Abs After 40 Review – Is Mark Mcilyar’s Workout Legit?

 Workout For ‘Oldies’ That Not Only Gives You Awesome Abs But Can Actually Prolong Your Life?  A Step Too Far In The Marketing Blurb, Perhaps…?

Abs After 40 Review

So, working out once you hit your 40s has its issues – and if you don’t know it yet then you surely will – the tides of time pause for no man…!  So when Mark Mcilyar began to realize that his former workouts were no longer doing what they should, he decided to do something about it.  This is the backstory of Abs After 40 – and the whole reason it came to fruition.

UPDATE:  We No Longer Recommend Abs After 40

If you want Abs and you are over 40, then we recommend this program.

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Actually, when we see the photos of Mcyliar some 3 years ago – we don’t think this was a guy serious about working out at a;l!!  Abs?  What abs?  More like Homer Simpson than anything else, in our humble opinion.  So we have to admit that we wondered if the advertising was perhaps a little…  ahem, how can we put this politely…?  B%$&*£!it…!   But never let it be said that we have an opinion on a product without getting all the facts first.  So it was time to delve deep into the psyche of what Abs After 40 was really all about.

Below is what we discovered.  And, though we say so ourselves, it’s pretty damn interesting…

What do you get for your money with Abs After 40?

So, what Abs After 40 is (just in case the name didn’t give it away), a workout program for guys who are creeping up to that half century milestone and beyond.  What it promises is a tailored workout for oldies that not only targets fat loss, but, if followed properly, can see you sporting abs and muscles as good, if not better, than guys half your age.  It also provides nutrition information and works with, not against, the differing hormone production that occurs as the years pass by.

The program is split into 3 phases:

  • Phase 1 – Fat Loss Jumpstart: As the name suggests, this is all about restarting the body’s ability to burn off fat.  The reason it doesn’t is because from your mid 20s, your production of testosterone begins to decline.  As this happens, your ability to burn fat also declines.  So you need to workout in a completely different way than you did in years gone by.   You also need a workout that looks after your joints – and you certainly don’t want includes long (boring!) cardio – this is completely detrimental to what you’re trying to achieve.
  • Phase 2 – Male Hormone Optimization: This is all about getting the testosterone production in your body back up to the levels you used to enjoy.  Not only will this see your fat burning ability rise, but it does wonders for your sex drive as well…!
  • Phase 3 – Full-Auto Fat Burning Mode: Phase 3 is all about seeing all your hard work begin to take effect.  Once your hormones are truly balanced, thanks to the powerful optimization methods, fat loss efforts will really begin to speed up – and those much sought after abs really can become a reality.

Who is Abs After 40 for?

Are you male?  Are you 40+?  Do you want to look as great as possible?  How about the best shape of your life?  Oh, and we have to mention… do you want to stave off the risk of serious disease such as diabetes, heart disease and death?  Of course you do!  Well, its a workout and nutrition program that’s targeted specifically for you.  Unlike most other programs on the market, Abs After 40 is designed for (and only for) older guys.  Everything else out there is for young guys – and guess what?  No matter how hard you work at a younger guys program, it’s just not going to work – simply because of the hormone and testosterone decline that naturally happens as we age.

Who the heck is Mark Mcilyar of Abs After 40?

Mark Mcilyar Abs over 40So Mark is the face of Abs After 40 – a 53 year old grandpa who, we have to admit, is sporting some awesome abs!  He’s ripped, defined and looks super healthy – a great advert for the program if ever we saw one.  But 4 years ago this was certainly not the case; Mark was a typical 49 year old with a flabby pot belly – despite his efforts to work out and get in shape…  But then Mark had somewhat of an epiphany – he learned that working out the way younger guys did simply didn’t cut it anymore.  He radically changed how he worked out, turned his diet on its head and… well.  The results speak for themselves!  He now not only looks the fittest he ever has, but he’s a fitness model to boot.  Not bad for a guy who’s well past the half century mark…

The Pros and Cons of Abs After 40

The Pros

  • Abs After 40 is specifically designed for guys aged 40 and beyond. It works on the cause of why we gain that belly fat as we age – the decline of testosterone.  And only by doing this first does it give the body the ability to burn fat in the correct way so you can drop that damn belly fat…
  • This is an all natural way of increasing testosterone production – meaning it’s 100% safe. No dangerous things such as testosterone replacement therapy needed.
  • The workouts look after your joints. After all, our body’s are precious, so the last thing you need is to be jumping around and increasing the chance of injury – you’re not going to be getting ripped if that happens.
  • Lots of nutrition advice is included. Because nutrition and working out for the perfect body go hand in hand…

The Cons

  • Well, the only con here will be your own way of thinking. Perhaps you can’t yet accept that you are getting older; that you are losing the natural ability to produce testosterone, and that you Money Back Guaranteehave to accept the passing of the years.  But the best thing about Abs After 40 is that you really can put a halt to this aging process.  You really can enjoy the body you had 20 years ago, and you really can get rid of that awful paunch that makes you look 10 years older than you really are…

The Bottom Line

So – when we first saw the advertising for Abs After 40, our immediate thought was con, Con, CON!  But we have to admit (and we hate admitting this)…  We were wrong.  And we couldn’t have been more damn wrong…  Because Abs After 40 does exactly what it promises…

Okay – no-one’s trying to say that the workouts are going to be easy…  Getting a body like Mark’s is never going to be a walk in the ball park…  But what the program will give you is a way to start dropping that stubborn belly fat, and if you’re really dedicated, you too could get that gorgeous, sexy six pack.  But even if you don’t get that far, dropping the paunch is not only going to make you look good and feel good, but it has an amazing effect on your health as well.  Being over 40 or 50 (or 60 or 70) really isn’t the end of the body beautiful.  If you’ve got the will, then Abs After 40 will certainly show you the way.  Well done, Mark – we salute you…!