Seal Torch 2000 Review – What’s the Deal With This?

UPDATE: The Seal Torch 2000 is out of stock, but we think you will love this survival tool here.

So…  A Torch That’s One Of The Brightest Night Observation And Illumination Devices Available For Civilian Use…?  Just Like Those Carried By The Navy Seals…!  So Why On Earth Would You Need One For Everyday Life…?

So, there’s probably not a single person out there who’ll deny that our Navy Seals are the best elite fighting forces on the planet.  But even so, why on earth would the average US citizen want or even need the Seal Torch 2000 – the light source that these super-humans carry with them on combat missions?

seal torch 2000 reviewWell, Cade Courtley’s product is causing a bit of a stir by those in the know, so this left us with no choice but to look at it a little harder.  We’ve found out the exact reasons why people are snapping them up, and put the facts down in black and white so you can decide if you need a Seal Torch 2000 in your life…

If you’re considering buying one, then be sure to take a couple of minutes to read what we discovered…

What do you get for your money Seal Torch 2000?

So, when you sign up to receive the seal Torch 2000, you also get some pretty awesome extras.  The whole package breaks down like this:

  • The Seal Torch 2000: This torch simply blows away every single other torch on the market today. Forget even the most powerful traditional flashlight, because there’s simply no comparison.  It’s around 11 x brighter than a traditional light – all thanks to the super-duper XML-T6 LED bulb that lets you see absolutely everything!  It has a telescoping lens that lets you dial in for a super-tight, virtually blinding beam (great for use as a weapon if necessary), or zoom back to cast a wide net to assess the entire situation.
  • The Number 1 Item for Home Defense: A report on the cheap (around $13 bucks), easily purchased (in most camping and hunting stores) item (no, not a gun, knife, club, bat, stun gun, or Taser) that you can purchase that’ll stop any attacker IN THEIR TRACKS.  And it’s 100% legal and can be used by absolutely anyone…
  • 2 Second Survival Videos: A series of videos that show you how to survive the most critical 2 seconds of any attacks.  And with riots and protests occurring virtually anywhere – both on home soil and around the world – you owe it to yourselves and your loved ones to know what to do…
  • A 7-Day Free Trial of Spy & Survival Briefing: This is an amazing new monthly subscription packed full of everything you need to know to survive in literally any situation in our ever more threating world.  Written by those in the know, just like ex Navy Seal, Cade Courtley, you’ll receive cutting edge information on a monthly basis both by email and in print – direct to your door.

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Who the heck is Cade Courtley?

cade courtlyWell, it seems that since putting his illustrious Navy Seal career behind him (he fought for God and country for over a decade), Courtley is becoming the go-to guy for any savvy American seeking to provide the very best care for him (or her) and his family.

Best selling author of the Seal Survival Guide, and the host of Spike TVs, Surviving Disaster, this is one guy who knows how to look after himself – in any godamned situation…  And the best thing is that he’s sharing his knowledge with regular folks (that’s you and me), for the greater good of us all…

Who is Seal Torch 2000 for?

Well, there’s probably not a home in the country that wouldn’t be better off with a Seal Torch 2000 within its walls.  The most powerful of its kind on the market for civilians, it’s not only an amazing light source, but a weapon as well.  For anyone who wants to defend themselves and their loved ones – in a completely legal fashion, then the Seal Torch 2000 is just the job…T

The Pros and Cons of Seal Torch 2000
The Pros

  • The Seal Torch 2000 is pretty much indestructible. It’s not made from cheap plastic, oh no.  This little baby is made from metal, and is designed to take a beating.  You can hit it with a hammer, submerge it in ice cold water (or a hot bathtub), and it’ll still shine on, and on, and on….
  • The torch also has an aggressive muzzle edge specifically designed for escaping an emergency situation. For example, you can break a car window with it, or thrust it at an attacker as a weapon, as well as using it to blind someone who’s trying to run towards you…
  • The extras that come with the torch are pretty damn impressive. For anyone who wants to ensure the safety of themselves and family, the information contained within the videos and newsletters is truly awesome.  You’ll discover scary yet must-know Intel that’s given without media hype, without scaremongering…  Simply what you need to know to be aware and be safe.
  • The Seal Torch 2000 comes with a lifetime guarantee. If at any time you’re not completely happy, simply send it back and they’ll express ship you a new one…

The Consseal torch 2000 guarantee

  • So, when signing up for the Seal Torch 2000, you’re also signing up to receive the Spy and Survival Briefing monthly newsletter. But you get a full 7-day free trial, and you can cancel straight away at no obligation and no cost.  And even if you do decide to keep on with the subscription, you can cancel at any time you like – with no questions being asked.

The Bottom Line

OK, so they’re giving the torch and the extras away in the hope that you’ll continue with the subscription to the newsletter.  But hey, they’re not making any secret of it – and we have to say, the Seal Torch 2000 is a pretty amazing piece of kit.

And, to be brutally honest, the Spy & Survival Briefing really is something too…  Packed with hard-to-discover information about all sorts – from the latest on terrorism and what you can do to protect yourself, to Navy Seal insider info that’s never usually revealed to the public, it’s truly worth the subscription cost.  But of course, you could simply get your free Seal Torch 2000 and extras, and just cancel the subscription.  The choice is yours…