Desert Farm’s Camel Milk Review – Is This The Real Deal?

So The Latest Super Food Fad Is Now Camel’s Milk… Really…! Like, Really…! So Come On Then, Convince Us What All The Fuss is About…

desert farm camel milk review

Milk…  Who’d ever have thought that such an innocent seeming product could cause the issues it does today? Advice ranges from drink it, to don’t drink it, to drink it raw, to only drink soy, almond, or rice milk… Aaaargh! No wonder we don’t know what to do. And if you end up lactose intolerant, or get spooked by all the media stories of antibiotic fed cows, then you’ve probably thought about giving up on milk altogether…! And let’s not even get started on the poor souls who’re allergic…

So when we came across Desert Farm’s Camel Milk (yep, camel, that’s right – stick with us…), that promises that it can sort out all those milk issues once and for all, we have to admit to raising a cynical eyebrow. C’mon – camel’s milk? You gotta be kidding, right…?

Well, apparently not. And even more importantly, it’s now being touted as a super food. Of course, being as we really do think our body is our temple, we wanted to know more. Cue a down and dirty look into exactly what Desert Farm’s Camel Milk has to offer.

And we have to say, what we found out was veryyyy interesting indeed…

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What do you get for your money with Desert Farm’s Camel Milk?

OK, so Desert Farm’s Camel Milk is just what it says – milk from camels. So first of all let’s take a look at why it’s such a super ‘food’ for humans…

  • 1) Because it’s suitable for those who’re allergic or lactose intolerant: And this is because it contains a different kind of protein to cow’s milk. In this case, it has A2 casein protein instead of A1 casein protein, if you’re interested in the sciency bit. But interested or not, all you need to know is that this is a huge deal, because it doesn’t lower your immune system or create allergic reactions. And it also doesn’t contain lactoglobulin, so hoorah! It’s perfectly suitable for those who’re lactose intolerant.
  • 2) Because it contains over 200 protective proteins: These have incredible immune factors and growth factors. It also contains the 9 essential amino acids that our bodies need to absorb from outside sources.
  • 3) Because it boosts the immune system: Thanks to containing a ton of antibodies and enzymes.
  • 4) Because it’s packed with vitamins and minerals: Way, way more than cow’s milk. For example, it contains seven times more B1 vitamins, as well as all the other essentials, such as calcium, potassium, and phosphorus.
  • 5) Because it supports the microbiome: This is uber-important, because most poor health issues begin with an unhealthy gut – a problem that most of us are unaware of until symptoms start to worsen. Camel’s milk helps the healthy bacteria within the gut flourish, and therefore promotes a healthy digestive system.
  • 6) Because it feeds the brain: Simply because camel milk is naturally homogenized, meaning that all the healthy fats (yes, you NEED this healthy fat) stay within the milk, instead of being stolen for milk, cream, butter etc – as is the case with cow’s milk.
  • 7) Because it’s diabetic friendly: More and more studies are showing that camel’s milk supports healthy blood sugar levels, and even jelps reduces them back down to healthy levels.
  • 8) Because it’s nutritionally closer to breast milk than cow’s milk: And this is vital, because cow’s milk really is a poor substitute.

Who the heck is Desert Farms?

walid abdul wahab desert farm camel milkOK, so Desert farms is actually six farms in total, in six different US states, brought together under this single banner company. These are all family run, and hit the strict criteria to produce regular, high quality, super nutritious camel’s milk that can be trusted to continually provide the very highest quality product for the discerning milk consumer.

Desert Farms is proving such a hit that it’s being featured in places such as Time Magazine, Huff Post, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, The New York times, and the LA Times. Desert Farms are shipping their Camel Milk direct to your door – throughout the US, and to Canada too. And boy, are they getting rave reviews.

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Who is Desert Farm’s Camel Milk for?

Well, Desert Farm’s Camel Milk is probably going to hit the radar of those who’re either allergic to cow’s milk or are lactose intolerant. And yes! This is exactly who the stuff is aimed at. And, of course, those who’re super into the latest health food products.

But actually, we think the advertisers are missing a trick here, because actually, camel’s milk is way, way more beneficial to all of us than cow’s milk, no matter what age we might be. Young or old (or somewhere in between), camel’s milk provides our body with natural super-power to function at it’s very best. And with digestive issues at an all time high, perhaps Desert Farm’s Camel Milk could be a quick and easy solution for all of these gut related problems.

The Pros and Cons of Desert Farm’s Camel Milk

The Pros

  • Suitable for those who’re lactose intolerant and/or allergic to cow’s milk.
  • Tastes great!
  • Studies are showing that camel’s milk can also make you less intolerant to other foods.
  • Jam packed with proteins, vitamins, and minerals boosts the immune system, and also supports great gut health.

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The Cons

  • Well, that’ll probably be your own difficulty in thinking that camel’s milk could be anywhere near as delicious as the advertisers are claiming. But actually, it really is…! And when you think about it, drinking milk from a camel is no weirder than drinking milk from a cow – what’s so great about cows? We honestly think if you gave it a try you’ll be amazed…

The Bottom Line

Wow! That’s all we can say… Wow! Let’s just say that we simply can’t sing the praises of Desert Farm’s Camel Milk highly enough, because it really is an incredible product. Super nutritious, allergy and lactose intolerant friendly, not to mention supporting gut and brain health – this really is a superfood.

We also love the fact that you can get 4 free trial bottles delivered, so you can see for yourself how delicious it is. We have to admit that we certainly didn’t expect to love it quite as much as we did. We’re converts, that’s for sure. And if you give Desert Farm’s Camel Milk a try, we’re pretty sure you’ll be as well. Love it…!

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