Know Better Foods Coupon Code Plus Review

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In the video below I show you my Know Foods review.  Enjoy!

Here is the trascript from the video:

All right. So I got my Know Better Breads in from Like I mentioned earlier, you can click the link down below or there’ll be coupon code to help you out. So let’s just open this box. I just cut the tape. I got the sample pack. So as you see right here, you can refrigerate or freeze it up to six months. Pretty cool. Now, this is the biggest benefit. I normally don’t eat bread but this is obviously supposed to be better, because it’s grain free, gluten free, no trans fats, no GMOs. I really like the fact that it’s low carb and actually, it says high protein. I mean it’s higher than other breads but I wouldn’t say you know like regular protein like chicken and whatnot. Looks like they actually…there’s muffins. What did I get? Some buns, bites, and muffins. So these are the bites here. I think they threw in extra muffins I’m not positive but let’s just check this out.

For each muffin, it’s only four grams of fat, six carbs and 3.5 grams of protein. It’s pretty awesome. And as you see right here, there’s no crazy additives in there and you could actually understand what they’re talking about which is very rare: egg whites, almond flour, applesauce, flax seed, I don’t know what allulose is but everything else if you look at a typical muffin, they have all kinds of crazy additives. If you’re a paleo freak, it’s paleo friendly. Again, this is another muffin. So here’s the combo, two buns and five bites. There’s 58 calories, four grams of fat. Again, about three grams of protein, six carbs. So pretty awesome. I’m gonna be back. I’m gonna try these out and I’ll be with you but anytime you could click the link or check out below and you’ll see the Know Foods Know Better Bread coupon code.

So I’m back. As you can tell, I opened these up, and they are amazing. I’ve tried some of the other alternative breads and muffins and let me tell you these are…and right now I could just feel the moisture on them. You bite into it, it’s chocolatey, super tasty. I was kind of skeptical. They just started waffles as well and so I think those ship like next week. So by the time you’re probably watching this they’re already out. And I bet they’re gonna be amazing as well. I took a little bite of the minis and actually I bit off some of the bun and they do have, you know, you can taste the flax seed in there. And so, really awesome. Added superfoods in there. So, highly recommended.

I don’t know what coupon code I have down below but it’s gonna be the best one I’m always gonna keep it updated or whatnot. So, you’re either gonna click the link down below or type in a coupon code, but I’m gonna make sure to put that in there and keep it updated for you guys so you have the best deal possible. All right. I hope this was helpful. I did contact their support and they were super quick. I like to test that out just to, you know, let you guys know that this is a real company behind it. Really cool thing. You could attach it to your Facebook Messenger and so, it kept me updated in my Facebook Messenger that my order was coming, where it’s at, and then, actually, that it was delivered. So, I knew to go downstairs and check my mail and there it was.

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