HL12 Review – What’s The Truth?

Wow!  A ‘Holy’ Answer To Curing Some Of Life’s Most Awful, Chronic, Diseases…!  We Don’t Know What You Think, But Isn’t This Ever So Slightly In Bad Taste…?

hl12 review

UPDATE: We No Longer Reocommend HL12.  We have found that Marine D3 is a superior product to this.  You can find our review here or learn more about it here.

Hey, people…  We have to say that we’re pretty used to seeing some off-the-wall methods of advertising by folks who want to sell their products.  But, come on now… Using The Bible as leverage to get sick folks to trust and buy…?  Well, that’s taking it to another level, wouldn’t you say?  But that’s exactly what the marketing guys of the HL12 Supplement are doing – because what this product contains is those oh so wonderful presents that the 3 Wise Men brought along to the birth of the Baby Jesus – Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh.  Oh, and HL12 stands for Holy Land 12 – in case you were wondering (there are 12 ingredients in the supplement, and all are mentioned in The Bible).

Now, whilst this particular vein of advertising immediately caught our attention, we have to admit to being very (actually, make that extremely) cynical, simply because of the angle used.  But never let it be said that we dismiss a product before giving it the full chance to impress us (or otherwise!).   This left us with no choice but to get down and dirty with exactly what the HL12 Supplement is really all about – and whether it can honestly live up to its outstanding claims.

Below is what we discovered.  And although we say so ourselves, it certainly makes for thought provoking reading…

What do you get for your money with HL12?

OK, so as we’ve already mentioned, HL12 is a supplement that claims to provide many people with health benefits – including those suffering from Type II Diabetes, Inflammation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, various Auto-Immune disorders, some types of Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Heart Burn… the list goes on.

And the supplement is non-chemical – it consists of only pure and natural substances that have been proven to help with ill health.

What’s contained within each capsule is… wait for it…  products derived from those holy substances, Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh.  So let’s look at the health benefits of these.  We’ll discuss Frankincense and Myrrh first, because the ‘gold’ link is slightly more tenuous.

Benefits of including Frankincense and Myrrh in your diet via a supplementary form such as the HL12 Supplement:

  • Improved insulin sensitivity levels: Taking the plant extract that’s derived from trees from the Frankincense and Myrrh families has been proven (and published in the International Journal of Obesity after tests in 2001), that it helps to normalize blood sugar levels in only 14 days.
  • Improved regulation of insulin release: within the body.  This, along with the above, helps to re-stabilize the body’s blood sugar levels.
  • Increased weight loss: Of up to 50% more than people who don’t include these in their diet.
  • Improved glucose tolerance and reduced triglycerides: This was proven in a 2009 study published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry.
  • Protection against mental deterioration and dementia: As proven in 2007 and published in the Journal of Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Behavior.
  • A powerful anti-inflammatory effect: 2010, the Journal of Ethnopharmacology. And we all know what a devastating effect inflammation (especially hidden, internal, inflammation) has on the body.

The list of proven studies on the effects of the Frankincense and Myrrh extracts also include highly effective against central nervous system diseases, such as migraines, back pain, MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, as well as having the potential to both dissolve malignant tumors and stop the spread of cancer to other areas of the body.

OK – so what about Gold?  Well, to understand this we need to look at the Periodic Table.  Don’t worry, we’re not launching into a science lesson…  Suffice to say that Gold is a ‘transition metal’.  This means that it belongs to a group of metals that are in the center of the Periodic Table.  This means that the other elements in the same group are also included in the HL123 Supplement.

These include:

  • Chromium: And the reason this is so important is that it’s estimated that up to 50% of Americans suffer from a chromium deficiency.  And this can cause all the things that lead to Type II Diabetes – hyperglycemia, insulin resistance, and hyperlipidemia.
  • Manganese: Again, many Americans are deficient in this.  And once again, a Manganese deficiency can be another step to developing Type II Diabetes.

This is just a selection of what’s included in the HL12 Supplement.  In total, there are 12 ingredients that are all proven to be powerful in the fight against Diabetes and other chronic health conditions.

Who is HL12 for?

Well, it’s pretty obvious that the marketing guys are really pushing the HL12 Supplement at those who already suffer from Type II Diabetes, or perhaps those who’re pre-diabetic or have a family history.  But we reckon they’re missing a trick, because ensuring that your blood sugar and insulin sensitivity remain in good stead is essential to EVERYONE.

Plus, anything that can help target other chronic diseases (or help guard against them), such as Parkinson’s, MS, Irritable Bowel, Chronic Inflammation, Cancers etc. has got to be a good thing, don’t you think?

Are these medical trial studies mentioned legitimate?

One of the great things about medical studies is that when an advertiser (such as the guys behind the HL12 Supplement) mentions them, they have to give their sources.  And these guys have used a whole list of cited works to give substance to their claims.  And it was the inclusion of these respected pieces of work and clinical trials that was the reason we gave our time to looking at HL12 in the first place.  So, the short answer is yes, they are all legitimate and published medical trials that have been carried out of a global scale.

The Pros and Cons of HL12

The Pros

  • Every ingredient contained inside the HL12 Supplement is totally natural. This means that you’re not filling your body with yet more chemicals (after all, it could well be those toxins that are the cause of many 21st century chronic health conditions in the first place…)
  • In addition to the supplement, you also receive ‘God’s Plan for Fighting Diabetes’ which in essence is the complete ingredients at the levels needed that are included within the supplement.
  • All of the protocols for the ingredients contained with the HL12 Supplement can be viewed on multi-devices, including your smart phone, tablet, and computer.
  • The product is covered by an iron-clad, no questions asked, 60-day, 100% money back guarantee.

The Cons

  • 60-day-money-backWell, we have to say that in our humble opinion, the only ‘con’ we can see is the religious aspect of the advertising. Cynical?  Us?  Surely not…  But hey, once you get past that, it’s quite plain to see that what’s contained within the HL12 Supplement is a powerful concoction of natural, health-improving ingredients.

The Bottom Line

So – we were convinced we were about to uncover a real scam when we came across the HL12 Supplement.  But when we’re wrong, we’re wrong!  And we’re holding our hands high in the air and admitting that fact.  In a nutshell, HL12 (or Holy Land 12) Supplement is exactly as it says on the tin – a wholly natural supplement containing ingredients that are backed by many proven clinical studies that they have a positive effect on health and chronic illnesses.

And thanks to the money back guarantee, you don’t even need to take our word for it.  It really is totally risk free.  We think this is a great option for anyone with (or worried about developing) Diabetes, or any other chronic illness.  And whether it’s down to The Bible aspect or not, the main thing is that there’s proven evidence that taking such a supplement can have a positive aspect on your health.  Yep – the HL12 Supplement gets the thumbs up from us, that’s for sure…