Panasilver Review – Is Ian Clark’s Lastest Supplement Good?

A Revolutionary ‘Secret’ Kind Of Silver Solution That’ll Up Your Immune System, Increase Energy Levels, And Simply Make You Feel Glad To Be Alive…? Hmmm – We’re Way, Way Past The Time Of Life When We Believed In Fairy Stories…

panasilver review

You’ve gotta love the persuasion that some companies use to get us to buy their products. And when we came across Panasilver – a liquid silver solution that’s promising to virtually be the elixir of life, then we’ll admit that we had a little snigger…

Because, c’mon! Any advertising that promises we can ‘reclaim the resilience and energy of our childhood’ – no matter what age you might be now – has to be stretching the realms of truth to the max…!

But… Of course, it’s not fair to dismiss such a product just because of our instincts (although we have to say, they’re usually pretty accurate). So we decided to delve deep behind the science of Panasilver, and find out exactly what the product was. And, more importantly, if it possibly could live up to the advertising hype.

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What do you get for your money with Panasilver?

So, as we’ve already mentioned, Panasilver is a liquid silver solution. And actually, it’s rather unique – despite there being a bunch of them on the market to choose from.

It’s a liquid solution that you take daily – either in a drink, with water, or on it’s own. And the benefits of doing so include the following:

Silver boosts the immune system by actively destroying bacteria. It does this in three ways.

  • One: The silver particles (ions) have a positive electrical charge. This binds with a part of bacteria cells and literally causes them to burst., therefore eradicating them from the body.
  • Two: Silver particles also prevent the bacteria cells from getting nutrition, so starving them out.
  • Three: It causes bacteria to produce poisonous substances within their own cell walls, and this acts like a fire, causing them to burn to nothing from the inside out.

So together the silver provides a 1-2-3-stage attack on bacteria, literally wiping them out from the body.

Colloidal silver has been used over time by thousands of people, thanks to its healing properties.

But there’s one big problem with colloidal silver… And it goes something like this:

The way colloidal silver is made gives it a high concentration of large silver particles. And the body simply can’t use all of them. These leftover particles  form deposits when mixed with stomach acid. These enter the blood stream and – wait for it – turn your skin blue! And, if this could get any worse – it’s irreversible. OK, so it’s not toxic, but let’s face it, who on earth wants to be blue?

It was enough for the government to support antibiotic treatment over silver treatment. Hence the reason the doc gives you these when you need to fight an infection, and not silver…

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So why is Panasilver different?

ian clark panasilver

Well, it’s all down to a little thing called, Silver Sol. Without getting too technical, this is created by charging silver and water with electricity, causing the silver particles and water molecules to bond together. This means the silver particles become nano-sized, allowing them to be fully absorbed into the blood stream.  So no large particles left to mix with stomach acid (and therefore, no turning blue!).

This Silver Sol solution has been found to be lethal to harmful viruses and bacteria, yet PERFECTLY SAFE FOR HUMANS AND ANIMALS! And Panasilver is the only patented and scientifically proven silver solution on the market today that uses this technology.

Who is Panasilver for?

The great thing about Panasilver is, because it’s completely natural and non-toxic, it really is suitable for everyone. Sure, it’s going to catch the attention of those who’re older, and perhaps sick, and yes – it really is perfect in these scenarios. But for everyone else – the healthy, the younger, the ‘top of their game’ folks… Then you’re missing a trick if you think you don’t need a product like Panasilver. Because all the support you can give your body’s natural repair systems will bode well both in the here and now, as well as for the future.

After all… If the military use it for their guys (the youngest, fittest, hardiest souls on the planet), then just imagine what it can do for you…!

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The Pros and Cons of Panasilver

The Pros

  • Used by the military, and has been found to kill Bubonic Plague, Hospital Staph, Anthrax, and SARS.
  • Completely non-toxic to humans.
  • Supports the body’s natural healing ability, allowing you to naturally fight off colds, bugs, and other illnesses.
  • Flushes out harmful toxins and chemicals, and allows the body to regenerate cells and tissues. This in turn increases energy levels, vitality, and even helps slow the signs of aging.

The Conspanasilver guarantee

  • Well, the worst thing about is that the company can only produce Panasilver in small batches. This means that it’s not always available to purchase. So, if you want the product, it’s best to stockpile to be sure that you never run out.

The Bottom Line

OK, so we have to say, we weren’t prepared to be impressed. But actually, Panasilver really does have the scientific evidence to back up it’s advertising claims. There’s no doubting that silver genuinely has anti-bacterial properties. And there’s a library of more than 300 major studies, tests, and reports that stand behind both its effectiveness and safety.

And, of course, we’re all aware of antibiotic resistance, and the challenges that it poses on the whole population. This is why an anti-microbial such as Panasilver that destroys, starves, and poisons germs at the same time, WITHOUT CAUSING ANY HARM TO HUMAN CELLS WHATSOEVER, is so massively advantageous.

Not only that, but besides killing bacteria, it assists the body to be able to fight off potential infection in the first place! Plus has the all-round effect of making you feel just fab! And that, we have to say, makes it a pretty awesome product.

Panasilver also comes with an iron clad, 60-day, 100% money back guarantee if you decide to return it. But we’ll bet our bottom dollar that once tried, you’ll never want to be without it. We wouldn’t be surprised if every bathroom in the land soon had a bottle of Panasilver in it. It’s certainly in ours, that’s for sure…

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