Natural Health Response Review – Is The Newsletter Good?

OMG!  Another ‘Unheard’ Of Way To Prevent And Cure Diseases Such As Cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis, Dementia, And Chronic Pain.  Come On People – Wouldn’t This Information Be Mainstream Knowledge If It Really Were True…?

OK, so we all want good health.  In fact, the only time you become aware of good health, is when yours goes bad.  And when mainstream medicine fails to work, many go looking for other methods to change their fortune.  This is what Natural Health Response is relying on – your desperation to get better.natural health response reviewOf course, there’s always the chance that there is more info out there that you’re not aware of.  After all, we’ve all heard those miraculous stories about people who’ve been given a finite amount of time to live managing to defy all odds and find a cure.  And for those suffering from such diseases, or from chronic pain, then they’ll do anything for just the tiniest chance of a reprieve.

So, it was with a heavy heart that we decided we simply couldn’t dismiss the claims of Natural Health Response.  The only choice we had was to get down and dirty with exactly what it was all about.  The following is what we discovered.  We think you’ll find it very interesting…

What do you get for your money with Natural Health Response?

So, what Natural Health Response is, is a series of health literature that provides you with natural ways to improve, protect, and restore the body to a healthy state.  It gives in-depth information on ways to reverse such debilitating conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, chronic pain, and even cancer.  It’s called the ‘Natural Health Response Subscriber Circle’.

You receive a monthly newsletter that provides you with the latest information about natural, PROVEN methods that can blast away ill health, and leave you feeling a million dollars, and able to live out your natural lifespan.

You’ll find out information such as:

  • Diseases and cures for chronic conditions that even your doctor doesn’t know about.
  • A simple nutrient that, when eaten on a regular basis, can save you from a deadly heart attack.
  • How dangerous prescription drugs have deadly side effects that your doctor doesn’t tell you about – such as confusion and memory loss that can then be mistaken for Alzheimer’s or dementia.
  • The latest in natural health cures and ways to ward off some of the scariest diseases known to man. Diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and everything else in between.
  • Discover how to extend your lifespan just by eating some natural substances, and live the life your body was meant to. This could extend your life an amazing amount – simply following the ‘Methuselah Diet’ could see you living for an amazing additional 60 years!
  • Find the secret to endless energy, amazing muscle tone and, guys, the return of rock hard libido!

In addition, you’ll receive the following publications:

  • The Secrets of Underground Medicine: Here you’ll learn about an amazing cancer cure that was, bizarrely, discovered during the Nazi regime in Germany. You’ll also find out about a natural way to reverse type II diabetes – in as little as 8 days!  There’s advice about how to re-grow healthy, young, pain free joints for arthritis sufferers, and a simple nutrient that can ward off a heart attack, give you ‘bones of steel’, and even ward off prostate cancer.
  • How to Save $5,000 on Medicare: A self-explanatory title, chock full of secrets on how to make the Medicare system work for you (and how to get the government to pick up the tab – and that includes co-pays!).
  • Beat the System: How to survive a hospital stay – With advice on how to ensure your surgery goes according to plan, and – extremely importantly – how to avoid falling foul of a deadly infection.

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Who is Natural Health Response for?

Well, who doesn’t want good health?  Or who wants to find their way back to good health?  If you fall into one of these two categories (and who doesn’t), then Natural Health Response is directly aimed at you.  And it doesn’t matter what your state of health is right now – good or bad – you’ll learn some amazing (and, we have to say, things that the government and corporations would rather remain secret) health advice.

Young or old, rich or poor, male or female, this book is for every single American citizen out there (and, let’s be honest, every citizen of every nation – because we all deserve our health, don’t we?)

Who the heck is Brad Lemley, anyway?

brad lemley reviewsBrad, the brains behind Natural Health Response, is a medical researcher of 35 years experience.  During his working career he’s become privy to proven health information – information that even many doctors aren’t aware of.  He’s a published author, having written for Psychology Today, Discover Magazine, Reader’s Digest, and many more.

And he’s so incensed that such potent information is unheard of in mainstream medicine (or even covered up, so the FDA and Big Pharma can continue to make enormous profits from you – the American taxpayer), that he’s set up a think tank near Washington DC to bring these proven, natural disease therapies to the attention of people like you and me.

The Pros and Cons of Natural Health Response

The Pros

  • All the information provided in the Natural Health monthly newsletter is natural, proven, and easily affordable for every single person out there.
  • It provides you with both ‘hidden’ information that – had you known it was out there – SHOULD have been easily available to you. But the powers that be would prefer that you didn’t have access to it.  It also let’s you know the latest, cutting edge info on natural products that have been proven to improve your health or cure existing conditions.
  • If you decide you don’t want to continue to subscribe to Natural Health Response, you can simply cancel – but you get to keep everything you’ve received so far.
  • In addition to reversing chronic, deadly diseases, Natural Health Response will show you exactly the methods you can use to improve a healthy life as well – and guard against deteriorating health in the future.

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The Cons

  • Well, we’ve all been brain washed by mainstream medicine into believing there’s no alternative but to get hooked onto Big Pharma drugs. But if results are what it takes to convince you, thenMoney Back Guarantee we’re pretty sure that following the advice you’ll get in the newsletters will turn you into a believer in the shortest amount of time.

The Bottom Line

Hey!  We were totally cynical when we came across Natural Health Response.  Guys – we’re the first people to call a scam a scam – and we were ready to do so right away.  Buuut!  We may well shout the loudest when we find a bull*!@% product, but we’re also the first to hold our hands up and say we’re wrong.  And they’re waving in the air right now…

Natural Health Response has won us over, down to it’s hard hitting, no nonsense, fact driven reporting on health aspects that we simply weren’t aware of.  And if you want the best for your and your family, then we think that the information provided in this monthly newsletter is something you really should know about.  Good health – it’s something we tend to only think about when it’s ripped away.  So whatever the current health of your and your loved ones, you owe it to them to either keep it healthy or do your utmost to improve it.

And Natural Health Response can show you exactly how to do this in the correct way – not the way of Big Pharma.  It certainly gets the thumbs up from us.  In a nutshell, we have to say that this one’s a keeper…!

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