Biotrust Pro-X10 Review – Is Biotrust Nutrition’s Probiotics Good?

Is It Really The Bad Bugs In Your Gut Stopping You Losing Weight? Surely A Probiotic Can’t Honestly Offer A Simple Solution…?

Probiotics – something that’s bandied around far too much as something that needs to be taken to ensure good digestive health. But can it really be true that taking a supplement such as Pro-X10 can not only promote bowel
biotrust pro-x10regularity and immune health, but also help you ditch that unwanted lard?

Mmm, smells a bit fishy to us, to be honest. But seeing as Pro-X10 is a product from the trusted guys at BioTrust, then we decided to push our cynicism to one side and give it an unbiased review.
Read on to discover the REAL truth about Pro-X10, and whether it really can offer what the marketing blurb promises….

What do you get for your money with Biotrust Pro-X10?

Pro-X10 is a daily supplement that’s been designed to overcome all the problems that occur with taking many similar seeming products. You see, traditional supplements that contain pro-biotics are virtually useless.

And the reason for this?

Because 93% of the pro-biotics contained in them are dead before they ever reach the gut! And who on earth wants to waste their money on a product that’s 93% useless?
Pro-X10 has got around this in the following ways:

  • Pro-X10 products are fresh: because it’s scientifically proven that the living bacteria that are pro-biotics are extremely sensitive to environmental conditions. This means that a sealed bottle kept on a shelf at room temperature will deteriorate so much that only 32% of the pro-biotics within it will survive. And most that you find on the shelf are not only a year old, but up to an incredible 2 years of age – making them pretty pointless to take.
  • Acid in the stomach kills pro-biotics: with traditional pro-biotics, the acidic environment of the stomach spells death to these living bacteria. In fact, very often only a pathetic 6.4% of the pro-biotics contained in these inferior products will ever reach their intended destination of the intestinal tract. Pro-X10 gets around this by using a patented technique known as ‘Microencapsulation Technology.’
  • Dramatically enhanced survival: by encasing the sensitive pro-biotics in this cutting edge way, you get 10 times more pro-biotics reaching the gut where they can get to work.
  • It now contains 5 strains of healthy bacteria, and PreferPro, a trademarked prebiotic.
    The microencapsulated blend of Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli contribute to healthy gut flora and have been shown to support a healthy digestive tract and healthy immune system. DE111: A spore-forming healthy bacterium that is both heat- and acid-resistant. It promotes a healthy balance of bacteria in the gut, enhances digestion and absorption and supports a robust immune system.
    PreferPro: A branded, trademarked, and research-backed non-fiber prebiotic. Prebiotics stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract, but unlike the majority of probiotics, PreferPro promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in as little as 5 hours, functions in both the small and large intestines, and does not cause flatulence or digestive discomfort.

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  • I may earn compensation for my review of the Biotrust Nutrition products discussed on this website.

Who is Biotrust Pro-X10 for?

In a nutshell? Everyone! There’s overwhelming research that most of us in the western world are ruining our digestive health with processed food, gluten and various other ingredients that are found in the food we eat today. And everyone can benefit from taking a top quality pro-biotic such as Pro-X10. Young, old; fat, thin; fit, unfit: male or female – not only will Pro-X10 help you lose the stubborn weight you thought you never could, but it can help with all other aspects of your health as well. And this includes energy levels as well – and who couldn’t do with having more energy in this crazy 21st century lifestyle we lead….?

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Who is Bio Trust Nutrition?

biotrust-nutritionJosh and Joel, the two guys who’re responsible for the set up and running of BioTrust Nutrition are certainly no rookies when it comes to fitness and nutrition. In fact, the company only came to be through their frustration at not being able to find supplements that actually delivered on their promises. And it seems that not only do they know their stuff, but that they also produce products that work. After all, hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers on a global scale can’t be wrong. And add in the fact that they guarantee that their products have no ingredients that are bad for your health, and you can see why BioTrust Nutrition have come up with such a winning formula.

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The Pros and Cons of Biotrust Pro-X10

The Pros

  • Using Pro-X10 on a regular basis can not only promote bowel regularity and reduce GI inflammation.
  • This potent formula of pro-biotics can also repair damage to the lining of the intestines caused by the ingestion of gluten containing foods.
  • By reversing the damage caused by the above, you truly can accelerate your fat loss efforts.
  • Pro-X10 contains no unhealthy ingredients, making it safe for anyone and everyone to take.
  • The probiotics contained in Pro-X10 can help not only with weight loss, but can improve many 21st century health conditions, such as liver disease, wheat allergies, eczema, acne, irritable bowl syndrome, insulin resistance and celiac disease to name but a few.
  • Every purchase of Pro-X10 is covered by an incredible 1 year, no questions asked money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase.

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The Cons

  • Well, as miraculous as Pro-X10 might sound, it can’t do everything to help you lose weight. You do have to follow a sensible diet as well, and ideally undertake moderate exercise. But it will accelerate your results, not to mention improve your overall health.

The Bottom Line

As pro-biotic supplements go, we have to concede that Pro-X10 is probably one of the best on the market today. We especially like the fact that anyone can take it, because there are no ‘nasties’ included – it’s simply jam packed with the pro-biotics your body needs.

In fact, as research has discovered, ensuring that you take a good pro-biotic supplement is even more important than taking a daily multi-vitamin, then this only adds to the many reasons why Pro-X10 is certainly a supplement to be reckoned with.

Thanks guys – we think Pro-X10 rocks…!

get Pro-X10* I may earn compensation for my review of the Biotrust Nutrition products discussed on this website.