Dr Glenn Rothfeld Nutrition And Healing Review – Is This For Real?

Mushrooms That Can Cure Cancer…!  Fats That Can Reverse Alzheimer’s…!  ‘Essence Of Mouse’ That Can Make Your Immune To Arthritis…!  This Has Surely Got To Be Some Kind Of A Bad Joke…?

dr glenn rothfeld nutrition and healing review

D’you know what we hate…?  What we really, REALLY, hate…?  And that’s someone who thinks it’s ok to make money out of giving people false hope.  And when we came across Nutrition And Healing by Dr. Glenn Rothfeld and its promises to cure some of the worst diseases known to man with nothing more than a few natural bits and bobs, well…  Our blood hit boiling point!

Of course, this meant only a single course of action…  And that was to unveil what we assumed were complete lies and deceit behind Dr. Glenn Rothfeld’s Nutrition And Healing.  But hey – we weren’t prepared to simply say his work was a load of (insert your preferred profanity here)…  We wanted unfailing proof…

So if you’re considering buying in to this monthly newsletter and special reports, then please, PLEASE read what we discovered.  And do it BEFORE you sign on the dotted line.

We promise we’ll only take a couple of minutes of your time…

What do you get for your money with Dr Glenn Rothfeld Nutrition And Healing?

OK, so as already mentioned Dr. Rothfeld’s Nutrition And Healing is a monthly research service that brings you the very latest in all-natural medicine and healing.  And yes, we’ve already come down pretty hard on the guy.  But we have to say, he does seem to know his stuff, and we’ll talk more about him in a moment.

The thing is, there can’t be many of us who hasn’t had, or currently has, a loved one suffering from a disease such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s or another of the modern day curses.  Perhaps you’re a sufferer yourself?  In which case, you’ve probably come to the end of your tether with the failure of orthodox medicine to cure or even ease the issue.

And this makes us very open to ‘alternative’ options.  And in a nutshell, this is what Dr. Glen Rothfeld’s Nutrition And Healing offers.

When you sign up, you receive the following:

  • The Monthly Nutrition And Healing News Bulletin: This is the crux of the product, and it’s delivered each month directly to your door.   Inside you’ll be made privy to the very latest global research into all-natural cures to some of our worst diseases.  This information is completely cutting edge, and has been rooted out by Dr. Rothfeld and his team whose job it is to find proven research that such methods have better results than regular medication and drugs.
  • The Daily News Bulletin Update: These daily bulletins come directly to your inbox, and this is where he’ll keep you bang up to date with some of his most important insights.  The thing is, corporate medicine exists for a single reason – to make money.  And, if we believe what Rothfeld says, such information is actively being withheld in order for Big Pharma to continue making the massive profits it enjoys.  A sad state of our times…?  Perhaps it really is so…
  • Cured: 81 Natural Cures for Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and More…: This 500 page book needs little explanation.  For example, you’ll discover amazing research and cures for weight loss, longevity, diabetes (imagine life without that!), heart disease, cancers…  The whole ethos of the book is to give you back the power to heal yourself – the power to have control over the health of your body once again…
  • The Nutrition And Healing Archives: Online access to the last 15 years of every single monthly newsletter.  Yep – Rothfeld’s research goes back years, so you can see for yourself how his research has rooted out facts that we now take today as a given…

Who the heck is Dr. Glenn Rothfeld?

dr glenn rothfeld nutrition and healingWell, there’s no doubting that Rothfeld is truly a medical genius.  He’s got a list of qualifications as long as your arm…  These include a clinical fellowship at Harvard, a professorship at Tufts University, Boston, 5 years as an emergency cardiac doctor, and is the author of no less than 8 best selling medical books on all types of conditions.

He’s now the Medical Director of the Rothfeld Center for Integrative Medicine, Massachusetts.  The guy is the absolute national (and international) specialist at uncovering the true hidden causes and cures for some of the worst diseases that blight our modern times.

Who is Dr Glenn Rothfeld Nutrition and Healing for?

Of course, Dr. Glen Rothfeld’s Nutrition And Healing is going to appeal to those who’ve already been struck down by a serious illness.  Or their nearest and dearest have…  And of course, this is exactly the person the product is aimed at.

But actually, there’s a whole lot of information provided that’s incredibly valid, even for the healthy amongst us.  Because there’s an awful lot to be said for prevention, rather than cure.  So if you care about the health of you and your loved ones, perhaps it’s time to take action now – before the worst happens.  And Nutrition And Healing by Dr. Glenn Rothfeld will give you all the information you need to do just that.

The Pros and Cons of Dr Glen Rothfeld Nutrition And Healing

The Pros

  • Find out about new health discoveries before they come to the attention of the mainstream media, or even to the medical community itself…!
  • Get alerts about medical dangers and pitfalls that you certainly wont hear about in the media.
  • Privileged access to some top quality, all natural health products.
  • All of the medical information is written in layman’s terms. No need for a PhD to understand what’s REALLY going on in the medical and all-natural medical world.

The Cons

  • Well, the biggest ‘con’ is that despite our belief that actually, Dr. Glenn Rothfeld’s Nutrition and Healing really does provide real and valid evidence for all-natural cures, there will still be cases where sadly, whatever you do, illness will continue to take its toll. So there could be an essence of false hope given by the reports, newsletters, bulletins, and book.

The Bottom Line

Well, we have to say – we’re astounded…  Because we honestly thought Dr. Glenn Rothfeld’s Nutrition And Healing was truly going to be a dreadful product.  But when we’re wrong – we’re wrong.  And we’re not afraid to admit it.

OK, we still hate the advertising.  And we’re not sure why it’s so sensationalized – because it honestly doesn’t have to be.  The product speaks for itself.  But that aside, we have no hesitation in saying that Dr. Glenn Rothfeld’s Nutrition And Healing really is cutting edge.  No wonder the guy’s talked about in hushed voices – he’s virtually a modern day saint!  And with an iron clad money back guarantee, Dr. Glenn Rothfeld shows even more confidence in Nutrition And Healing.  We’re converts, that’s for sure…