SpecForce Abs Review – Is Todd Lamb’s Workout Good?

Can A Special Forces Workout Really Be The Answer To That Longed For Six Pack?

There’s so many different training plans out there that promise to give you the six pack to die for, so when we came across Specforce Abs, we have to admit to rolling our eyes at yet another one… SpecForce Abs Review But we have to admit that it’s creator, Todd Lamb, certainly is the perfect advert for such a product.  So there was nothing else for it but to get down and dirty with exactly what this program has to offer in our review here.

And, we have to say, the special forces all need to be ultra fit to defend their country – so maybe there is something behind it, after all.  Below is exactly what we uncovered with Mr. Lamb’s training program.  Read on to discover if it really is worth the money, or if it’s simply another angle at getting you to part with your hard earned dollars…

What do you get for your money with SpecForce Abs?

So, what you get for your money is the Specforce Abs Handbook – and this little baby not only focuses on what you need to do to get that perfect physique, but also tells you why regular workouts actually cause you to look fatter and age you faster.

You’ll learn the following about why training your abs in the wrong way is actually to the detriment of your physique:

  • Accelerated aging:  This is the first ‘bad’ aspect of traditional abs training.  Crunches and the like actually causes you to ‘hunch’.  This is a condition known as ‘kyphosis’ – whereby traditional abs work causes over active upper abdominal muscles that pull the upper body forwards, creating a stooped posture and related strain on the lower back.  It also pulls your breastbone towards the pubic bone, which then compresses the abdominal organs.
  • Bulging pot belly:  Caused by over training your hip flexors, pulling the pelvis forward and down, making you look 5-10lbs heavier than you really are (and also damaging your lower back).
  • Disc damage:  Because you over flex your spine, causing pressure on the discs between the vertebrae.  This can, in the worst cases, cause a prolapsed disc – or disc hernia.

But what the Specforce Abs program works on is to train your abdominal muscles in 360 degrees.  It’s a five step process that works on the following:

  • Abdominal armoring:  Working out in the correct manner is about creating a core ‘armor’ that literally props up your midsection.  This in turn provides the foundation for the rest of your core development.
  • Asset stacking:  By working the muscles, rectus abdominals, the posterior chain (in other words, the muscles that make up the backside of your body), and your obliques, you can combine the muscles in their entirety to have the strength to create strong, functional, flat and beautiful abs.
  • Fixed angle concentration:  This is all about causing the highest number of fibers in the abdominal muscles to fire.  It’s scientifically proven and means faster muscle development and those much desired abs to become beautiful in the shortest amount of time possible.
  • TQ Workups:  Or Tissue Quality Work Ups.  Here it’s all about progressive skill development that tells you exactly when you’re ready to progress to the next stage of the program.
  • Strategic target selection:  Using something called electromyography, or EMG, you’ll be precisely and strategically targeting exercises that give you maximum muscle fiber activation at precisely the right time in your progression.

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Who is SpecForce Abs for?

The great thing about Specforce Abs is that it’s suitable for both men and women.  Women will get flat, silky, sexy abs, and men get ripped, rugged, masculine abs.  And the reason why both sexes can carry out the same workout program and get different results is simply to do with hormones.  Women will define in a different way to men, because that’s what nature intended!

Who is Todd Lamb?

Todd Lamb SpecForce AbsWell, Todd has certainly got some great credentials.  He’s a SWAT team leader and well known tactical fitness consultant.  This is a guy who not only has the most awesome body himself, but has had to train some of the most elite people in the country to be at the peak of their physical fitness to be able to do their job.  Not only that, but this guy has got down with the science behind the body beautiful – and, we have to say, his methods certainly seem to do what they say on the label…

The Pros and Cons of SpecForce Abs

The Pros

  • You can forget all about boring crunches, sit ups and planks – because this program won’t have you doing any of these.  In fact, Todd is an advocate for NOT carrying out these exercises, because of the damage they cause and the fact that they actually have the opposite effect to what you’re trying to gain.
  • It works for anyone – no matter what age, sex or level of training you’re currently at.  And never think that you’re too old to get flat and gorgeous abs.
  • Because of the way the system works, the results are fast happening.  In fact, if you stick with the program, you’re going to develop that gorgeous shape faster than you can ever have imagined.
  • You always know exactly when to move onto the next stage of the program, thanks to the detailed instructions contained in Specforce Abs.  There’s no guess work, it’s all mapped out for you in simple to follow steps.

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The Cons

  • Okay, guys and gals.  There’s no ‘miracle’ way to get that six pack.   You’re gonna have to put some work into it to see the results you want.  But hey, whoever said that anything you really Money Back Guaranteewant was going to come easy?  The great thing about Specforce Abs is that over and above everything, IT WORKS!  So if you’ve got the will, this program will show you the way – period!
  • The program is all digital.  Some people like to have something arrive in the mail, but this is all digital.  To me that’s a positive because I get access to it immediately plus, I can print whatever I want!

The Bottom Line

D’you know, if we could have a dollar for every workout program that promises the world and doesn’t deliver, we’d be millionaires.  But for once (thank the lord, for once!) this is not one of them.  Because Specforce Abs does exactly what it promises to do – give you the means to, in six weeks from now, have those tight, flat, sex god (or goddess) abs that you’ve always wanted.

And you don’t even have to take our word for it, because this little momma comes with a 60 day, no quibble, 100% cast iron, every single cent of your money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.   So if you’re up for the challenge, Specforce Abs has got the method.  Are you up for it?  Or are you one of those people who wants the world but isn’t prepared to work for it.  The choice is yours.  All we can tell you is that this baby works – and then some!

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