Shakeology Review – Is It A Scam? Lose Weight With A Milkshake?

A Vegan Milkshake that Doubles as both a Meal Replacement and Energizer – Oh!  And will Help you Lose Weight, Lower Cholesterol and Improve Digestion at the Same Time.  Hmm, Excuse Us if we’re a Little Cynical…

Okay, so there are certainly a lot of us out there who need to lose a few pounds.  And if we could gain a whole bundle of health benefits along the way, then that’d be great, Shakeology reviewright?  But a daily milkshake that can do all of this – well, let’s not say right out that we don’t believe the hype behind the marketing (oh, okay, let’s DO say it.)  But one thing’s for sure – it’s definitely got our cynical noses twitching and looking for the scam.

And being as pretty much every Shakeology review you can find on the net is obviously being written by someone who just wants to sell the stuff and make a profit, it starts to get really galling to try and found out any legitimate information on the damn stuff!  So, there was nothing for it but<!–NoAds–> to take a good look, find out the Shakeology ingredients, nutrition facts and some “real” results, as opposed to just the “wow, how great is this” Shakeology reviews. Read on to find out exactly what we found out about Shakeology – the vegan drink that’s billing itself as “The Healthiest Meal of the Day.”

What’s in the Shake? – Shakeology Ingredients

Right, Shakeology is, as the name suggests, all about shakes.  But this baby is billing itself as being 100 percent vegan, yet still creamy and smooth.  By blending ultra-fine, bio-fermented raw vegan materials together, the makers say that they’ve come up with a shake that has none of the grittiness that’s usually associated with vegan drinks. The ingredients used to create their masterpiece include the following:

  • Raw sprouted and bio-fermented brown rice protein.  Rice – the bane of 21st century processed food, weight gain and toxin problems!  Granted – BUT not when it’s the real deal.  Brown rice protein, raw sprouted, is nothing like the horror that is the white rice so loved by 99 percent of the overweight population.  No, this stuff is packed with nutrition that your body needs, as well as actively reducing the phytic acid that prevents your body absorbing the minerals from food.  And the bio-fermentation breaks down the grain even more, so further aiding your body to absorb all the great ingredients contained within.
  • Sacha Inchi.  This is an amazing vegetable protein; jam packed with fiber and the fats that your body needs to work at optimum level.  It’s also a rare source of a good combination of omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9, and also helps to combat the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response to injury, stress and pain.
  • Himalayan SaltThe good kind of salt that your body needs.  This type contains more than 70 trace minerals, and is only minimally processed.
  • Konjac RootA known “super food” that helps clear your digestive tract of toxins and fat, as well as promoting good cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
  • Whole Grains.  Unrefined and unprocessed, these provide the necessary nutrients and vitamins your body craves in a natural, holistic manner.
  • Coconut Flower Nectar.  Sweet, with a low GI rating and high in B vitamins, iron, magnesium, zinc and a prebiotic fiber that feeds the digestive flora in the gut – to name just a few of its “super food” properties.

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Who is Shakeology for?

At only 150 calories per serving, but packed full of some pretty powerful ingredients, Shakeology can realistically be substituted as one of your three meals per day.  After all, do we really need to eat heavily three times per day?  And because the Shakeology ingredients cleverly release their energy slowly, they really do make you feel fuller for longer.  So for those who are looking to lose a few pounds, then this honestly is a viable option. But let’s forget dieters for a moment.  What about all the other claims – that’s what this Shakeology review is about, after all.  Can it really reduce your food cravings?  What about increasing your energy, improving your stamina, lowering your cholesterol and improving your digestion and regularity?

shakeology resultsWell, the thing is that if you feed your body with the correct nutrition, all those things really will occur.  And the Shakeology nutrition facts that are stated in all the hype actually are genuine “side effects” of the correct nutrition.  After all, think how you feel after you’ve eaten a stodgy, fat filled, highly processed meal.  Full, sluggish soon after eating (due to the incredible sugar spike on eating it, followed by that terrible trough that makes you want to curl up and have an afternoon snooze).  Not to mention what it does to your arteries, cholesterol levels and your long-suffering digestive system.

In fact, there’s probably not a person in the western world who wouldn’t benefit from changing their diet to some extent, and packing it full of the Shakeology ingredients that you can happily get simply from swopping one meal a day.

The Pros and Cons of Shakeology

The Pros

  • Jam packed full of all those ingredients that we know are good for us, but can sometimes be difficult to incorporate into our diet.
  • Shakeology comes in various different flavors to suit all palates – chocolate and strawberry to name just two.
  • All the Shakeology ingredients are completely natural, unrefined and suitable for all diets, including vegans.  The combination, when drunk on a daily basis, can help your body to gently eliminate the many toxins that cause so many of our 21st century health issues.
  • The Shakeology nutrition facts are all clearly stated and explained on their website, along with an explanation of the 70 plus ingredients that have been sourced from all around the world.
  • The nutritional value provided by Shakeology honestly can help reduce food cravings, increase energy levels, and help you lose weight as well as “keeping you regular.”
  • Oh yeah – and it tastes pretty awesome as well!

The Cons

  • The biggest “con,” if you like, is the price.  But when we actually stopped to think about it for a moment, the cost of Shakeology isn’t really as expensive as you might first think.  After all, we all happily spend a few dollars most days – either on some fast food, or perhaps a latte or cappuccino to go.  So simply swop that expenditure for and reap all the Shakeology results that you’re going to get.
  • The cynics amongst you (and yes, that does include us) are going to have to change their views.  And if you think that all those Shakeology reviews bigging this drink up are simply a sales pitch, and you hate to admit you’re wrong – then get ready to take a great big bite of humble pie.

The Health Avenger’s Recommendation

Well, just in case you haven’t already realized it, we’re hooked.  After checking out all the Shakeology nutrition facts (not to mention actually trying it), we’ve got to admit that this is one super star of a shake.  So while we honestly thought we’d be telling you that Shakeology was all mouth and no trousers, we’ve got to (reluctantly) admit that this is one “hypey” product that really does live up to its claims. In a word – awesome!

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