First Strike Review – How’s Todd Lamb’s Program?

So Now All You Need To Truly Defend Yourself And Your Loved Ones Is A Simple To Follow Video And Instructional Course… And It’ll Turn You Into A Devastating Force Of Nature For When The Proverbial Hits The Fan…

first strike reviewOh yeah…! So according to Todd Lamb, we can all become truly devastating weapons of mass destruction, no matter what you size, age, sex, or fitness…? And all you need do is purchase his combat system, First Strike…

Of course you do… Because there’s always the need for someone to get richer out of other folks worries and concerns…

Because, let’s face it. Right here, right now, who isn’t worried about violence in some way, shape, or form…? There’s terror attacks to worry about, not to mention inner city violence and problems spreading to every single town and village across our fair nation. From massive, coordinated attacks through to the terrifying lone wolf, from the drug crazed mugger with a knife, or some kind of Armageddon… We’d all be mad not to have some sort of a plan…

So is First Strike any good…? That’s the $64 million dollar question. Well, if you’re thinking of signing up to Todd Lambs system, then you’re gonna want to read what we discovered when we went all out in our efforts to find out.

And all we can say is… Don’t send the guy a penny of your hard earned cash until you’ve read what we found out…

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What do you get for your money with Alpha Nations First Strike?

So, First Strike is all about learning the moves you need to protect and defend yourself (and those around you), in a violent situation. But be under no illusion… This is not a ‘fighting’ course. It’s all about mastering the devastating combative moves that literally end fights before they even begin.

Because you might think that you need to be a tough muscle guy to be able to win or stop a fight. But nothing could be further from the truth. And all of those ice cold Special Forces people rely on only 17 combative moves that will see them through every and any violent encounter.

These include the following:

  • Simple attack strategies: That defends against any edged weapon and disarms your attacker.
  • The Jedi mind trick: OK, we made that up… But this is truly an amazing mental trick that enables you to disrupt your assailants thoughts, pretty much ending the chances that you’re even gonna need to get physical…
  • End the fight fast: Three simple strategies that bring the fight to a swift end. And in addition, you’ll learn how to protect your head if you do end up rolling around on the floor
  • The one devastating strike: That anyone can carry out, and simply ends a fight before it begins.
  • Special Forces locks and breaks: Seven unique moves that are used by Special Forces experts that’ll render any attacker unable to fight in seconds. And yes, it can be done by anyone – no matter what your size or strength.
  • Go unorthodox: Confuse and bewilder your assailant by delivering strikes that’ll render them useless and floor bound…

These are all techniques presented in simple to follow, 3-minute videos that are guaranteed to enable you to easily be able to master the First Strike system. But in addition you’ll also receive:

  • Command Presence: This manual contains an amazing combination of techniques that’ll instantly make people turn around and look at you. Discover the tricks that give you extreme confidence, and have others amazed at your presence. This alone stops most attacks happening, because you’re oozing that necessary Alpha Dog aura that silently says, ‘don’t mess with me!’
  • Advanced Situational Awareness: Another book that’ll teach you how to objectively and skillfully read the situation – always and in everyday life – to ensure that you’re always one step ahead of the average person in any situation you might find yourself in.
  • Alpha Nation Online Coaching: You’ll also receive 30-days free access to Alpha Nation, an awesome online coaching club that will build on everything you’ve learned in the First Strike system. Also contains hundreds of videos and articles that every man needs to be the very best alpha male he can be…
  • Ghost Protocol – The Art of Being Invisible: If you’ve ever wanted to master the skills of urban surveillance, then now’s your chance. These are true Special Services skills that aren’t usually made available to the man on the street, and once understood, really will give you the abilities you need to master such sought after skills.

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Who is First Strike for?

Now, you might think that First Strike is only for the tough guys out there… But nothing could be further from the truth. Because the thing is, real ‘tough guys’ don’t look like tough guys. It’s all about being situationally aware, and then knowing the devastating (and easy to learn) body language and moves that’ll make most bad guys give you a wide berth.

It really does work for all. Small, large, old, young, male, female, confrontational, non-confrontational… Fit or otherwise, you really can learn the confidence and techniques that’ll keep both you and your loved ones safe – whatever the situation.

Who the heck is Todd Lamb?

todd lamb first strikeWell, if you’re looking for a real-life all action hero, then Lamb is your man. His career began as a Special Operator in the Canadian Forces SSF. And although we can’t divulge exactly where and when he served, it’s suffice to know that up until very recently he was the leader of one of the most prestigious global SWAT teams there is.

But it’s not just him who’s responsible for First Strike. Because the product is a combined effort between Lamb and a guy called, Ari Knazan. And he’s one of the world’s leading personal protection experts and martial arts teachers. Together they’ve created what is, we have to say, probably the very best personal protection combat systems that anyone – and we mean ANYONE – can easily and quickly learn.  Other programs Todd has are SpecForce Abs and Combat Fighter.

The Pros and Cons of First Strike

The Pros

  • Easy to follow, video instruction that, once learned, will stay with you for life.
  • Works for everyone – even the most timid and non-confrontational people.
  • A great confidence improver, and does so in every walk of your life.
  • Comes with a 60 day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

The Consfirst strike money back guarantee

  • Well, the biggest ‘con’ is that we need such a product in the first place. But in today’s volatile times, being prepared is one of the most important things any man (or woman) can do to protect the ones he loves…

The Bottom Line

OK…! Well we have to say, First Strike really has impressed us. Because this isn’t about becoming the next Die Hard hero. It’s about becoming a real life guy (or gal) who knows how to look after himself and his loved ones. It’s not about throwing punches, screaming and shouting, or any OTT tough guy scenarios. This is about becoming situationally aware, and being able to diffuse situations before they happen.

Anyone can easily learn the techniques in First Strike. And indeed, we all SHOULD know them. This really could be the difference between life and death. And for us, First Strike is the best product we’ve come across in a long time to teach such skills to us. Awesome – simply awesome… That’s all we need to say…

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