Eagle Eye 911 Review – Is This Vision Supplement Legit?

A Simple Supplement To Reduce And Even Reverse The Effects Of Aging Eyes…?  Yes, Just Pop A Capsule To Rid Yourself Of Focusing Issues, Tired Eyes, Floaters, Dry Eyes, And Poor Night Vision…  Surely You Can’t Get All That From A Pill…?

eagle eye 911 review

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The thing about eyesight is that we all take it for granted.  Until, that is, it starts to fail us.  And it’s not just about losing your sight, it’s also all those other irritants, such as dry eyes, floaters, deteriorating night vision (hate driving after dark?), failing to focus…  And with the majority of us spending so much time staring at a screen or cell phone, the problems is only set to get worse.

So when we came across Eagle Eye 911 by Dr. Steve Klayman, an all-natural supplement that promises to be able to target and reverse these issues, we were both excited – and majorly cynical.  Because hey!  If it really was possible to pop a pill a day to combat most common eye issues, then surely our doctors, opticians – hell, even the government – would be telling us to do so.

But we’re ever the optimist…  (Well, kinda…!).  So it was with a heavy sigh we decided the only thing to do was to get down and dirty with exactly what Eagle Eye 911 is, and whether it is honestly worth your hard earned pennies.

And what we discovered is very interesting indeed…

What do you get for your money with Eagle Eye 911?

So, as already mentioned, Eagle Eye 911 is an all natural supplement in a capsule form that contains powerful ingredients to protect and improve the health of your eyes.  And each and every natural product within Eagle Eye 911 has strong scientific research backing the claims that it really can do what it promises.

The ingredients in the supplement are as follows:

  • Lutein: 20mg of it, to be exact.  This is important, because many clinical studies have shown that you need 12-20mg of the stuff each and every day for full effect.  It’s the most powerful source of Lutein, and is a unique antioxidant that safeguards the retinal cells of the eyes, protecting against damaging free radicals and blue light.  It also protects your vision by increasing the density of the maculae of the eyes by up to 50%!
  • Bilberry Extract: This is included because one of the most common problem of aging eyes is reducing night vision.  And this is very often down to a lack of a key protein called, Rhodopsin.  Bilberry extract counters this by providing the body with enough of this protein.  It helps the eyes to adjust more quickly to darkness, allows faster recovery of proper vision after exposure to glare, and helps reduce the risk of temporary day blindness from too much sun. It also strengthens the capillaries that nourish the eye, improves the blood supply, and provides antioxidant support to protect the eyes from free radical damage.
  • Grape Seeds: The extract of these aid in the reduction of stress from the hours we all spend in front of computer screens.  It also helps slow macular degeneration, and is full of powerful, antioxidants.  In addition, it can help prevent the formation of cataracts, and also improves night vision.
  • Vitamin A: AKA, Beta Carotene, that fends off issues such as dry eyes, bloodshot eyes, night blindness, double vision, and eye inflammation.
  • Taurine: A powerful 400mg of this is magic against eye fatigue.  This can be caused by reading small print, staring at a screen day after day, or even vitamin deficiencies.  Taurine combined with vitamin A make it easy to lubricate and energize your eyes.
  • Zinc: A super important trace mineral that’s important for vision because it’s necessary for a healthy macula.  It also helps vitamin A create melanin, a pigment that protects the eye.  And it’s also shown that it can lower the risk of falling foul to Age Related Macular Degeneration.

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Who the heck is Steve Klayman?

 steve clayman eagle eye 911Klayman is a medical doctor who’s renowned for his work in eye care and vision issues.  Not only does he carry out his own research, but he constantly searches for the latest, cutting edge scientific research to do with anything and everything to do with eye health.  It’s thanks to his tireless efforts that the Eagle Eye 911 supplement has come to market, and is the highest quality, most potent ingredients of eye-healthy ingredients – guaranteed!

Who is Eagle Eye 911 for?

Well, Eagle Eye 911 will probably only come to the attention of people who’re starting to notice age related eye problems.  And yes, it’s super-perfect for anyone in this position.  But even if you’re not suffering any issues (yet!), protecting the health of your eye is vital as you pass the big four-oh!

The Pros and Cons of Eagle Eye 911

The Pros

  • The Lutein within Eagle Eye 911 is special, patented form that’s fully absorbable. Many cheaper supplements use a form that’s far less usable by the body, not to mention being in such a low quantity that it’s rendered virtually useless!
  • Helps maintain youthful eyes, keeps vision razor sharp, improves night vision, protects against free radicals and harmful blue light, and gives superior protection against the eye problems that plague pretty much everyone over the age of 40.
  • Contains a full 20mg of Lutein, the full amount that’s been proven by a huge amount of scientific research that’s needed to make a difference in your vision.
  • Protects against glare recovery, visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, and increases the macular pigment density within the eye.

The Conseagle eye 911 guarantee

  • The only ‘con’ will be if you’re taking any prescription medication or suffer from a pre-existing medical condition. Whilst taking Eagle Eye 911 in such cases is probably just fine, we do recommend that you check with your health care provider before you commence the supplement.

The Bottom Line

Well, we have to say that we’re impressed!  And that doesn’t happen very often…  Eagle Eye 911 is probably the most potent eye health natural supplement on the market today – and it really is a saturated market, so that’s high praise indeed…!

Each and every ingredient is contained at the top level that the latest research has said is necessary to protect eye health.  And in addition, other products are included to help absorbency and utilization within the body at the highest level.  And the supplement is backed by an outstanding guarantee…  There’s none of this simply giving you your money back if you’re not happy (which they do), but they’ll also give you $100 bucks for giving it a go…!

And that shows just how confident the makers are that Eagle Eye 911 really does deliver.  It’s now part of our daily regime, you can bet on that…

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