blown us away. Because this isn’t simply a product that treats one or two of the symptoms of a dysfunctional thyroid gland. It actively fixes the problem once and for all…! Hoorah, hoorah, hoorah…!!!

AND it can do away with the necessity to take a multitude of prescription meds, AND it’s totally safe to take. In a nutshell, we have to say that if you suffer from any level of a under-performing thyroid, and the associated weight gain and fatigue issues that go hand in hand, then MetaBlast Total Thyroid really could be the product that changes your life…! In a nutshell, it’s awesome…

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