Square One Healing Cancer Program Review – Is Chris Wark Legit?

Cancer!  That Awful, Frightening, Life-Changing, Cruel Word That So Many Of Us Have To Deal With.  Is There Really Anything We Can Do To Fight It, Other Than Life Draining Medical Treatment Such As Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy…?

Dealing with cancer – be it your own or a loved one – is heartbreaking.  And the last thing anyone needs in such a situation is false hope.  So when we came across the Square One Healing Cancer Program, we have to admit to feeling a combination of cynicism and anger:  Cynicism that it could actually work – and anger that someone might be making money off of other people’s misery.square one healing cancer program

But – and this is a big but!  Is there anything in it?  Because we have to say, there are certain schools of thought that radical options such as chemo are not the way to go…  But hey, we’re not doctors, so we say this with extreme caution.

This left us with no choice but to delve deep into exactly what the Square One Healing Cancer Program really is.  And, we have to say, what we found out was extremely interesting.  So don’t part with a single red cent of your money until you give just a few minutes of your time to read what we discovered.  We think you’ll be glad you did…OR if you have your mind made up, just click here now to get it.

What do you get for your money with Square One Healing Cancer Program?

OK, so the Square One Healing Cancer Program is a coaching program by Chris Wark.  It addresses all aspects of the disease and of health and of healing: mental, physical, emotional and physical.

This coaching program is a step-by-step action plan that provides a ‘road map’ to follow, helps dispel the mass of confusing information that many cancer suffers are faced with, and helps you to transform your life and perhaps assist healing.

This is provided in the following format:

  • 10 x video modules: Containing over 10 hours of one-to-one coaching from Chris Wark, this is where you learn a multitude of facts about the disease. From truly understanding what it is, what your treatment options are (and the pros and cons), how to overcome your fears, build a support system and more.  But the key message that you’ll learn within these 10 videos is that there is so much you can do to help your body fight the disease – and this is what the program concentrates on, your step-by-step guide to start what Chris calls, ‘your healing journey’.
  • The Square One Transcripts book: So you can physically read all of the information that’s provided in the videos.
  • The Square One guidebook: This is your ‘road map’.  It includes the Daily Schedule, Recipe Guide, Supplement Guide, Testing & Monitoring Guide, Healthy Home Guide, excerpts from Chris’s Prayer Journal, and his personally vetted Cancer Clinic Rolodex
  • MP3 audio modules: So you can get instant access as soon as you purchase, and listen wherever you want to.

You can choose how you receive this information, be it digital (in the form of downloads, PDFs, MP3s etc), physical (by DVDs, printed transcripts and books), or both.

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Who the heck is Chris Wark?

Chris was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer at the age of 26.  He had surgery, but made the huge decision to forgo chemotherapy.  Instead he did his research and decided to use nutritional and natural therapies instead.  And they worked…  He’s now dedicated his life as an author, speaker, and health coach, helping and inspiring thousands of people to take back control of their health with radical transformations of diet and lifestyle.

Who is Square One Healing Cancer Program for?

The Square One Healing Cancer program is designed for anyone who’s either a cancer patient, a caregiver, in remission, or simply wants to seriously prevent cancer occurring in the first place.  And it’s applicable to all cancer patients, whether you decide to undertake conventional or alternative therapies – or indeed, both.

The Pros and Cons of Square One Healing Cancer Program

The Pros

  • The Square One Healing Cancer Program has been created to help remove the fear, confusion, and overwhelming emotions a cancer diagnosis brings Instead it replaces these negative feelings with hope, clarity, and a step-by-step action plan to follow.
  • The program provides you with a choice: whether to follow conventional methods for treating cancer, or to go the alternative route – one that many are choosing to follow. Indeed, you can use a combination of the two – but the important thing to note is that you’ll be able to fully understand the decisions you have to make.  This program is like a guiding light in the confusion and mayhem that being diagnosed with cancer brings.
  • It targets both the illness AND your spiritual and emotional needs.
  • It’s also an invaluable source of information for caregivers, and for those who want to do all they can to prevent cancer occurring or re-occurring.

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The Cons

  • Well, we have to say, the only con we can really say about the Square One Healing Cancer Program is that we’re not too keen on the ‘healing’ word in the title. The last thing we want is for people to gain false hope – indeed, cancer is a cruel disease that strikes without mercy.  But, we have to say, Chris himself is in remission, and there are many (many) testimonies that say following the program has done the same for them.

 The Bottom Line

Well, considering we were pretty sure we were going to hate the Square One Healing Cancer Program, we’ve come to a surprising conclusion.  And that’s that we think it’s a rather good product – with a proviso…  And that’s that there is no guarantee that the methods recommended within have any guarantee to help the condition.

BUT, we have to say, the fact that this program cuts though all the confusing information out there regarding cancer is a godsend.  This is perhaps the best place we’ve ever seen for the amount of quality information.  And we like the fact that this is a program not only for cancer sufferers, but also for caregivers AND those who want to do their utmost to prevent cancer occurring in the first place.

All in all, our opinion is that this a quality program, and does exactly as it promises.  It could well be a guiding light for those in one of the darkest, most challenging times of their life.

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