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Tactical Pen Review – Will This Really Help You?

A Pen!  A Simple Pen…  That Doubles As A Weapon, And Can Be Taken On Aircraft And Through Any Kind Of Security You Care To Mention…  You’ll Excuse Us If We’re Not Leaping Around In Excitement…!

So, there’s probably not a single person out there who’ll deny that our Navy Seals are the best elite fighting forces on the planet.  But even so, why on earth would the average US citizen want or even need the Seal Torch 2000 – the light source that these super-humans carry with them on combat missions?

Well, Cade Courtley’s product is causing a bit of a stir by those in the know, so this left us with no choice but to look at it a little harder.  We’ve found out the exact reasons why people are snapping them up, and put the facts down in black and white so you can decide if you need a Seal Torch 2000 in your life…

tactical pen reviewIf you’re considering buying one, then be sure to take a couple of minutes to read what we discovered…

What do you get for your money with Tactical Pen?

So, what’s on offer is the Tactical Pen, created by James Hanson.  It’s a personal protection tool (AKA weapon) that can be carried with you absolutely everywhere you go.  The pen has the following advantages:

  • An indestructible, super solid self-defense and protection aid: That can be used as a weapon, a glass-breaking device, a pen (!), and is made from solid, aircraft grade aluminum.
  • Can be as deadly as a gun: A well-timed strike in the right body area with the Tactical Pen can have the same effect as a bullet…
  • Fits neatly in your pocket: Just like a regular pen
  • Aircraft friendly: Try taking a gun on a plane…  or a knife…  Simply isn’t gonna happen.  But the Tactical Pen is accepted through any security screening in the world.  After all, it’s simply a pen, isn’t it…?
  • Writes like a standard pen: And ink refills are easily purchased online or at local office stores.

Oh, and you also get some other freebies along with it…

  • Free subscription to Laissez Faire Today: A daily e-newsletter on all things security and life hacks, direct to your inbox
  • The Black Bag Confidential: James Hanson’s personal free briefing into real and valid advice that he learned during his CIA career.  Advice that you and your family can use to keep yourselves safe and sound.

Who the heck is James Hanson?

jason hansonHanson is an ex-CIA officer who, since leaving office and returning to civvy street, has made quite a name for himself on mainstream media where he’s demonstrated the Tactical Pen.   Media such as Fox5 Local, Las Vegas, the Rachel Ray Show, The Malzberg Show, and Good 4 Utah…

This is a guy who knows how important it is to carry a legal piece of kit that can also double as a weapon.  And this is why he truly believes that every single US citizen should own one of these pens for self-defense.

Who is Tactical Pen for?

Have you ever felt a little bit (or a lot) uneasy in a situation?  A time when you’d perhaps like to have something at hand to protect yourself?  Sure, you can get a gun – if you know how to use it and are sure that an attacker wouldn’t simply wrestle it off you and turn the tables…  But you can’t carry a gun on an aircraft, or through any kind of security…

But you can carry a pen – anywhere!  And who on earth would think that something as simple as the Tactical Pen could prove such a serious defense weapon?  This little baby should be in everyone’s pocket, bag, laptop case, purse…  Male or female, young or old, small or large, if you own a Tactical Pen, you have a means by which you can put up a fight…

The Pros and Cons of Tactical Pen

The Pros

  • The Tactical Pen truly is a deadly weapon. But it looks like an innocent object…  Carry one with you at all times to protect yourself against attack.  Oh – and it’s a pretty smart looking regular pen as well…
  • It truly is indestructible. From hammer blows to being frozen in ice, the Tactical Pen will come up smelling of roses each and every time…
  • It will happily pass though all kinds of security, including that of airports, courthouses, high security areas, and x-rays.
  • The Tactical Pen comes with a no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee if you’re not 100% happy with it…

The Constactical pen guarantee

  • The biggest ‘con’ is that there are only 1,500 of these Tactical Pens available. So if you want one or more (there’s a maximum order of 3 per person), you’d better be quick off the mark.

The Bottom Line

D’you know, we honestly wondered if the Tactical Pen could be any more use as a personal protection aid than carrying around a regular pen.  Well, we were wrong – totally and utterly wrong.  Because this is so much more than a run of the mill writing implement (and it’s pretty awesome at that, as well…).

It’s truly tough – and deadly if used in the right manner.  It’s also strong enough to break glass in an emergency, is pretty much indestructible, and looks so, soooo cool!  If you’re looking for a personal defense object that you can carry with you at all time – wherever you go – then you NEED a Tactical Pen.  In a nutshell, it’s awesome!

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