Gluten Guardian Review – Is Bioptimizer’s Supplement Good?

So, It Appears That There’s A Way To Eat Gluten WITHOUT Any Of The Nasty Side Effects.  And That Even Includes Those With Celiac!  Wow – If It’s True, Then Someone Sign Us Up Right Now!  But… Hang On A Second.  Because Surely Such A ‘Miraculous’ Discovery Would be All Over The News & Media…?

gluten guardian reviewOK, you can call us cynical (which we are, by the way).  But when we came across Gluten Guardian, with all it’s amazing promises of how EVERYONE can benefit from taking this incredible supplement, and our ‘danger danger’ siren started a-wailing super loud!


With it’s schmancy, too good to be true advertising, you may well be thinking along the same lines.  However….  We have to admit that gluten has an awful lot to answer for.  And not only for those who suffer autoimmune conditions such as Celiac, Lupus, Diabetes etc.  Because gluten affects all of us, simply because it causes inflammation within the body.  Including an increasingly common – and debilitating problem – leaky gut.

So if Gluten Guardian really can offer some help, then we need to know about it.  Cue an in-depth discovery into exactly what this ‘super supplement’ is really all about.  And if you’re considering a purchase, then we highly recommend you read what we discovered BEFORE you part with a single red cent.

We think you’ll be glad you did…or if you have your mind made up, click here to go to the official site.

What do you get for your money with Gluten Guardian?

OK, so as already mentioned, Gluten Guardian is a supplement that comes in capsule form.  You see, gluten itself is a protein, and one that the body doesn’t have the ability to break down on its own.  And the scary thing is that you find gluten everywhere!  Even if you do your best to eat gluten free, you can be sure that this pesky product is going to find its way into your system somehow.

For instance, did you know that virtually ALL restaurant food contains gluten?  Even if they proclaim they don’t!  Because the only way for a kitchen to guarantee there’s no gluten in the food they serve is to NEVER, EVER have any gluten in there whatsoever.  And that just isn’t going to happen…

Gluten plays a major part in the increase in a whole lot of 21st century health problems.   These include:

  • Joint problemssuch as arthritis, inflammation, and swelling
  • Brain problems – such as depression, anxiety, brain fog, and chemical imbalances
  • Sinus and mouth issues – such as coughs, colds, respiratory infections, and sensitivity to food
  • Adrenal imbalance – such as fatigue, overwork, and hormone imbalances
  • Intestinal issues – such as bloating, constipation, and diarrhea
  • Thyroid problems – such as low hormone levels, Grave’s disease, and thyroid dysfunction
  • Skin problems – such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne.

And that’s before we even mention the autoimmune conditions such as Lupus, Celiac, and Type 1 Diabetes…  Oh, and another big one – weight gain!

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So how does this supplement help?

The thing is, the human body is able to completely digest every single protein we eat, with the exception of one – gluten!  This is A FACT, and one that the legendary gluten researcher and Harvard M.D., Dr. Allessio Fasano stakes his career on.

But, thankfully, there is now an antidote.  A special nutrient that has the ability to breakdown the protein walls of gluten and literally render it non-toxic.

This nutrient Is an enzyme complex, and it’s called DPP-IV dipeptidyl peptidase IV.  (Yes, as will all things ‘sciencey’ it’s a bit of a mouthful).  So let’s just call it DPP-IV…

Without getting all technical, what DPP-IV does is to literally break down the complex walls of the gluten protein, therefore preventing it from causing all the inflammation within the body that’s the root cause of all the above-mentioned health problems.

Gluten Guardian contains the most potent source of DPP-IV known to exist.  But that’s not all.  It also includes (excuse the technical spiel), 4 other powerful proteases that break down the various types of proteins found within wheat, and 3 types of amylase to break down carbs.  In other words, powerful – all natural – products that actively target the proteins that so many of us have an intolerance of.

Who is Gluten Guardian for?

Well, it’s likely that those reading this already know they either have an autoimmune disease or an intolerance to gluten.  But the thing is, even if you don’t currently have any symptoms (you know, bloating, gas, weight that won’t shift, fatigue, digestive problems…), the damage caused by gluten is still going on within.  And it’s truly destructive to the body in so many ways.

So actually, Gluten Guardian is something that literally every single one of us can benefit from when it comes to protecting the health of your body.

The Pros and Cons of Gluten Guardian

The Pros

  • Gluten Guardian contains the most potent form of DPP-IV on the planet, as well as other protein busting nutrients that target all forms of inflammation.
  • Taking Gluten Guardian means you can actively eat gluten products (you know, those pizzas that you now never touch, rice, pasta – even bread), because it gives your body the ability to break down the gluten protein. You can literally ‘eat your gluten and get away with it!’
  • You’ll be protecting your body against future health issues caused by unseen inflammation – an issue that is now scientifically accepted as being the major culprit for the ill health of so many of us in the western world.
  • Gluten Guardian comes with a no questions asked, 365 day, full money back refund if you’re not completely satisfied.

We recommend all the supplements by Bioptimizers not just cause they are great products but because we believe that almost all people need them. 
You can find our reviews on their probiotics P3-OM here, their digest enzymes Masszymes, and their HCL Breathrough supplement

The Consgluten guardian guarantee

  • Well, the biggest so-called con would have to be that you don’t believe Gluten Guardian could work. And yes, we too were complete disbelievers.  But thanks to the money back guarantee, you can try it at absolutely no risk whatsoever.  And the proof of the pudding, as they say, is the eating.  There’s hundreds of thousands of folk out there – just like you – who’ve been won over by the incredible results of Gluten Guardian.

The Bottom Line

So we have to say that on occasion, we’re wrong. That our initial gut feel (pun intended) can – the very odd time – be wrong.  And in the case of Gluten Guardian it wasn’t just left of center – it was way, way of the scale…  Because listen up…  This supplement works!  And then some…

The discomfort of fatigue, brain fog, bloating and other digestive issues is something that affects so many of us.  And although it’s not life changing, it is, we have to say, a PITA!!!  Not to mention being a fussy so-and-so when ordering in restaurants, simply because you’re trying to avoid the gluten heavy products.

But Gluten Guardian honestly does change all of that.  And you really can, once again, enjoy foods that contain gluten.  We also love the wonderful side effect that sees you lose a few of those extra pounds – simply because your body can digest that pesky protein.

In a nutshell, Gluten Guardian gets the thumbs up from us.  It’s an awesome product – one we’ll never be without again…

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