Patriot Flex Review – Will It Help Your Joint Pain?

Really!  A ‘Breakthrough’ Joint Remedy That’s Light Years Away From Being Available In Mainstream Medicine..!  Yet You Can Get It Here In Herbal Form That Will Provide Super Fast Relief From All Kinds Of Joint Pain.  Well – We Have To Say, We’ll Certainly Take Some Convincing…

Do you suffer from joint pain?  Yeah, us too – so we know how miserable it is.  And, like us, you’ve probably tried everything…  Heat, ice, anti-inflammatories, cortisone injections, exercise, no exercise…  All to no avail. So when we came across Patriot Flex, a simple herbal oil that not only promises relief from the pain, but to actively fight the cause as well, we have to admit to raising a cynical eyebrow…

patriot flex review

But there’s also a little part of us that wants to believe that it might – just might – be able to help.  Because, let’s face it, living with joint pain is truly miserable.  So of course, there was nothing else for us to do but to find out exactly what Patriot Health Alliance’s Patriot Flex was all about.  And, most importantly, did it work?

Below is all we discovered.  And if you’re considering a purchase, just give us a couple of minutes of your time to read what we found out before you shell out your hard earned dollars.  We think you’ll thank us, that’s for sure…

What do you get for your money with Patriot Flex?

OK, so Patriot Flex is a topical oil that contains 7 natural pain-fighting remedies in one simple to use formula.

These are:

  • Clove Oil: This contains a powerful compound called eugenol (It’s this that makes it the go-to agent for most people to combat toothache).  This is because it fights inflammation.  And we all know that inflammation is one of the main causes that our joints hurt so much in the first place.  Harvard studies have proven that eugenol actively lowers inflammation within the cells of the body – in many cases in up to more than 80%!  And that’s nothing short of amazing.  
  • Suku Marchu: A potent spice that can more than halve the felling of pain.  It also helps fight the destruction of collagen within the joint, and prevent the tendons and ligaments from further deteriorating.
  • Kapuram: A chronic pain reliever that’s been used for thousands of year.  It literally ‘turns off’ the ability of the body to receive pain signals from your joints.  And in addition, it also cools down the inflammation that causes the pain in the first place – by a massive 70%!
  • Boxberry: Did you know that boxberry oil transforms within the body into salicylic acid – in other words, Aspirin!  But the best thing is that it’s absorbed through the skin, so there’s no risk of the nasty stomach problems that taking oral aspirin brings.  And it’s way more potent as well…
  • Chamomile: This baby reduces inflammation, relaxes stiff and tight muscles, and helps protect joints from harmful free radicals that also cause inflammation.  In fact, it’s one of the most powerful free radical fighters known today.
  • Eucalyptus Oil: Because this baby boosts blood flow by around 400%, and relaxes stiff and tight muscles.  In addition, it heats up those awful knots in the muscles, helping create fast, soothing relief from the pain they cause.
  • Rosemary: Because this boosts endorphins within the body, and these are the body’s natural pain fighters.

Who the heck is Jeff Reagan of Patriot Health Alliance?

patriot health allianceReagan is the name behind Patriot Health Alliance, the company that’s bringing you Patriot Flex.  You may well have heard of the best selling, Patriot Power Greens, and other amazing natural products brought to market by Jeff and the team.

Jeff’s an interesting guy, because he’s dedicated his life to searching through ancient remedies and combining them with the most cutting edge breakthroughs in modern science to bring us outstanding products.  And, we have to say, he certainly does his research.  From great nutritional products to ones such as this, Patriot Flex, if you’re looking for a slightly alternative method to treat a problem (without any side effects), then the Patriot Health Alliance is THE place to look.

Who is Patriot Flex for?

Well, if you’ve got joint pain, then Patriot Flex has been made specifically for you.  And this is any kind of joint pain.  From arthritic fingers to that dodgy hip:  Back pain to that bum knee:  A creaky neck to sore toes…  You get the picture.

The Pros and Cons of Patriot Flex

The Pros

  • Patriot Flex not only targets the actual pain, but actively helps to relieve the cause of pain as well.
  • Those who’ve used Patriot Flex have said that it gives relief from stubborn joint pain in a way that fish oils, turmeric, and glucosamine never have.
  • The relief is felt within minutes – no matter where the pain might be. Results show that it relaxes tight muscles in the back, neck, shoulders and elsewhere in the body in super-fast time.
  • Because Patriot Flex targets the inflammation within the body that actually causes the pain, it can help to restore a healthy range of motion within the joint, and actually assist you in getting your life back!

The Cons

  • OK, so there’s a cost for such a product. But actually, it works out at about a buck a day.  That’s right – around $1 US dollar to truly improve your life from painful joints.  And the reason it can be kept so affordable is because Patriot Health Alliance works directly with the best supplement suppliers and laboratories – so there’s no middleman taking his cut.

The Bottom Line of Patriot Flex

Patriot Health Alliance Patriot Flex

Listen up!  Because we have to say, Patriot Flex honestly might be the product you’ve been looking for.  Because it really does work!  If you’re life is blighted by painful joints that are stopping you doing the things you love, then this really could be your life-changing moment.  Simple, and with no bull – Patriot Flex does exactly what it promises to do – take away the pain and give you back your flexibility.

And guess what?  You don’t even need to take our word for it.   Because Patriot Flex comes with a lifetime guarantee.  Yep, that’s a 100% money back guarantee at any time (even if you return the empty bottle) – that’s how sure these guys are that the product works.  Makes giving it a try a bit of a no-brainer, wouldn’t you say?  After all, the only thing you stand to lose is that life-changing joint pain…