Salus Defense Structured Silver Review – Does It Work?

So A Simple ‘Structured’ Combination Of Water And Silver Is The Cure-All For Virtually Any Bacterial, Viral, Or Fungal Condition…? Or Even Cancer…? So What The Heck Is This Miraculous Sounding Product…?

salus structured silver reviewIt’s long been known that silver has amazing healing properties. So why on earth is the marketing machine behind Salus Structured Silver saying theirs is so much better…? And so much better that it can provide a defense and/or cure for  issues as varied as the common cold, influenza, canker, bronchitis, athletes foot, chicken pox, and heart disease…?

We have to say, this is certainly one product that sounds far too good to be true… And bitter experience has shown us all too many times that if this is the case, then it usually is… But there’s a whole buzz going around about Salus Structured Silver right now, and this has got us mighty curious.

So of course, we decided to find out more… Much more… And below is the culmination into our deep dive to find out exactly what the product is, and – most importantly – whether or not it really can live up to its incredible claims. So if you’re considering a purchase, then you’re sure gonna be interested in what we found out…

What do you get for your money with Salus Structured Silver?

So, Salus Structured Silver is, to put it in easy-to-understand terms (because the reality is all incredibly ‘sciency’), water molecules that have been electrically charged to contain silver. And these molecules have an incredible ability to purify and destroy virtually anything that’s harmful to humans.

This means that it can be used to target many conditions – both minor through to the very serious.

But the big thing about Salus Structured Silver is that it’s way, way more powerful in the fight against disease than regular ionic and colloidal silver, because of the following reason:

  • Because it kills and keeps on killing: This is a bit complicated, so bear with us. Regular ionic or colloidal silver is like firing a shot gun at bacteria, viruses, and diseases. Each molecule has one shot – bang! That’s it – the power of the molecule is finished. But with Salus Defense Structured Silver that killing effect goes on, and on, and on – like a machine gun. That’s why it’s so very much more effective at destroying so many unwanted problems. In other words – it’s silver, but on steroids…!

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Who is Salus Defense Structured Silver for?

What’s also so exciting about Salus Structured Silver is that everyone can use it. Yep – everyone. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how well (or sick) you are, if you take prescription meds, if you’re male or female… It really is a product for every single one of us…

So how do you use it?

OK, so Salus Structured Silver comes in a bottle (because it’s combined with water, right!). And you can use it in many different ways. You can ingest it (2 teaspoons is usually the recommended dose), to work on conditions from within. Or you can apply it topically – onto the skin – for issues such as scars, acne, or wrinkles.

What’s wonderful is that you can add it into your daily regime (add it to your morning beverage, for example) to not only target existing health issues, but also to help your body defend against any potential problems. The list of conditions that Salus Structured Silver has proven to improve or cure is endless, but include the following:

  • Food poisoning
  • Bad breath
  • Bed sores
  • Congestion
  • Period pains
  • Pneumonia
  • Tonsillitis
  • Yeast diseases (candida
  • Bladder infections
  • Age spots
  • Cysts
  • Nappy rash…. There’s simply way too many conditions to list in this short review.

The Pros and Cons of Salus Structured Silver

The Pros

  • Works at both existing health conditions and also provides a rock-solid defense against potential problems. This really is the ultimate immune system booster.
  • Way more effective at killing the ‘bad’ stuff than regular ionic or colloidal silver.
  • Works in cases where many conventional antibiotics now fail to have an effect.
  • Virtually tasteless – can simply be added to a drink or mixed in water.

The Consmoneyback guarantee salus structured silver

  • OK, so Salus Structured Silver is considered a supplement, an as such is not evaluated by the FDA. However, all the science and research behind the product is based on many very real and proven studies, all of which are cited on the company’s website so you can look them up if you so desire.

The Bottom Line

D’you know…? In today’s times of antibiotic resistant diseases (and these are ever on the increase), anything we can do to reduce our reliance on them has got to be a good thing. The power of silver as a natural antibiotic has long been known – we’ve just failed miserably in harnessing the power and utilizing it correctly. Until now…

Salus Structured Silver really could be the answer to our current antibiotic armageddon… And believe us, the current antibiotic resistance situation is very real, and very, very frightening… We all owe it to ourselves, to our kids, and to future generations to find ways to not only treat conditions without antibiotics, but also to provide our bodies with a better defense against disease. And a product such as Salus Structured Silver could well be the answer.

Whatever your view about antibiotics, taking a regular dose of an all-natural, completely safe product such as Salus Structured Silver could well be the miracle we as humans need in the fight against disease. And in the 21st century, who doesn’t have a friend or loved one who’s not fighting some terrible illness…? Not only could Salus Structured Silver help guard against such problems, but it can also be used as a cure-all for so many other, more minor conditions.

We applaud the science and the brains behind Salus Structured Silver. In our humble opinion, this is a stand-out amazing product. And it’s certainly one that now sits on our kitchen counter, and is in use on a regular basis. Salus Structured Silver should be on everyone’s shopping list, because it’s awesome – pure and simple…!

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