Biohackers Guide To Upgraded Energy & Focus Review – Is Anthony DiClementi’s Book Good?

OK, So Many Of Us Would Like To Become More Energized And Focused – It’d Make Us More Successful In All That We Do…  But Are There Really Science Based Strategies That Are Easy – And More Importantly – FREE, That We Can Tap Into…?

Listen up, people.  We all want to be more successful/happier/thinner richer/more loved/energized/focused…  Feel free to delete or add what you need to…  But are there honestly ways to easily ‘hack’ into science-based strategies to give us just what we want – in all and any areas of our life?

biohackers guide to upgraded energy & focus reviewWell, the Biohackers Guide To Upgraded Energy And Focus reckons there is.  And this book professes to provide us with 500 pages that are jam packed with loads of secrets that you can access, for free, to enhance your energy and focus for any area of your life.


We have to profess to being highly cynical….  But hey – we’re prepared to spend some quality time getting down and dirty with exactly what to expect, so you don’t have to if it’s a compete waste of time…

Below is what we unearthed.  And although we say so ourselves, we think you’ll find it pretty damn interesting…

What do you get for your money wit h the Biohackers Guide?

As already mentioned the Biohackers Guide To Upgraded Energy And Focus is a book that’ll give you incredible insight into ‘hacks’ for a better quality of life.  In the hundreds of pages you’ll discover a breakthrough system that’s designed to rapidly optimize both physical and mental performance, allowing you to live the very best life possible.

Discover hacks such as:

  • Strategies for good digestive health: Learn two strategies to deep your intestinal bacteria balanced, and to avoid the 8+ symptoms associated with poor gut health.
  • GMS vs. Organic: Find out the differences, and discover the truth behind food modification and what you read on the label.
  • 7 Supplements you should have on hand: For health sources of fats, energy boosting foods, carbs to avoid, and easy eating guidelines.
  • Workout intensity: And which workouts are simply a waste of time
  • Biohacks to optimize your workout performance: Easy to follow, and once known, will blow your workout results out of the water…!
  • The truth behind stress: And why 70% of Americans are stressed out…   Discover the impact on your immune system, metabolic system, and your energy levels – and how to fight them.
  • Stress reduction tools: And how to easily implement them into your lifestyle.
  • Sleep biohacks: And how to improve your sleep – starting tonight!
  • Exercise and sleep: Discover the surprising link and how over 100 studies prove that you’ve probably been fed a lie when it comes to how exercise affects your sleep.
  • The truth behind supplements: And why you can’t believe what’s written on the label.
  • All water is not created equal: And how drinking the ‘right’ kind (that you’ve probably never heard of) can be truly advantageous to your health and energy levels.
  • The daily motivational routine: used by author of the book, Anthony DiClementi, to stay motivated, sharp, and moving towards his goals no matter how busy or stressful life becomes

And loads, loads more.  Far too much to fit into this short review.

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Who’s behind The Biohackers Guide?

anthony diclementiThe man behind the words is Anthony DiClementi – and this guy certainly knows his stuff.  Personal trainer, nutritional specialist, and wellness coach to the elite has made it his mission to debunk the conventional advice that so many of us believe is true.  His proven track record in helping executives and entrepreneurs become the very best they can is tantamount to how successful his methods really are.

Who is Biohackers Guide To Upgraded Energy & Focus for?

Well, in a nutshell – the answer to this is simply everyone!  Because who doesn’t want to become more energized and focused?  Who doesn’t want to improve their health, wealth, and happiness?  And, more importantly, who doesn’t want to discover the real truth behind the lies that advertising, media, and those who simply want to profit off of our ignorance continue to spout and fuel on a daily basis?

And the best thing is that this book only costs you the postage and packing to ship it to you.  And amazingly, even that cost comes with an incredible money back guarantee.  Kinda shows how sure DiClementi is that you’re gonna love his product…

The Pros and Cons of The Biohackers Guide To Upgraded Energy & Focus

The Pros

  • Every single biohack included within the pages of the book will cost you nothing to implement into your life.
  • You’ll discover many little known facts about aspects such as nutrition, health, well being, career, physical and mental fitness, weight loss, the aging process, vitamins, nutrition, continuing good health… The list is endless.
  • Each of the hacks included is easy to understand and simple to follow. There’s no ‘blinding you with science’ to show how clever they are – everything in this book is presented in plain and simple layman’s terms.
  • These hacks can be used for each and every area of your life. Because no matter what, every aspect of ourselves impacts all of the others.  If you’re healthy and happy, this will spill over into your working life, your personal life, and your general wellbeing.

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The Cons

  • We have to say, we’ve struggled to find a con when it comes to the Biohackers Guide To Upgraded Energy And Focus. In fact, the only one seems to be that there’s only 1000 of these books to be had.  Once they’re gone, they’re gone.  So if you want to be privy to all this incredible info – then you best get your skates on…

The Bottom Line

OK, it’s hands up time.  Because we were so, so sure that the Biohackers Guide To Upgraded Energy And Focus was going to be a complete load of £@!%!s (insert an expletive of your choice).  But yes, we were very, very wrong.

Biohackers Guide To Upgraded Energy And Focus is, we have to say, pretty damn awesome.  We love the way there’s hacks to cover literally every aspect of your life.  This makes it suitable for everyone out there – from the busy exec to the single mom: the struggling entrepreneur to the college student…  We have to admit to being blown away by the quality of the information within its pages.

Biohackers Guide To Upgraded Energy And Focus certainly gets the thumbs up from us…

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