Soothe Massage App Promo Code & Review – Save $$ Now

Soothe Massage App Promo Code + Review

Yes!  We all love massages.  Everyone should get one, and what better way to get one at your own home.  Try out the Soothe Massage App with a special deal.

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I have done a quick review of the app/service in this video here:

Here is the transcript from the video: 

If you’re looking for a Soothe app review and coupon code, then you’re in the right spot.

I highly recommend massages, at least once a week, to aid with recovery, to relax, and just, you know, like after workouts, work out the soreness. And so, I really love this company called Soothe. If it’s available in your city, I highly recommend you trying it out. It’s super-convenient. I like the fact that I can book within an hour and they’re there in an hour. They come to your house, or wherever you’re at. If you’re working, there’s actually an option for that.

And so, if you want a promo code, I believe, right now, the special is, you’re gonna get $20 off. So, go ahead. It should be at the bottom of this video, or it’s also going to be in the link in the description down below this video, or if you’re watching this at my website,, you could read a little bit more about it there.

So, as you see here, scroll on down. There’s the pricing. It has changed. I believe it was $99 about a year ago when I first started using it. They didn’t have tips on there, but you could actually add tips now on the app.

I always get either a deep tissue or a Swedish massage. I’ve tried the sports massage. It’s a little bit too much for me. And obviously, being a man, I have not done prenatal. My girlfriend loves getting massages with me, and so we do the couples massage. And the cool thing about it is that you can request the sex of who you want to work on you.

So, she prefers a man, I prefer a woman, and so we select that. And we can have different style massages at the same time. So, sometimes she likes the Swedish massage, and I’ll get a deep tissue.

So, I highly recommend it. I have used it maybe about six or seven times so far. They always arrive on time. They are super-professional, courteous. Some of them have contacted me early, you know, like trying to prepare themselves for the service which I like.

There is one time I tried to book it pretty late on a Friday night, and they were unavailable. I got a phone call from them saying that nobody was available to take it. And so, I missed out on a massage, but it wasn’t really necessary that night.

But, overall, everybody that I’ve used it with, I’ve enjoyed it. It gave a lot of relaxation. It saves me a lot of time. Typically, the massage parlor that I go to is always booked up like a week in advance, and so I love the fact that I could just schedule it 60 minutes before or a couple hours before.

So, all right, if you’re ready to try it out, go ahead and use the coupon code down below. I hope this was helpful, and I hope to talk to you soon.

You can download the Soothe app here and then
Just use the Soothe App Promo Code: ENURX to save now.