Purathrive Probiotic Review – Will This Help Your Digestive System?

Now, Taking A Probiotic Is Great For Whole Body Health, Right…? But, So The Maker’s Of Purathrive Probiotic Tell Us, They’re Not All Created Equal…

purathrive probiotic review

But then they would say that, wouldn’t they…? Because they want us to buy theirs… Now, we’ve nothing against a bit of advertising razzmatazz. But when a company goes to so much trouble to tell us exactly whey there’s isn’t just ‘the best’ out there, but that it outperforms even their nearest competitor by such a margin that it can call itself ‘unique’, well… We want a little proof to back up those claims.

Cue a down and dirty look at exactly what Purathrive Probiotic really is. And if it honestly can live up to the amazing claims it’s making. And if you’re thinking of a purchase, then we highly recommend spending a couple of minutes of your time reading what we found out. Because, let’s face it, we all work hard for our dollars. And the last thing you need to do is fritter them away thanks to the cleverly penned words of a talented writer…!

And we have to say, what we discovered about Purathrive Probiotic is very interesting indeed…

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What do you get for your money with Purathrive Probiotic?

So, Purathrive Probiotic is a daily supplement that feeds what is fast being accepted as the ‘ringmaster’ of the body, the gut. Or, to use the trendy word for it, the microbiome. This is basically the lining of the gut where a bunch of bacteria live. And the health of these bacteria has a massive effect on the health of the rest of the body. Countless numbers of studies have confirmed this, and have also confirmed that the wrong good-bad bacteria balance has all kinds of detrimental effects on our health as a whole.

Here in the western world, our diet (one that tends to be high in sugar) is one big reason many of us have far more bad bacteria in our gut than good. So too does the use of antibiotics. The third nail in our coffin is the effect of too much stress. And, let’s face it, who isn’t over-stressed in this crazy world we live in…?

So let’s take a look at exactly why Purathrive Probiotic is claiming to be the best on the market, and totally unique:

  • Rhamnosus: The secret to a happy gut. This little microbe is the star of good bacteria. It’s a strain of the Lactobacillus bacteria, and is the most studied and widely used probiotic there is. And for good reason. It supports so many different areas of health. These include gut health, immune function, allergies, mental health, weight loss, and child development (both pre and post natal).

Now, other probiotics also contain L. Rhamnosus. However, the difference with Purathrive Probiotic is both the quality of the bacteria, and the patented delivery method within the body. Because the digestive system is notoriously hard to get through, and most other methods simply end up getting excreted from the body. The company call it, RcME delivery. And it works like this

  • Step One – Emulsion Formation: Using a protein found in milk, lactoferrin, a protective emulsion is created. This works because lactoferrin has the unique affinity to bind to iron, and under high pH conditions can be conjugated to Rhamnosus. It’s homogenized and then cooled, forming a protective particle containing the lactoferrin-Rhamonsus combo.
  • Step Two – RcME: Or, to give it its full name, Receptor Cell Mediated Endocytosis. This is simply a fancy name that means that the all-important product created in step one is surrounded by healthy layers to protection to allow it to travel through the digestive system.
  • Step Three – Probiotic Delivery: Thanks to its uber-protection, the probiotic travels safely through the harsh environment of the stomach and is deposited exactly where it needs to be – the gut lining. Once here, the protective layers gently peel away and the probiotic is absorbed by the lining where all the benefits of its delivery can get to work.

Who is Purathrive Probiotic for?

Well, this one is easy. All of us…! Because who doesn’t want to be healthy from the inside out…? After all, certain health issues seem to be plaguing us in the 21st century. Leaky gut, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and various other unpleasant digestive problems. What about depression, anxiety, mental health issues, scary stuff like dementia and Alzheimer’s…? And who doesn’t seem to come down with every bug and illness doing the rounds…? It’s as if our immune systems simply can’t cope any more…

The sad truth is that if our gut isn’t healthy, neither is the rest of the body. Trying (and failing) to lose weight…? Here’s betting your unhealthy gut is the culprit. It’s also likely to be the cause of the increase in allergies and intolerances. In fact, scientists and the medical world are fast coming to an agreement that the state of our gut health is responsible for virtually every illness and health problem there is out there… And that’s pretty frightening, don’t you agree…?

Who the heck is Purathrive?

The makers of Purathrive Probiotic, Purathrive, is the end result of three health enthusiasts who were fed up with failing to find great quality dietary supplements that actually delivered…  So they decided the only way to find them was to create their own. Every single product they bring to market has been fully researched, uses only the highest quality, organic ingredients, and, in many cases, a unique delivery method – such as RcME. Oh, and they come with a iron clad, no questions asked, 60-day, 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

The Pros and Cons of Purathrive Probiotic

The Pros

  • Made from totally organic substances, and is GMO, MSG, gluten, soy, yeast, lactose, and milk free.
  • Thanks to the unique delivery method, more of the good stuff gets to where it needs to – the gut lining – as opposed to other probiotics where much is lost in the hostile environment of the digestive system, and simply excreted by the body.
  • Only contains the highest quality, most extensively researched strain of good bacteria, at the most potent levels available.
  • Can have a massive effect on the health of the whole body. Supports digestion, well being, mental health, the immune system, and weight loss. It also has a massive influence on child development, both pre and post birth.

The Conspurathrive probiotics money back guarantee

  • Well, sadly, if you suffer from a dairy intolerance, then you won’t be able to take Purathrive Probiotic because of the Lactoferrin.

The Bottom Line

We have to say, if you’re looking to take a probiotic supplement, then you really should take the best one out there. And we can say with unequivocal certainty that Purathrive Probiotic is probably the most potent one we’ve ever come across. Not only does it contain the bacteria strain that every medical expert will tell you is the out and out best, but in addition the company has gone to great expense to make sure that it has incredible bioavailability. And it’s that very aspect that makes Purathrive Probiotic so unique.

After all, the last thing you want is spend money on a supplement, only to pee it out because it can’t get to where it needs to. So yes, we definitely give Purathrive Probiotic the thumbs up. In fact, we’ll go as far as to say that you probably can’t do better for your money. It’s certainly the one we’d go for. Purathrive Probiotic is one of the few products we’ve ever come across that honestly does live up to its hype – proven over and over again. A great health supplement…

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