Physio Omega Review – How’s PhusioTru’s Supplement?

So, It Seems That No Matter How Hard You Try To Eat Healthy, You’re Likely Still Missing Out On One Vital Ingredient For True Heart Health… And Guess What? All You Need Do Is Buy This ‘Unique’ Supplement…

physio omega review

Wow! We have to say, the advertising machine behind the fish oil supplement, Physio Omega, has certainly gone into overdrive. Read it end to end and you’ll be falling over yourself to be buying the product. But hold on one minute… Because the best purchaser is a wise purchaser. And, of course, advertising is meant to do one single thing. And that’s to get you to spend your money.

So before you do, you owe it to yourself (and your health) to gain a little more knowledge. Because, let’s face it, advertisers can say anything online, never mind if it’s true or not….

If you’re considering a purchase of Physio Omega, then be sure to read our in-depth review that gets to the truth of the actual product. And that’s the good AND the bad. That way you can then make an informed decision as to whether or not it’s right for you…

What do you get for your money with Physio Omega?

OK, so as already mentioned, Physio Omega is a complete fish oil supplement. The reason for adding such a product to your daily regime is because when you get the right fish oils, it can have a massive effect on heart health.

Now, you’ve surely heard of Omega-3. But guess what… This is not a single substance. In fact there are three different Omegas that you should be consuming for true cardiovascular health. And these are:

  • EPA
  • DHA
  • DPA

Now, the most important one in this list is the latter – DPA. Because this is ten times more effective on your health than the others. And a recent Harvard study of 30,000 people has shown that the more DPA in your system, the better your heart health is. It improves things such as:

But the thing is, most other fish oils don’t contain DPA. Check it your for yourself – because that small print on the back that none of us bother to read? That’s where you’ll discover what’s missing… And it’s always that vital ‘missing Omega’, DPA.

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So what’s the big deal about this DPA?

sam walters physio omegaKnown as the ‘missing Omega’, the very best source of DPA is found in wild caught, tiny, bony little fish called Menhaden fish. Now, they might not make for a gourmet meal, but they have really oily flesh – a massive source of DPA. And, because they eat mainly phytoplankton, are much likely to contaminate you with those enemies of the ocean, heavy metals, Mercury and PCBs.

Put simply, DPA is not found in regular fish or krill oils. And it’s only by combining these three Omegas that you can truly give your body what it needs for optimum cardiovascular health.

Who is Physio Omega for?

Want to be healthy? Want to protect yourself not only from heart attacks and stroke, but all those other nasty diseases such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, dementia, and many others? Of course you do… Not to mention help stabilize your blood pressure, increase your energy, kick start your sex drive, reduce cravings, help with weight loss… The advantages of this supplement are endless. So if you want the very best supplement for the very best health, then Physio Omega is for you.

The Pros and Cons of Physio Omega

The Pros

  • Created only from wild-caught Menhaden fish, the highest source of the ‘missing Omega’, DPA.
  • Made from pure fish oil, with virtually no contaminants whatsoever – unlike so many other mass-produced fish oils.
  • The oil is made in a unique manner, called molecular distillation, that refines it into an ultra-pure state.
  • Easily absorbed by the body – and no fishy burps!

The Consphysio omega guarantee

Well, the only ‘con’ will be your own doubts that Physio Omega offers anything different from all the other fish oils on the market. But do your research… Do they contain DPA? And, perhaps more importantly, can they guarantee that the fish are caught in clean, American waters, and processed using the ultimate method of molecular distillation to ensure the oil is fresh, and contains no contaminants?

The answer is, more than likely, no… Because that’s the difference between Physio Omega and all the rest of its seemingly similar competitors. It’s all down to quality – and Physio Omega really does stand head and shoulders above the rest…

The Bottom Line

Well, if you’re gonna take a fish oil supplement, then we have to say – take the best one there is… And we certainly can’t fault Physio Omega when it comes to the gold medal stakes – because this one really is different.

Plus it comes with an awesome, 3 x satisfaction guarantee.  1 – guaranteed to contain the ‘missing Omega’ in its purest form possible. And is sourced only from wild Menhaden in clean American waters. 2 – the entire production process is carried out in the USA, pure and simple. 3 – you have 60 full days to try the product, and if you’re not 100% satisfied, simply contact customer services for a full money back refund.

In short, Physio Omega really is the highest quality fish oil on the market today. And if you’ve done even the tiniest bit of research, then you’ll know what a powerful effect these Omegas can have on your health. It’s a stand up incredible supplement. And Physio Omega is certainly part of our daily regime from now on…

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