Japanese Toenail Fungus Code Review – Is This Legit?

So Your Toenail Fungus Treatment Is Useless…! Not Only That, But The Condition Could Actually Kill You…! This Has To Be Sensationalized Advertising At It’s Very Worst, Don’t You Think…?japanese toe nail fungus code review

OK, so toe nail fungus isn’t nice. If you’ve had it, or got it, you know that it certainly doesn’t make you want to show off your feet anytime soon… But a fatal condition…? C’mon guys, you’ve gotta be kidding us…

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However… (deep sigh). The spokesperson behind the Japanese Toenail Fungus Code is one guy we do sit up and take note of – Dr. James Clement. And he states a very persuasive case for the real root cause of toe nail fungus. So, despite our misgivings, we decided that the only way forward was to dig deep into his research and find out if there really was any truth behind the claims.

Oh, and not only are the claims that such fungus is bad for your health, but this ‘solution’ can cure it in as little as 14 days…! Well, we don’t know about you, but we thought it took as long as a year to cure the infection and the nail to regrow…

So if you’re considering buying the Japanese Toenail Fungus, then you really should do your research before doing so. Or failing that, read ours – because we’ve honestly left no stone unturned. And it might just change your mind about whether to buy or not…

What do you get for your money with Japanese Toenail Fungus Code?

So, the Japanese Toe Nail Fungus Code is a book (or digital copy, your choice – or both) that describes in intricate detail the exact holistic cure you need to get rid of those horrible toe nails.

It is, as the name gives away, a Japanese remedy. And as is so typical of Japanese medicine, this solution is all about treating the whole body, not simply the symptoms you can see. It all stems from a doctor called Dr. Ishiguro, and his holistic approach to treating the body in its entirety.

The ‘code’ works in three ways:

  • Phase 1 – Clear out the fungal overgrowth from within the body: Because the scary fact is, the infection on your toenails (or finger nails) isn’t the only place you have fungus. You also have it breeding within your body! Yuk, what an awful thought. And this is why simply dealing with the external issue will never fully eradicate the infection. The Japanese ToeNail Fungus Code explains in simple details the exact herbs, spices, and foodstuffs that you need to make up your ‘fungal nuking combo’. Oh – and don’t worry – they’re all easily found at any local grocery store – no need to go searching high and low for impossible to find ingredients.
  • Phase 2 – Repair and protect your internal organs: When you have these fungal toxins within the body, it affects the organs. You probably don’t know about it, but it occurs. In addition, if you’ve used any ‘orthodox’ toe nail fungus creams or lotions, then these will have flooded your body and organs with toxins. Sort this, and you’re well on the way to slushing those damn fungal enemies from your body… Once again, this stage requires a careful mixture of ingredients, all easy to find and explained in a step-by-step manner.
  • Phase 3 Treating your toe nail fungus: Now you’re sorted from within, you can get on with the task of renewing those ugly nails. You’re given all the information needed to make up a natural solution that you apply to the infected nails. It takes 10 minutes a day to apply, and in as little as two weeks, your nails will be beautiful and pink once more…

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Who the heck is Dr. Ishiguro?

OK, well this guy has a history… He lived through the Hiroshima bombings in WWII, and there’s not much he doesn’t know about radiation poisoning. And, scarily, one of the telltale signs of this is an aggressive toenail fungus. The fungus settles in the body of those with low immunity…

Ishiguro was mentored by an incredible doctor who treated these people, and cured many of them of this fungus that was ravaging their bodies. Today, he continues to treat people here in the US, although most tend to be in the Japanese community, simply because most of us westerners are filled with toxic drugs, creams, and potions that our regular doctors prescribe.

But those who know go to Ishiguro’s small, holistic practice. He used to treat those whose toenail fungus was a symptom of radiation poisoning. Today he treats those whose condition is caused by illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, stress, lowered immunity, or just sheer exhaustion…

Who is Japanese Toe Nail Fungus Code for?

Do you have toe nail fungus…? At any level…? Even just a slight discoloration or irregularity of only a single toe nail…? Then the Japanese Toe Nail Fungus Code is exactly what you need. In fact, if you wear shoes for most of the day, you probably could benefit as well. Because wearing shoes, with or without socks, creates the perfect breeding ground for fungus that you might not even know you’re carrying around inside.

And the great thing is that it’s a completely natural cure – making it suitable for absolutely everyone. Young or old, sick or healthy, male or female – it really is a one size fits all cure…

The Pros and Cons of Japanese Toenail Fungus Code

The Pros

  • A totally natural cure, meaning you can say goodbye to potentially dangerous chemical treatments such as Lamisil and Sporanox.
  • Works fast – you’ll see a difference within 14 days.
  • Suitable for anyone to use, because it’s a totally natural cure.
  • Has other health benefits, because it’s all about healing from within and increasing your body’s immune system.

The Consjapanese toe nail fungus code guarantee

  • Right – this all sounds wonderful, doesn’t it. But can we just intersperse a few words of sanity amongst all this… Because depending on the state of your fungal infection, you can’t expect to have beautiful, Hollywoodesque style toenails in only 14 days. It really doesn’t work like that. But what we will say is that in 14 days you will have much improved toe nails. The fungus will have dramatically reduced, the discoloration will be less, that awful flaking will be disappearing, any blisters will have faded, and your toes will look a million times better. But it might take more than the 14 days for the fungus to be completely gone for good…

The Bottom Line

D’you know…? We really don’t like the advertising for the Japanese Toenail Fungus Code… But we DO like the product… We hate the scaremongering used, but it is all based on truth, we have to admit. However, the product itself is a good one. And, let’s be honest, we’d all prefer to use a natural product than one that fills us full of toxic drugs.

Japanese Toenail Fungus Code is a permanent solution – it really is. Oh, and the product comes with a few other extras… These are The Vitamin and Mineral Handbook, Easy Fixes for Smelly Feet, Lazy Man’s One Day Detox, and Feet Massage 101.

The reason the Japanese Toenail Fungus Code works so dramatically is because it treats the root cause – internal fungus. Get rid of that, and your toe nails will be beautiful once again. In a nutshell – it really does work. You just need to give it a try…

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