The Truth About Cancer Review – Really? Is This Legit?

So…!  There’s A Whole Bunch Of Unknown Methods Out There That Can Help You Beat Cancer, Other Than Orthodox Medicine…! Surely If Such Things Existed, Your Doctor Would Know About Them – And More Importantly, Tell You…?  Smells Like A Scam To Us – And A Pretty Wicked One At That….!

The Truth About Cancer ReviewListen up, people!  There’s nothing we hate more than a scam product.  And folks are particularly vulnerable to falling foul when they’re going through tough times.  Now, a diagnosis of Cancer?  Well, is there anything any harder than that to deal with?

So when we came across The Truth About Cancer, we have to say it made our hackles rise.  Any prodct that preys upon others misfortune deserves to be ‘outed’.  So this left us with no choice but to get down and dirty with exactly what The Truth About Cancer is offering.

So for anyone even considering spending their hard earned dollars on this product, you NEED  to read this before parting with a single dime.

What do you get for your money with The Truth About Cancer?

OK, so The Truth About Cancer is,  a ‘docu series’ that promises to tell you everything you need to know about preventing, treating, and even beating the dreaded big C.  It’s the creation of one, Ty Bollinger, who started the process of creating the series after a devestating 7 years during which he lost his Mom, Dad, 2 Grandfathers, Grandmother, an Uncle and a Cousin to Cancer and Cancer related treatements.

This left his with a burning urge to learn more about this dreadful disease,  And more importantly, to educate others too.  His global quest culminated in the production of The Truth About Cancer, and if you buy into the series, you’ll receive the following:

  • Episode #1 – The True History of Chemotherapy & the Pharmecutical MonopolyDiscover the shocking truth about conventional medicine’s cancer prevention and treatment methods.  Find out about the devestation orthodox cancer treatments cause the body, and about alternative treatments that work and never harm the body.
  • Episode #2 – Cancer Facts and Fictions, Breast Cancer, Hormones, Skin Cancer, and Essential Oils:  Discover the lie you’ve been fed about cancer being all about genetics!  Find out why many of the products you think help you are actually causing specific cancers, such as breast and skin cancer.
  • Episode #3 – Find out the truth about a ‘magic bullet’ plant produt that kills cancer stem cells, while making normal stem cells even stronger and healthier.  You’ll also discover everything you need to know about the power of plant ingredients and chemicals to help ward off and treat cancer.
  • Episode #4 – Find out why food labeling is tricking you into consuming carciogenic toxins, and how to avoid them.  You’ll also become privvy to how organic foodstuffs really are better, and how you can eat them for pennies – rather than the over-inflated prices you normally find in grocery stores.
  • Episode #5 – Hear the truth about what a diagnosis of cancer really means – and the 5 most dangerous thing your doctor can say to you in such an event.
  • Episode #6 – Discover the reality behind an ‘individualized healing vaccine’ used by a clinic in the US.  Using DNA technology, it’s proving a massive success against eliminating cancers from the body with personalized treatment.
  • Episode #7 – Hear about the Nobel Prize winning ‘super diet’ scientist who’s created a simple, cancer preventing diet containing only two ingredients that you can easily encorporate into your every day nutrition.
  • Episode #8 – Discover more about chemotherapy, and how there are various herbs and spices that can help protect you about the toxins introduced to the body during the process.
  • Episode #9 – Hear the true life stories of some amazing cancer survivors, and their journeys to get better whilst defying orthodox medicine for ‘alternative’ treatments.

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Who is The Truth About Cancer for?

Now, the people who’re going to be thinking of purchasing The Truth About Cancer are likely to be those who’re going through the nightmare of a diagnosis, or have loved ones who are.  Of course, this is who it’s targeted at, and indeed there’s a whole host of useful information within the series.

But it’s also of massive value to everyone out there, thanks to the ind-depth details on how to do your very best to avoid the disease in the first place.  For parents who want the best for their kids (and who doesn’t?), to people concerned about friends and family, there’s information contained within the series that we can all take a important message from.

So why should I believe the information provided?

Every aspect of The Truth About Cancer has been researched and cross referenced to ensure that it’s true and valid.  Much of the information has solid scientific proof, and is backed by many M.D.s and scientists.  In total, over 100 experts around the world  were consulted to bring you the evidence showcased in The Truth About Cancer – some of the smartest, leading lights in the world of cancer treatment and prevention.

The Pros and Cons of The Truth About Cancer

The Pros

  • There’s over 68 hours of information provided in the series.  It’s a combination of true, honest, raw human stories, the de-bunking of many of the myths we’ve been fed over the years about the disease, and the solid scientific evidence behind alternative treatments – and their success stories.
  • The docu-series looks at all stages of cancer.  From preventing it, to treating it, to even beating it once diagnosed, it covers every single base.
  • For those who’ve had cancer and been told they’re in remission, there’s a great section about how to help your body heal.  Discover exactly what you can do to lower the risk of the cancer returning, and how to help your body recover from the toxicity of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.
  • It comes with a 1 year, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

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The Cons

  • So, let’s get a little reality check here.  Wer’e not condoing the somewhat ‘sensationlized’ advertising that seems to be extoling how to beat cancer without conventional medicine.  However, what is great about The Truth About Cancer is the almost revolutionary way it talks about prevention and treatment.  Because these are the real take-home messges – and one that could be the single biggest thing that any of us ever discover.

The Bottom Line

Well, despite our initial cynicism, we have to say that The Truth About Cancer is a truly inspiring product.  The passion and zeal that’s driven its creator on his quest for the truth about cancer really comes across.  And there’s some damn invaluable information within each and every section of the series.

And sure, there’s the ‘miracle’ stories of those who’ve managed to beat cancer and survive, despite all the odds being against them.  But even once you’ve stripped that away, the information contained on the prevention and treatment of cancer, plus the healing process for those in remission, are truly remarkable.

For anyone who wants to become more well informed about this truly terrifying disease, The Truth About Cancer is well worth its price.

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