American DreamZzz Review (2019) – Will This Help You Sleep?

Oh No…! Not Another Health Supplement That ‘Guarantees’ Us The Answer To Deep, Satisfying Sleep… If You Suffer From Insomnia Or Any Kind Of Sleep Problem, Then Be Sure To Read Our Review Before You Send These Guys A Single Red Cent Of Your Hard Earned Cash…

american dreamz reviewBecause, let’s face it, an inability to get a decent night’s sleep is a life-changing affliction. And one that no-one can truly appreciate unless they suffer themselves. Yep – we too are among the millions who regularly fail to get the regular slumber we need to function at our best. And believe us when we say that we’ve tried virtually EVERYTHING…!

So when we came across American Dreamz, a supplement from the Patriot Health Alliance and Dr. Arlan Cage, we were naturally interested. And highly cynical… If you’re thinking of giving American Dreamzzz a try, then please, please read what we found out when we gave the supplement our full attention…

What do you get for your money with American DreamZzz?

Now, American DreamZzz promises that it provides us with what it calls a, ‘new breakthrough formula’. This includes a miracle ingredient that promises that it’ll give you the deep restorative sleep you crave within a week of starting the supplement. Oh, and a little something that’ll help you fall asleep and lower stress levels within the very first hour…!

So let’s look at the ingredients contained in American Dreamz in a little more detail:

  • Melatonin: This targets one of the main problems many have when it comes to sleep, and that’s a raised core temperature. This is a real enemy when it comes to falling asleep. But melatonin lowers the body temperature and helps trigger sleep. In fact, it helps you fall asleep an average of 48 minutes faster
  • Tryptophan: Another major villain in the sleep stakes is increased levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. Tryptophan gently lowers the levels of cortisol, and also increases the feel good hormone, serotonin, and the sleep hormone, melatonin. It helps you reach and maintain a truly deep sleep, each and every night.
  • GABA: This helps you to fall asleep faster. In fact, the effects begin within 30 minutes. It also helps you stay asleep throughout the whole night, lowers cortisol levels, and helps you get to that necessary deep sleep phase to wake up feeling truly refreshed and energised.
  • Lactium: This actually increases your body’s level of GABA, so helping you fall asleep in the first place, and then to stay asleep. It also increases the amount of that necessary deep sleep we all need.
  • Odor-free Valerian: As the name suggests, this has no offensive odor (as is so often found in sleep supplements). It increases levels of GABA, helps you fall asleep faster (up to an hour faster), sleep for longer (2 hours on average), and increases the amount of deep restorative sleep.
  • Theanine: Lowers cortisol levels within thee hours, helps calm you within one hour, lowers the heart rate (necessary to get to sleep), blocks the effects of caffeine and other stimulating chemicals, and helps reduce grogginess when you wake.

When you make your first order you also receive some free gifts, which are other products from the Patriot Health Alliance. These are a bottle of Patriot Flex, a three day supply of Patriot Power Greens, and a report about sleep entitled, The Ugly Myth That is Costing Seniors Their Health.

Who is American Dreamz for?

Now, American Dreamz is targeting those over the age of 50. And this is because this is the most common time of life when failing to get the sleep we need becomes an issue. And sure, it’s the perfect all-natural supplement for this market. However, if you’re having trouble getting a decent sleep on a regular basis, whatever your age, then American Dreamz could well be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Who the heck is Dr. Arlan Cage?

dr arlan american dreamzWell, we have to admit that Cage is a pretty impressive figure in the world of natural medicine. He’s spent his whole career helping people overcome some of the most widespread health conditions through natural and holistic healthcare. He’s been in the field for close to two decades, and his patients number in the hundreds of thousands (and that’s a very conservative estimate).

He was president of the California Naturopathic Doctor’s Association, and is the go-to guy for any high-league entity looking for the very latest advice in natural medicine. In addition, he’s always been laser focused on sleep, and how we can all guarantee that we get the healthy amount we need on a regular basis.

The Pros and Cons of American Dreamz

The Pros

  • Contains a unique combination of ingredients that target the five roadblocks of failing to get a good night’s sleep: trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, not getting enough deep sleep, a racing mind, the effects of caffeine and blue light keeping you awake.
  • Helps regulate two of the main reasons behind a poor sleep pattern: high levels of cortisol and a raised core temperature.
  • The supplement has been created on the back of sound scientific research, including that from studies from MIT and Yale University.
  • Contains only natural ingredients, and is also suitable for those who’re lactose intolerant (even though one of the ingredients, Lactium, comes from milk).

The Consamerican dreamz guarantee

  • OK… Do even though all the ingredients are completely natural, if you have a pre-existing medical condition or take any prescription meds, you should absolutely consult your health care provider before commencing use of this supplement.

The Bottom Line

Well… We have to say that we’re impressed. And we certainly don’t say that very often… American Dreamz is, without a doubt, the very best all-natural supplement we’ve ever come across that can help with each and every kind of sleep issue.

But you know, you don’t even need to take our word for it. Because the supplement comes with a lifetime, 100% (and in some cases, a 200%) money back guarantee. So you really can try it out risk free…! And that’s tantamount proof as to how confident the makers are that American Dreamz will work for you. It’s a stand out awesome product. Try it and prepare to be amazed. Because we were, that’s for sure…